An urgent warning
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Stardate: 201003.15 - Late evening.....

[MACO] Ten Bears - EN-1 Support and Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard had talked the afternoon away on Sarabrande until they had retired to the ATT Whirlaway to spend a quiet evening over dinner. As they comtemplated a late evening together, an urgent message came over the comm from Gorp.

"Captain Jenssen! Remember that experimental helm control I was working on?"
Gorp voice sounded as if he had done something that perhaps he shouldn't have.

"Yes, Gorp, that remote Pilot System you had designed?" Jenssen answered a little puzzled why he would want to inform her of this now.

"Well I installed it on the ATE Black Wolf , and well I decided to test it using that ship to take those supplies you requested to our new neighbor, Nagus Sargun. Well Sargun didn't fill out that NAP with us you sent and the orbital defenses destroyed the Black Wolf" Gorp blurted out.

"Geeezz Gorp! I don't care about the ship, I'm just glad you were not on it my friend!"
Jenssen breathed a heavy sigh and Bears listened intently.

"Well there is more Captain.....Nagus is not who he appears to be. Our sensor readings show that his world is really a Borg controlled world. He is really Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen and there is more. She's been in every orbit of our worlds scanning them in the past few days. Our sensors recorded the presence of Nagus there and we let it all go without much concern for a new neighbor scouting the area. Bit now that doesn't look like it was merely a scouting attempt of a new member to our alliance. There are also reports she has pulled two of Zero's ships into a radiation nebula killing the crews on them. She's claiming they are spies, but how can members of our joined alliances be spies? Terran Empire and Terran Empire MACOs are sister alliances. She is killing our own people!" Gorp quickly reported.

Jenssen and Bears both suddenly stood up looking at one another over the remains of their meal. No words were needed. They both knew what had to be done and that they would both do it to save the alliances before she could scout out and plan her raides on every member, every ship, and every friend the two alliances had.

Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard and [MACO] Ten Bears - EN-1 Support quickly made the only decision possible. It was time to take this this evil rogue Borg into custody for the Federation to deal with or force her to leave the area before she became so strong and so evil that she destroyed everything they had worked so hard to build.







Violation of Trust

From: Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 18.04.2010 - 00:36

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Captains logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard

Stardate 201003.20: Approximate time 04:30 hours...

You see a serious Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard sitting at the command of her ship ATT Whirlaway as she reviews several reports from the Terran Empire MACOs. She is troubled and must make a hard decision. She stands up and addresses the view screen to the galaxy.

"Gentlebeings of the Galaxy, I stand here before you today with troubling news. Our newest Terran Empire MACOs's member who went by the name Nagus Sargun has been confirmed to be Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen. She has quickly started an assimilation blog and started to raid our peaceful neighbors and countrymen. She has towed a sister alliance member's ship into a radiation nebula killing all crew members aboad. We tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and see if she really had turned over a new leaf in life, but it appears she has not."

"For the past two days her ships have been sighted within the orbits of almost all of the Alpha Tau Colonies. She did not seek docking permissions and did not contact any of our orbital controls. This has raised suspecions that she is indeed spying and obtaining coordinates to sell. It is therefore the believe of our alliance that she can not be trusted and given her past alliances with the Borg, she must be put undercontainment until such time as she can be properly dealt with. I suspect she will soon seek to colonize another area of the galaxy after what I must do today. I implore you that should she settle again near you, you also react quickly to neturize this threat."

"I do not like what I have to do.....but if I do not act now, my colonies and all my ships will fall when she decides to stick a knife in the back of the Terran Empire MACOs and twist it."

"Godspeed to all.."

Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard sits down in her captains chair, flexing her fingers on the rest and awaits what she knows will probably be a horrible battle to ensure the safety of this quadrant of space.







Resisting Arrest ...

From: Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 18.04.2010 - 02:53
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Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard
Stardate:201003.20 - approximate time: 09:00 hours

Captain Jenssen stands looking at the screen at the damage inflicted on her ships. She shakes her head at the subspace messages that Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen broadcasts to those who do not know her history. Captain Jenssen turns to the screen to address the galaxy once again, sad that she's had to resort to force to subdue the notorious rouge Borg Queen.

"My fellow coloniests. You all know my reputation for seeking peace. My colonies have always been generous traders and I know you will believe me when I say Nadis under the guise of Nagus Sagun drew first blood in this battle. Several weeks ago I was attempting to deliver a large shipment of Plasteel and Duranium to our new neighbor. It is typical for my colonies to try to help new colonists. So you can understand our surprise when our scout orbeth ship the ATE Black Wolf was destoryed immediately upon entering orbit to send down the resources. At first we belived it was an honest mistake, but once the true identiy of this new neighbor become apparent, we began to doubt the honesty of our neighbor. "

"Tonight, while trying to secure the planet and arrest Nadis for crimes she committed against our friend Terra Nova and the murder of the crewmen of Lt.| Zero of the Terran Empire ships, Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen insisted on resisting arrest and fled her colonies with her colony ship and rubicon. We attempted to arrest her crew still on the surface and were met with hard resistance from a phaser cannon in orbit. We were forced to defend ourselves and the safety of the quadrant by returning fire to disable the space port. Our efforts were successful but we fear there may have indeed been loss of life on teh surface in our actions. We lost out dear friends aboard the ATW Great White, the ATW Threasher, ATW Tiger and ATW Maco to destruction by the phaser defenses and were forced to take action against ships in orbit who open fired on our troops. We mourn the loss of life, but can not leave this Borg loose to re-establish a collective in our quadrant of space. It is apparent to us now that she will resort to lies and false information to achieve her goals. She claims she wants to aquire a fleet to go after Darke, but her methods are no better then his. Two wrongs dear Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen do not make a right and I am sad that I have had to taken action to make sure you to do not loot this side of the galaxy as Drake does the other side. "

"Undoubtedly Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen has called for back up and has provided our colony coordiates to all her associates. It is without a doubt that my colonies are now being targeted for destruction. It is sad because this is not how I wanted to live here in the galaxy and should my worlds be decimated as undoubtedly they will be ...I will be leaving the galaxy."

"We shall see what fate the morning brings, but I can already forcast a red dawn. It is the only way Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen seeks to live in this galaxy. Never trust her."

"Godspeed to each and every one of you...."

Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard sits down in her captain's chair and orders the colonies to set all defenses to red alert and to prepare for an onsaught she knows is coming for trying to prevent a Borg invasion to this quadrant as bad as anything Drake would unleash.



Revised subspace announcment...

From: Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 18.04.2010 - 02:55
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Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard
Stardate:201003.20 - approximate time: 09:15 hours

Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard turns to the view screen as Tellis hands her a urgent data pad.

"Our communciations specialists have indeed confirmed that Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen inititated a call to war on our ships in orbit before fleeing her planets. We have now obtained a copy of that proof which we are transmitting here to show just how well she continues to spread lies about her actions and intentions. Once again I implore the brave colonists of the galaxy to not allow her to settle beside you or you will have to deal with this same behaviors from her in the future. Captain Jenssen out."




Battle of Port Royal - Endgame sequence

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Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard
Stardate:201003.21 - approximate time: 05:45 hours

Early Morning -- Just prior to previous post by Nuclear Doughnut =Administrator== Omega INC.=

I believe this belongs in SCN Main not SCN2 History since this really happened in game yesterday, but I will move it if necessary.

Captain Jenssen is seen standing on bridge of the ATW Kodiak, an Aither class warship, with her tall, Klingon Captain, madam Vel'Tera. Ve'Tera has several patches of regernated skin on her well ridged head and face from the early morning battle. Her ship has scorch marks, broken consoles and the smell of burnt insulation and plastic still fill the air all around the bridge. The aither took a real beating in the attempts to capture the rogue Borg queen. The fully crewed aither is quickly rebuilding after the overnight efforts of her crew and colonies to supply all available hands and resources to the efforts. Vel'Tera is barking orders in Klingon to push her staff even harder to finish repairs.

"Honor and glory to you this morning Governor Jenssen!" Vel'Tera salutes her Colony Leader as Jenssen looks for an update.

"I have failed you Governor Jenssen. We did not completely secure that colony and the rogue Borg queen got away. I have no excuse for my inability. I accept any disciplinary action you see fit for my failure." Vel'Tera barks in a clipped Klingon style.

"You did well for our first ever large scale attack Vel'Tera..there were many things we all did not know this time around. It is not in our nature to do this sort of attack. So it is understandable we would make many mistakes...we all must start some place." Jenssen smiles at the bravery of her Klingon Captain.

Routain, tactical officer on the Kodiak quickly interrupts the two of them, "Urgent news Captains! A probe in orbit has confirmed that ...Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen rebuilt the HQ on Port Royal last night. Reports are coming in now from ships logs all over the Terran Empire MACOs territories. Nadis raided and destroyed plenty over night...a whole deut fleet, goods from ships at two Federation stations. She's back at her planet in a little transport ship and it looks like she's refueling that cannon again!"

"What? Status!" Jenssen and Vel'Tera bark out the commands at the same time.

"Hull at 50%, shields at 35%, torpedos stocks low...but we can go in again!" The crew roars back.

"Where are the Terran Empire and Terran Empire MACOs ships?" Jenssen snaps.

"Also pulled Aither, Fleet Admiral | Que Of The Terran Empire Aurora is 20% shields, 80% hull they can still join us. They have full torpedoes!"

"Ok we go in and finish it this time..." Jenssen squares her shoulders at her Klingon Captain and Vel'Tera jumps to action for the glory of the Colonies!

Vel'Tera orders red alert and the ATW Kodiak leaps back into the orbit or Port Royal, Nadis' M class world.

Almost too quick to see it on the view screen, a tiny, fast scout ship darts in and out of orbit alongside the huge Aither. The damaged shields are slow to engage.

Gor'Tok roars from Engineering, "Borg drones in the engine room stealing deuterium! ARGH!"

Phaser and disruptor fire is heard over the comms as the crew battles hand to hand to get the drone off the ship.

"Damn it! Modulate those shields ! Get them out of there!" Vel’Tera bellows at her engineer.

"They left. They made a deuterium raid," the engine room reports.

"Damn it. They will restock that cannon now." Jenssen mutters under her breath. "We're making mistakes again."

"Target that surface and hit those ESP storage buildings! We have got to get that storage out to get this cannon off or we are going to lose this ship!" Vel'Tera howls at her crew.

Jenssen looks up at the view screen to see Fleet Admiral | Que Of The Terran Empire the Aurora pulling into orbit beside them as it starts pounding the surface.

Both ships rocks repeatedly to the hits from the phaser cannon.

The view screen suddenly flickers.....

"Ah Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard, thank you for the deuterium. So nice of you to bring it to me." Nadis's voice mocks Jenssen.

"Nadis you will die here if you do not surrender. Unlike my cousin Captain Janeway, I do not believe rogue Borg drones can be rehabilitated."

Nadis laughs an eerie, wicked, almost mechanical, laugh, "Tisk, Tisk Jenssen, and I thought you were a peace loving sort."

"As I have told even the great Klingons Warrior Tho'Pok, I am peaceful as long as my colonies and my friends are not attacked. I only kill to defend myself and right now...your present here is a major threat to me and my peaceful neighbors. That is why I will eliminate you if you do not surrender."

"You mean you will try with your feable attempts." The rogue Borg stares back with cold calulating eyes at Jenssen through many implants still adhered to her flesh.

"Everyone has to start some place, Nadis...I am sure the galaxy will applaud me for starting here." Jenssen spits back her reply.

"Captain our sheilds are failing, we have only taken out a few emp storage, our hull is being hit. It will be a good day to die to take this Borg drone out now.." Vel’'era reports quickly.

"You could always try to negotiate your way out of death you know Jenssen...If you are as good at negotiations as people claim you to be...Dare to make a deal with the Borg?"

"I don't negotiate with Borg." Jenssen snarls, "Especially when I have them at the point of my photo tubes...perhaps we should both go down fighting. I am sure if this continues much longer, we will both die today. Even if my ship is destroyed the Terran Empire and Terran Empire MACOs forces will avenge my death and your drones will be too weak at that point to prevent it."

"Perhaps. Perhaps not." Nadis hisses.

Suddenly the shields on the ATW Kodiak collapse. The crew scrambles to raise them

"Stand fast and keep firing!" Jenssen yells, as suddenly a beam of green light appears on the bridge.

It is Nadis herself. Her Borg implants allowing her point to point transportation. All hands on the bridge draw disruptors and phasers and pointed directly at the rogue Borg queen. Nadis is too fast. Her Borg body shields are still active. Her long dark black hair has grown back over her head, but not completely concealing several Borg implants on her face and arms. Her hair flies behind her as she leaps over the deck railing and down onto the command center. She grabs Jenssen around the neck with an arm and tries to assimilate Jenssen with an injection tube.

"As you see, I have adapted." Nadis hisses.

Jenssen laughs as her 29th century ablative body armor repels the attempts, "Nadis, that is a gift from my cousin, Captain Janeway. I can’t be assimilated. I too have adapted to the dangers of this galaxy."

"But you can still die!" Nadis screams as the crew of the Kodiak gets the shields back up and modulates them so she cannot escape.

"Shields are up Captain, she's not going anywhere!" yells Routain, the tactaical officer.

"Oh yes, we can both die right here, right now if you like." Jenssen laughs again, "My officers will kill you before my dead body hits the deck plates know that and I know that."

"So how do we both live to fight another day?" Nadis hisses in Jenssen's ear, still holding Jenssen around the neck with one arm, ready to snap her neck.

"Ok, a deal then. You leave this space. You leave this quadrant. You take your Borg drones with you and I will let you take what you have on your planet when you leave." Jenssen replies calmly, waiting to hear the bones of her own neck snap at the Borg’s overpowering strength.

"Not good enough." Nadis hisses back. "I need a ship to leave. Your friend Prometheus 'HoD - =Klingon Empire= has it blockaded in a nebula. I must have that ship to leave and I must have goods to rebuild since you have destroyed all my colonies! All my work! I demand 3000 plasteel and 3000 duraniaum to rebuild."

"If I had those kinds of resources, I would have had two aithers to attack you and you would not be standing here today." Jenssen hissed back, "1000 of each plasteel and durainum, and I will contact Prometheus and ask him to give you an escort out of this territory. I can not promise he will agree. It is all I can offer you as long as you never return here again."

Nadis ponders the deal for a moment. "Ok 1000 of each. I will not promise I will not return to raid you for your insults. I must have my colony alive for half of a day to move...I insist on your protection to do this."

Jenssen ponders the deal for a moment. "Ok let me go then, so we can face each other. I need to know if you are being honest with me. I want to look into your eyes and see that you are telling me the truth."

"No funny business Jenssen...I can still destroy you." Nadis growls at her.

"No funny business Nadis, you can still die here. I am if nothing else, honorable. I will stand by my word if you will." Jenssen says in a firm commanding tone with a glare at the bridge officers of the Kodiak to not make any moves when the rogue Borg releases her.

Nadis glares at the bridge staff with all the disruptors trained on her and slowly, carefully, releases Jenssen's neck. Jenssen doesn't move quickly away just yet, but gently rubs her neck. With a calm and very calculated manner, she turns to face this rogue Borg. The two women know they are for the moment evenly matched. How long that will last? Jenssen is unsure. But for today, an uneasy truce is all that can be achieved.

Jenssen looks Nadis in the eyes as she states, "I will contact the Terran Empire and the Terran Empire MACOs and have our fleets stand down. I will contact Prometheus 'HoD - =Klingon Empire= and ask him to grant you safe passage. I will defend your colony until you can recover and move your supplies. I will send you 1000 plasteel and durainium to the Ferengi to allow you to resettle far, far away from here Nadis. I hope you do not return, as I do not really enjoy this type of 'bargain'. I do not like the Borg and our alliances will hunt you down if you do return."

"Likewise." Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen snears, "Drop your shields so I can return to my ship and I will consider the deal sealed."

Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard stares long and hard at Nadis’s eyes for any sign of betrayal, knowing once Nadis leaves the bridge of the Kodiak she only has the word of a rogue Borg to rely on. The rogue Borg queen stares back. Time almost stands still on the bridge as the two powerful women face each other and assess each other's honesty.

Jenssen waves a hand at Vel'Tera, "Lower the shields."
"But Captain!" Vel'Tera howls.

"Do it! Now!" Jenssen commands with a steely tone. Vel'Tera waves her hand at the Tactical officer to lower the shields and stand ready to raise them in a moment's notice.

"Nice doing 'business' with you Captain Jenssen." Nadis spits at Jenssen as she engages her site to site transport sequence and beams to her small scout ship.

The shields of the Kodiak snap right back on and remodulate as the weapons crew stand at the ready. Nadis' small scout ship wraps out of sight quickly.

"Why do I feel I like just made a deal with the Devil?" Jenssen comments to everyone and no one in particular.

Jenssen walks calmly to the communications station to fullfill her obligations and wonders if any place in the galaxy will accept this rogue Borg and if Nadis Natrel The Borgqueen will actually keep her word.