Captain's Personal Logs

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Stardate: 201003.26

An uneasy silence has fallen over the areas surrounding the Territories of Terran Empire and Terran Empire MACOs. We have heard word of a growing movement to go after one of the galaxy's most notorious Priates, Outlaw F. The Alpha Tau Colonies are in no condition to assist with this effort. Our fleet suffered some serious damage and some losses in the successful attempt to remove the rouge Borg Queen from our doorstep. We are rebuilding and I have taken the liberty to make a promised visit to the worlds of Admiral Mudd. - End Log.

Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard







Welcome Captain Jenssen!
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Reposted from Admiral Mudd's Channel 288 - Priate's Cove Casino
Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard

Admiral H. F. Mudd =Cmdr FCR fleet ops= and Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard wrote these RP events in a series of IGM and Mudd posted them to his sites under full approval from Jenssen. We had a blast doing this off line until it was ready to go to print! Thanks Harry! I hope you don't mind me posting a mirror image here for all posterity...all the following RP's in Vic's Lounge and on Mudd's Casino are of the same event.


Captain Jenssen and her entourage gather at the turbolift shaft, noting several armed guards standing, sitting, and otherwise watching the corridors of Baker Ring. It is obvious that they haven't seen much action in the time since the station was commissioned, some try to look busy for their prestigious visitors, others just give a small knowing nod as the visitors pass. A couple seem excessively nervous, awed by the reputation of Jenssen and her friends.

The turbolift doors open, and Sara Goodman, a fairly short, athletic blonde with a bobbcut hair design, greets them properly while three FCR officers in customs uniforms head toward the docked vessels. " Captain Jenssen! Thank you for visiting with us here at Madronis. We'll take good care of your ship, never fear. If you'll come with me, Our Lord Mudd's Flaxian, the Flying Cloud, is ready to bring you to Gamma Trak. Lord Mudd sent his apologies, but things have gotten pretty hectic here lately, and he needs to be at his nerve center in Lost Wages."

Jenssen smiles at the young officer Ms. Goodman, "Thank you very much for extending this courtesy to us. Let me introduce you to my first officer and science officer, T’Laurn of Vulcan, and my personal guard, Gorp from the Nausicaan nation. This is Captain Rhoades of the Secretariat."

Captain Ronda Rhoades makes a quick bow to Ms Goodman, her soft brown hair bobbing and her almost-amber eyes boring right through Ms Goodman. It’s obvious this Captain is as wiley and cunning as her Colony Leader, madam Jenssen.

Jenssen continues, "And Captain Rhoades' first officer, Kadr’Lynx. Lynx for short." The Trill, with his intricate spotting and grizzled gray hair, takes Ms Goodman’s hand in both of his, shaking it warmly.

"Please lead the way." Jenssen indicates to Ms Goodman as the fine officer leads them on to the Docking port.

The group enters the turbolift, and it rises to Alpha Ring. They pass another guard on the way to docking port 1, where they enter into a luxuriously appointed Flaxian. A comm screen displays Harry Mudd, working hard at his desk and apparently oblivious to the signal being transmitted. He then looks up and sees the newcomers. "Ah! Captain Jenssen! And friends. Welcome." The docking port closes, and Sarah goes forward to the pilot's position. The docking clamps unlatch, and their stomachs tell them that they have begun the short journey to Gamma Trak.

"My Dear Admiral Mudd, it is most agreeable to see you as well." Jenssen smiles from the co-pilot seat on the lovely craft, "And a lovely craft and fine officer you have here."

Mudd smiles and nodds in appreciation,"Thank you. You said you were looking forward to an adventure. We may have more adventure than we want soon enough. Awhile back, I built and christened the Golden Hind, a Nausicaan which I used to collect valuables from an - acquaintance - who owed me for services rendered. Irritating, but I got SOMETHING back for my trouble. Anyway, I recently built my first Grodt, the Whyddah. She's on detached duty, which means she's meant to raid inactive colonists. Yeah, the squeaky clean Harry Mudd, polished by Norman into a model citizen, is starting to think in the old ways again. But that's beside the point I wanted to make. I've been invited to participate in some public service work, so I've sent them with some backup on a fairly long journey. I just hope they get there in time to be of service. The thing that's making it interesting is that we have also received reports that Nadis has attacked FCR members to the north. Makes me glad most of my fleet will remain at home. We are currently on high alert because of this sort of traffic in the area. Believe me, nobody without an NAP will get close to you here. I've also ordered Madronis One to defend Secretariat and Whirlaway from attack. Not sure if that order will extend to all ships in the sector or not. But the station is armed quite well as is. Well, it was, and it will be soon. lol. I just sent a bunch of plasmas and polarons toward what you might call 'a good cause'."

Jenssen laughs, "Well it does seem as if the galaxy has become a little bit of a rough place lately. We’ve had our own share of it as well. Seems there are many in the Galaxy who are looking for a bit of the action when it comes to taking on certain elements out there. Still, it is good that places like your Pirate’s Cove, Vic’s Lounge, JJ’s bar the ‘Targ’s Head’ and the other fine establishements out here are still going strong. They continue to be respite for those in need of a little less dramatic forms of adventure."

"Anyway, I can usually expect Treska or JJ to show up unannounced, and Ben and Roark have been known to show up from time to time. The Pirate's Cove is a casino, and a big one. As big as any you'd find on the Las Vegas Strip on old earth. In fact, it's located in a local city modeled after that one, called Lost Wages, GT. At the northern end of Lost Wages is the Blood and Sand Arena, which was intended for live battles between feuding colonists, but after the first couple of bouts it was clear that there was a real need for better control over proceedings. The first attempt brought the Tal Shiar down on us, and the second destroyed the roof of the arena. The place was nearly destroyed during the Gunships and Dragons contest awhile back, but it's been cleaned up and repaired since then. I think it'll stay closed until I can get a decent manager."

Jenssen nods again,"Ah yes, Treska, JJ, Roak, all very good friends as well. It would be a pleasure to see them if they should turn up at one of the blackjack tables. I think I’ll leave the more physical sporting contests to Gorp this time."

Gorp smiles a toothy, multiple mandible, grin at his mention and his black dredlocks bob as he chuckles at the thought. "I’ll promise to behave!" He shouts in a deep voice.

Mudd grins mischieviously. "Burgandy, any chance I can hire your friend Gorp here to run the Blood and Sand? He just might be what the doctor ordered." But before Jenssen could reply, Harry continued. "Anyway, To the west of the Strip are the holosuites, the biggest and most famous being Vics Place. It runs 24 hrs a day regardless of whether anyone is there or not, but there's usually at least a few people around. Vic is a special case. A sentient hologram with basic lifeform rights. Don't patronize him. He'll know it if you do, and he can give as good as he gets, if you know what I mean. He was written to give alien races a better insight into human culture and thought processes. But I've found him to be a good and wise friend as well." Mudd continues as the tiny ship makes it way to the docking port on Gamma Trak.

Jenssen smiles back, "Oh believe me Admiral Mudd, I would not patronize a fine Sentient Hologram any more then I would a corporeal being. I am quite looking forward to meeting this famous Vic as I have heard a lot about him and think it would be quite a grand time to sing a duet with him or yourself."

Mudd grins at the notion of singing with Jenssen. "The casino itself includes several fine dining restaurants as well as a number of fast food joints. We have virtual reality games, dabo poker and roulette tables, as well as other games going on 24 hrs a day. Also tracks for roller skating, roller blading, skateboarding, cycling, paintball, and phasertag games. We also have multipurpose display centers for local talent, from music to visual arts, to demonstrations of dance and defense. Virtually any activity can and has been showcased here at one time or another."

"My you have surely out done yourself. I am quite eager for this tour you have promised me." Jenssen leans back in the luxurious chair of the small ship, to soak in the possibilities.

There's a change in the sound of the engines, and Sarah reappears at the pilot's entrance. "We're here. If you'll step over to the transporter station, I can send you down 3 at a time."

Moments later the group finds themselves standing in a large office with a desk at one end, a planning table in the middle, and various works of art on the walls and in cubbies and niches all around them. Occasional wood panels and curtains in several shades of green give the place a nice, naturalistic feel. Harry stands up from his desk.

"Lady Jenssen! Welcome! How good to see you! Come! Let me show you around." Admiral Mudd beams as he straightens his tunic and brushes his shoulder adornments straight. Quick introductions are exchanged with Jenssen's staff.

"I and my staff would be delighted to join you on a tour." Jenssen replies, taking Mudd’s gentlemanly offered arm in her own.

Gorp, T’Laurn, Rhoades and Lynx follow descreetly behind the two colony leaders observing the atmosphere with an experienced eye. It is apparent they can all appreciate this work and quality of the craftsmanship that went into the building of Mudd’s lovely world.

Mudd leads the troupe through a pair of double doors to a large landing, leading from the upper level shops, of which Mudd's office appears to be just one more, to a wide, curving staircase. They walk down the flight unnoticed among the couples and groups, noting the many planters, stages, and kiosks scattered around, breaking up the central mall into pleasant lingering spaces with benches, playgrounds, and entertaining troubadours scattered throughout.

Jenssen breaths in the sweet fragrances and the incredible sights of the complex and feels relaxed in this little oasis in the middle of a turbulent galaxy for just a moment, trying to forget the likely battles that rage across the various sectors.

"So what would you like to do first? Some fine dining? Gambling? Or shall we just go straight to Vic's?"

Jenssen smiles and winks at him, "You pick. I wouldn’t know where to start."









After Ben's Naked Table Dance!

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Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard

Mudd and Vic shout in unison, "SECURITY!!!" while Jenssen simply looks bemused.

Gorp stands up quickly and approaches the table where Jenssen is sitting to stand ominously behind her with his hand on his disruptor, "Madam Burgundy, are you ok with the security here?"

Jenssen absently waves him back and Gorp leans against the bar as the bartender places another drink in his hand. He is unwilling to leave her side should she really need him.

"I've seen far worse in Klingon honor rituals." Jenssen smiles absently, "and Mudd, you were talking about how good your security was a minute ago?"

"I apologize Captain Jenssen. Ben is 'mostly harmless', if a bit... weird. We do let him and Roark get away with stuff most others would pay heavily for. I hope the security team isn't too hard on him." Mudd's eyes follow Ben with a touch of concern as fifteen of his own security takes off after him ready for a piece of action they have so been missing out on lately.







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Reposted from Admiral Mudd's Channel 288 - Priate's Cove Casino
Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard

The atmosphere in Vic's Lounge was festive and lively as Mudd, Jenssen, and her crew entered the tastefully lit seating area. A small black-draped but lightly starlit stage stood at the side of the bar. An ancient old grand piano sat to the left of the stage. Jenssen and Mudd picked a small table up close to the band where Vic was conducting an old jazz blue rhythm that fit the warm and private atmosphere.

Harry Mudd smiled broadly, simply beaming with pride and joy. He had finally realized his fondest dream as he walked into Vic's place, arm in arm with no less a luminary than Captain Burgundy Jenssen. They were trailed, of course, by Jenssen's friends and shipmates, T’Laurn, Lynx, Gorp and Rhoades, who took a table a discreet distance from their Captain and their host.

Vic signaled the band to start a song that Harry had requested before he entered the place. As the song began, Harry took Jennsen's hands and began to sing to her. Rhodes feigned gagging on the cloyingly sweet music while T'Laurn and Lynx looked on with unreadable expressions. The song went a little like this:

"Miss Independence" by Ne-Yo

T’Laurn raised an eyebrow at Mudd's singing, while Lynx, with a deadpan expression, leaned over to the bartender and asked him a sober question to which the barkeep laughed loudly over the crowd.

Captain Jenssen responded with a stifled snort and smile, attempting to control the appreciative laughter bubbling up from within. Harry realized that he may have made a mistake in his choice of music, but hoped that he hasn't totally destroyed his chance to develop a serious relationship with the Lady that has taken...something... from him, which he has had a difficult time describing, even to himself.

"Why Admiral Mudd, that's truly a wonderful, and I must admit, fitting tribute to me. Your vocals I have to say, are impressive." Jenssen smiled up at him, but her eyes took on a little bit of a sad and distant look to them. "I really do not wish to disappoint you, but perhaps you might come and sit with me for a while. You see, I must be honest with you Admiral’s been a very long time since I have even considered...well a serious relationship even with a someone as gracious and generous as you are to me." Jenssen nodded to herself more then to him, "Yes a long time..."

Harry pondered her response. It wasn't exactly what he had expected. The song may have been a bit much. But how else to get past that armor of hers? He ponders his next move as he signals for a pair of strawberry daiquiris.

"Your drinks, mi-lord, my lady." Anabelle quickly placed the drinks down as a little bit of a disturbance in the crowd broke the uneasy silence between the two colony leaders







Anything you can do.....
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Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard

"Anyway, we were talking earlier about where to go from here. I've heard you like hunting, we have a marsupial not too far from here that was kinda nasty when we first settled Gamma Trak. We call them Teddy Bears, because they look and walk like you would expect from a living teddy bear. Took out quite a few settlers before we cordoned off the preserve they live in. We call it the Teddy Bear Woods now. But there's nothing cute about them. All teeth and claws and attitude. They make targs look like pussycats." Mudd suggests wondering if that will pique the lady's interest.

'Perhaps Admiral Mudd, it is something I would consider at some point," Jenssen leans back to take in the relaxed atmosphere of the club, "but hunting, well let's say I'd rather do most of my shooting with the lens end of a holocamera then anything else. I hunt when I'm hungry or looking for something a little fresher than what comes from the end of a replicator cycle, not merely for sport. I thought I heard there was a Targ Forest around here somewhere? Some of JJ's Targ's Tor'Cha made him get rid of at the Targ's head no doubt?"

"Eh. Next planet over. They're on Cappa Irregula. We can go there on the way back to your ship later on if you like. Especially if you decide to park in orbit around one of my planets."

"Ah maybe...It would be nice to have a nice rack of Bar-B-Que Targ ribs in honor of my old Klingon days." Jenssen smiled knowing her past had not been forgotten in this quadrant, "But tell me Admiral, what's the real story on you and Stella? I only know bits and pieces." Jenssen asked with all sincerity.

"Ugh. I don't like to tell that story mainly because it's so unbelievable. People aren't supposed to be like her. When we met, she was a nice, quiet, loving person. She seemed to have a faith very compatible with mine, and she liked the things I liked. You would think that would be the recipe for a wonderful relationship. But I never noticed that she was ... selfish. Self-centered. And she had an agenda. She wanted to use me as an income source. The woman didn't have a clue what love really meant. She nearly destroyed our daughters. Never taught them even the basics of keeping their rooms, let alone their lives, in order. I had to protect my kids from her for years until they grew up and were able to escape. Once they were safely away, I decided it was time for me to go as well. And I've never looked back." Mudd downed his daiquiri quickly and waved for another which was quickly delivered to him.

"Oh, look. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to unload on you like that. I'm simply an awful host!" He hastily added.

"Well I did ask. No harm there. Sounds like you did love her but I understand it is hard when you feel betrayed by love in some ways." Jenssen traced the edge of her glass with a finger, looking out over the crowd with a distant look in her eyes as well.

Vic had been talking quietly with Rhoads and Lynx, but now he came over to Mudd and Jenssen's table. "Hey, Harry. Don't go beating yourself up like that. There are some things you just can't do anything about. Sounds to me like you did a good thing with those girls."

"I would have to agree....Ah now this must be the Famous Vic. Please to meet you sir." Jenssen nodded at him extending a hand to Vic to shake.

"Delighted my dear." Vic replied, his baby blue's peering at her as he took her hand and kissed the back of it...making Jenssen think he sort of reminded her of an old photo of Frank Sinatra she had once seen.

Mudd cleared his thoat, "Heh. You haven't met them. They all take after me. The me they knew before Norman and his androids got hold of me. Those three girls will either become fabulously wealthy, or will end up in a correctional facility, or worse. To be honest, I'm afraid to try to contact them anymore. We didn't leave on the best of terms."

Vic smiled at his Boss, "Harry, buddy, you can't look at it that way. Listen, I got a little something for you."

As Vic sings, Mudd starts to shake, and his lip trembles. His eyes close in pain, and a single tear slides down his face. He excuses himself and leaves his guests, barely escaping before he turns into a blubbering idiot.

Jenssen quietly follows Mudd out into the corridor as he retreats.  She waves at Gorp to stay where he is as she knows they will be back in a moment.

"Harry....Can I call you Harry? Hey.." Jenssen caught up with him, grabbing his jaw in her hand gently, tipping his head up to make sure he can see her green eyes. "Believe me, I know the burdens we all carry as Colony Leaders. It's not an easy job to have to care for so many and it does wear you down without someone to turn too in times of trouble. That's why friends, and I would like to consider you a friend, are so important." Jenssen bit her lip a little thinking about how much she was willing to share with him about her own life.

"Someone very important to me once told me that 'the Past is History, the Future is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift and that is why we call it the Present'. I watched him die as he gave me his final order to leave him on a deck of a Suliban Helix that was set on auto destruct.  After he..he...well let's just say, none of us can go back and change the past, Harry. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, as none of us can see the future. That is why I have found it is so important to live every moment and enjoy every beautiful lady on your arm for tonight, even if you know it's not going to be forever. So let's say the two of us go back in there and enjoy what fleeting time we have today to share each other's company. We'll not worry about what tomorrow will bring until we have too. Shall we? Besides, I haven't had a chance to sing with Vic yet and I think I have something that might cheer you up a little my daring Harry Mudd." Jenssen smiled a Cheshire Cat grin and offered him her arm waiting, to see if he might take it and join her even if it was for only a day.

Jenssen escorts Admiral Mudd back into the club and takes her seat back up at the table at the edge of Vic's stage and she waves at Vic to come over and join them.

Vic wraps up his little interlude and is curious to see what the beaming Jenssen could want. He swings a seat over to the table as Jenssen grins with a sparkle in her eye.

"Vic I have to ask you, are you programmed with any enhancements?" Jenssen asks provocative tone.

"Ah...what kind of enhancements dear lady, I am sure I could be for you." Vic beams back at her and Harry coughs uncomfortable by Jenssen's directness.

"Well, I mean are you programmed to exceed a normal human in singing talents, dancing talents, other forms of stage entertainment or are you a combination of the talents of the great Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra with the looks of James Dean?" Jenssen asks resting her head on her fist.

"Well, no my dear nothing enhanced, but I am the best of all those singers rolled into one." Vic is intrigued now by her line of questions.

"And you can't change that in the middle of a performance now can you?" Jenssen asks innocently this time.

"Well no, not without interpreting the show. Why?" Vic is sincerely interested now by Jenssen's questions as she wags a finger to him to lean over and allow her to whisper in his ear.

Vic grins a flash of a smile at her. "Surely you don't think"

"Humor me." Jenssen coos at him.

Vic flashes a huge grin and quickly stands to grab a small table from the other edge of the stage and two chairs. He places them up by the piano. Vic takes a seat at the table, ignoring her as Jenssen stands with a grin towards Admiral Mudd who is now like the audience completely intrigued by what Jenssen is about to do...

"You'll have to pardon me Harry...I think you might want to place a wager on this one.  Put me down for 10 to 1 odds on me getting more applause then he can on this one." Jenssen winks at Harry as she tosses her green Vulcan cloak on the back of her chair and strides up to the seat on the other side of the table from Vic. Her black ankle boots click against the rails of the chair as the music starts and the song she's requested goes a little like this:

The crowd erupts in appreciative applause. Jenssen returns triumphantly to her table and kisses Mudd on the cheek just for good measure as she grabs her drink and lifts it up to the crowd.

"That my dear Mudd, is how you enjoy life." She smiles.




Lessons on loss....

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Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard
Stardate:201003.29 -- Time 23:50 hours

After a wonderful evening, Admiral H. F. Mudd =Cmdr FCR fleet ops=, Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard, and company return to the large Grand Hotel on the Strip, 'The Pillaged Port'. Mudd and Jenssen walk along arm in arm like two old drinking buddies, singing together. Captain Rhoades was staggering slightly more than others as Lynx kept her on the straight and narrow. T’Laurn and Gorp were the only two that seemed completely sober by the time they reach the steps of the grand entrance of the Hotel. Harry Mudd felt as if he was walking on air the entire way.

"Ah, Dear Admiral Mudd, Harry, it was a grand evening. I hope Vic doesn’t take it too hard that I sort of stole his thunder for a moment there. You have to admit,it was quite funny. Well, Good Night Harry. I suspect we need to be on our way in the morning. Undoubtedly Grewell will have news and business from my own Colonies to relay to me later tonight. I suspect I may have a few smaller commissioning ceremonies to attend soon." Jenssen withdrew her arm from his and lightly grabbed his hand in a friendly squeeze as she started up the grand stairs after her officers and crew.

"Aww, a handshake instead of a kiss..." Mudd pulled a face that might or might not have been serious.

"Alright Harry, one kiss. But don’t go thinking that it’s anything more than a platonic gesture." Jenssen warned him as she leaned back down one step on the stairway and kissed him quickly on the cheek. Harry's smile returned, along with a quick wink.

As Jenssen’s and her small group began to climb the stairs leading up to their suites, an ensign caught up with them, looking as if he had been running for quite some time. "My Lord! I'm sorry, I have a report from the Whyddah fleet!"

"You're sorry? Why? Let me see that." Harry took the flimsey from the messenger, read it, and sobered quickly. The note was the dying report of the communications officer aboard Sparrowhawk. The entire fleet had been destroyed by Phiro Blacksheep =Outcast=. What had started out as a shakedown cruise for Harry Mudd's newest fleet ship, and become an adventure when they were invited to join in with the GCoE/Omega action, had ended in disappointment the day before. They had been late to the fight. And now they were dead. Destroyed while trying to reach a red nebula, to recharge and prepare to return home. They never had a chance to even fire a single shot. Why? Who was this Phiro Blacksheep and why would he murder four crews in cold blood?

"Harry? Is something wrong?" Jenssen paused on the stairway and her team all instantly sobered, even Captain Rhoades seemed completely alert, waiting to see if they were needed.

Mudd's face turned ashen at the news. "I’m sorry Burgundy, but I’m needed at Gamma Trak, please feel free to stay or depart as needed. I may not be able to see you off tomorrow."

Mudd quickly excused himself and raced to the communications center. A moment later, Jenssen and the others, realizing something serious was afoot, followed him quickly down the atrium and through the corridors of the grand complex. Mudd slid into the main Communication Center, Gamma Trak, at the Lost Wages offices complex. Several of his officers were monitoring multiple communications and hologrid cameras, many inside the huge casino complex, but also numerous views of his planetary and fleet arrays. Another alliance member had overheard the S.O.S. and was now in contact with Mudd’s Head of Planetary Communications on Gamma Trak, using one of several conference viewscreens in the main array.

"Really? That's an act of war!"

The Comm Officer agreed with the caller while Mudd quickly began reading the display screens one after the other. All those men and women on his ships. Dead. He whispered, almost unbelieving of what was listed on the screens. He felt even worse not being able to remember the Whyddah Captain's name. Caid something. Vorkstein? Viktrapp? He couldn't remember.

"Contact this Phiro Blacksheep! I want to talk to him!" Mudd bellowed.

Several attempts were made, and at first it seemed that he was refusing to answer. Then the Comms Officer got through.

"Yes, this is Phiro, how can I help you?"

"You can tell me why you destroyed a tiny fleet that had stood down, and was no threat to anyone, when they were on their way to a small nebula for refueling!" Mudd’s indignation was apparent to all in the room and Jenssen was just out of visual range of the monitors, holding her team back from being in obvious sight.

Phiro grinned wickedly. "Why, it's simple, Admiral, Target Practice!"

"And the crews? What am I to tell their families?" Mudd stared at the viewscreen.

"I turned them in to the Feds. They're fine. Phiro OUT!"

"Contact the Federation. Find out where they are and if they're all right." Mudd pointed at one of his communications officers.

"Yes, sir!"

A moment later, another voice was heard in the communications room.

"This is the Federation base Iray Sun. How can we help you?" A distinguished officer dressed in a freshly replicated uniform responded promptly.

"I need to know the status on the survivors of the Whyddah, the Bloodhound, the Golden Hind, and the Sparrowhawk. I'm told they were turned over to you." Mudd replied in a hopeful tone.

"Certainly, sir. Let me check... I'm sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding here. We did receive a number of escape pods, but most were empty, and the ones that had ...contents... were punctured with small arms fire. There were no survivors. I’m very sorry sir." The officer seemed quiet sincere, but too busy to dwell on this single incident.

Mudd's stomach turned at the news. "Thank you Federation. Gamma Trak out."

Jenssen heard the entire exchange and quietly approached Mudd now to put a comforting arm around his shoulders.

"How do I tell all those families?" Mudd asked her quietly.

"With honor and dignity Admiral, with honor and dignity." Jenssen replied solemnly. "Unless I am mistaken, they did volunteer to go on this mission didn’t they? They died fighting for what they believed in, trying to make this galaxy a better, safer place. Even if it wasn’t in the heat of battle, but a cowardly sneak attack on ships that had stood down and were merely refueling, those crewmen and Captains still were doing what they believed was right. You need to honor that sacrifice as their Leader and let their families and friends know they are still heroes even if they never got to fire a single shot."

Jenssen hugged his shoulders tightly, "And no matter how many time you have to do it, it never gets any easier...." She whispered.

We honor our fallen heroes.............








In Memorial

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Personal Logs of Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard
Stardate:201003.31 -- mid-morning...

Standing in the town square in front of Lavlyn Urvca's planetary HQ, a 10 meter tall obelisk looms over a small gated park. It is a monument to the 5 fallen Klingons found on Lavlyn Urvca by the first Mudd Consortium crew to discover this world. It stands as a reminder, not only of those residents of Sto-Vo-Kor, but of the very real dangers faced by today's colonists, of that harsh world. As the sun rises over the cold and blustery landscape, a small gathering of people stands huddled together against the fitful breeze. A few men, more women and children, and an assortment of wreaths and flowers surround a small secondary monument, this one to the memory of four ships and their crews, lost to the vagaries of a hostile universe. Also in attendance are Admiral H. F. Mudd =Cmdr FCR fleet ops=, Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard and the crews of both the ATT Whirlaway and the ATT Secretariat, and the Rev. Joe Giuseppe of the Church of the Universal Power Personified. The breeze carried away the beginnings of the ceremony, but soon every word can be heard.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here this morning to honor the memory of twenty heroes of the Empire. These men and women were taken from us much too soon, and their absence will leave a permanent void in our hearts. But life goes on. We cannot allow ourselves to be seduced by pettiness or vindictiveness. The heroes we honor this day lived life to the fullest. They knew the stakes they played for, and if they were called upon to give their final effort earlier than we would have wished, we must remember that they are now in the Hands of Him who cares more for them than we ever could."

"Do not weep for those brave souls. Their reward is assured. It is for we who are left behind to now learn to live without their good graces and helps. This is no time for mourning. Yes, our loss is great. But every loss gives the chance to grow, and to grow in a new direction not apparent before. Look for those opportunities! Reach out for them! Make this tragedy the seed of something glorious! This is the best way I know of to honor these great souls.

If there is anyone here who would speak for or to these heroes, please step up now. Thank you."

Jenssen nodded to the Reverand and he graciously motioned her to the Podium with an open hand.

Captain Jenssen solemnly stepped up to the podium. Her dark green Vulcan cloak fluttered a little in the cool breeze as she addressed the crowd.

"My neighbors, friends, I have only come to visit your worlds to seek friendship with those who have a common goal in this galaxy. One of peace and solidarity. Though I did not know those whose lives were taken from you, I would like to pledge the support of the Alpha Tau Colonies in this sad time. I am reminded today of a poem that was once given to me by a friend. That friend made it his mission in life to make sure that for everyone he met, he did something that made someone's bad day a little brighter. I would like to share it with you today in hopes that you will remember not only the sorrow you share in your losses today, but remember the good these souls did while they walked among us. This poem is quite old and I do not know the original author, but still rings true today as I did hundreds of years ago when it was written:"




Is anybody happier,
because you passed this way?
Does anyone remember,
that you spoke to them today?

The day is almost over,
and its' toiling time is through.
Is there anyone to utter now
a kindly word of you?

Can you say tonight in parting
with the day that's slipping fast,
That you helped a single person
of the many that you passed?

Is a single heart rejoicing
over what you did or said?
Does one whose hopes were fading
now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day or use it?
Was it well or sorely spent?
Did you leave a trail of kindness,
or a scar of discontent?

As you close your eyes in slumber,
do you think that God will say:
"You have earned one more tomorrow
by what you did today?"

~~ Author Unknown ~~

"Though the road is difficult without your loved ones at your side, may you be able to look ahead to a day when time has tempered the pain and allowed you to move forward with living, so that you might keep their memories of their good deeds alive." Jenssen concluded as she tucked the datapad with the poem back into her cloak. Jenssen bowed her head and stepped back from the podium to allow the Reverend to close the ceremony.

Soon the crowd began to file slowly past the monument. Each person left some small token atop the monument before continuing out of the park. Jenssen and her crew are left standing to the side as the Admiral Mudd thanked the Reverend for the service. The Reverend bowed and retired to a shuttle car to head back to his other duties.

"It was a very lovely service Harry. You honored those crews. I hope your colonists recover from this tragedy. They seem to be a strong people."

"Oh, they are, Burgundy. They may tease me with that 'Lord Mudd' routine, although some seem to take the title seriously, but I have been amazed by their strength and resiliance many times over the years. I'm actually honored to be their leader. And as for you, my lovely, you simply must return when the opportunity arises. T'Larne and Rhoads did far too well at the gaming tables, and you and I still need to go targ hunting on Cappa Irregula."

Jenssen nodded at him. " Perhaps. But for now it really is time for us to leave, Harry. I must return to my own colonies and make sure our defenses are up. News of a growing threat has been conveyed to me and I need to make sure my own colonies are secure now."

Jenssen looks off into the distance. "I don't need to be conducting this kind of memorial on my own worlds anytime soon."

Jenssen taps the Andorian Ice Crystal pendant on the lapel of her cloak and triggers the comm. Channel to the ATT Whirlaway , "Jenssen to Tellis, please beam up all our crews and be ready to break orbit in 30 minutes." She snapped the channel back closed with a nod to Admiral Mudd, who whispered a final goodbye. Then the small contingent dissolved in the transporter beam, to continue their adventures at other stops along their journey home.

High above, the flag of the Mudd Consortium rose momentarily in a sudden gust, then subsided once again to flap irresolutely in the brightening sky. The first rays of morning sunshine glinted off of the words on the Memorial:

From: Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) info.gif send.gif settings.gifdel.gif add.gif no.gif Time: 18.04.2010 - 05:19
Stardate 201004.10

The ATT Whirlaway is enroute home from our visit to Admiral H. F. Mudd =Cmdr FCR fleet ops='s lovely worlds. Though I had looked forward to leaving the galaxtic battles behind, it seems to have followed us even to his worlds. I do not have a good feeling these days that our worlds will be untouched by such death and destruction for long. The galaxy is becoming a very dangerous place these days.

I am planning to stop in and visit my dear friend, Lt.Commander JJ Version 12.6 -F.C.R- Warrior Cub! on our way home. The Targ's Head is always a favorite resting spot. JJ has also requested we take part in a little 'spelunking' or caving mission with him. I'm interested to learn about this object he has found. Hopefully I can post a log on this strange material he has found. I'm eager to return home and have a moment to catch up with [MACO] Ten Bears - EN-1 Support and the newest members of the Terran Empire MACOs. - End Log

Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard