Fall of Rome - AKA Fall of the Klingon Empire (Player Alliance)




From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 19:37

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Captain's Log's of Jenssen 'ech House of J'Ssen =Klingon Empire=

Stardate 201003.11

Captain Burgundy Jenssen' ech House of J'Ssen =Klingon Empire= was sitting at the table after a particually successful Economics meeting at an undisclosed Federation NPC Space station. The table she was sitting with had several of the Federations' top Emegineering team working with the Nevndai Economics council. The discussion was light and merry concerning several Engineering problems that only she and the table apparently understood the humor of the solution that ultimately had been used to solve a well known problem with air filtration systems on a shuttles. Jenssen was laughing heartily over a tall glass of amber beer with the table when T'Laurn approached her and leaned over to whisper in her ear and handed her a data pad.

"Holy mother of Neptune!" Jenssen exclaimed and suddenly stood up in alarm. The table of Federation Engineers stood up with her. Jenssen glanced at them and quickly continued in a cryptic question she knew T'Laurn could relay a response to without giving away anything to the Federation Engineers sitting there, "Can we get there in time?"

"No Captain. We need to make other arrangements." T'Laurn's serious tone was like ice water over the merry events of the late night dinner to conclude the Conference.

"Jenssen, is there anything we can help with?" The project's Lead Engineer asked quickly.

"Sorry Rashka, no this is an internal matter and unfortunately, I must depart now to deal with it. Please, don't let me hold up the celebrations. You have a great solution to the problem the Nevndai have with that replication system they want to sanction for the production of those specialized goods for that other colony. Please, feel free to take whatever you find useful from my presentation. I do have to leave." She gracefully bowed to the table and grabbed her Green Vulcan cloak to tossed it around her shoulders as she and T'Laurn quickly exited the Conference.

As the two of the rounded the edge of the space port heading towards the Whirlaway, T'Laurn started to debrief Jenssen, "Captain, the situation is dire. Shinzon's and Dred's civilian ships were pulled off a Federation NPC Supply station and destroyed."


Jenssen started in with a barrage of questions to T'Laurn, "How many ships? Where Dredusce and Shinzon on them? Where is Caesar’s fleet? Has G'uycontacted us to send word to the Federation NPC to request Drake's docking rigths be revoked?


T'Laurn calmly continued, "Dredusce and Shinzon's planets are in shambles. Over 150 civilan coloniest are feared lost. Shinzon has not been heard from since the attack. We have no response from Caesar's fleets. G'uy and B'ijik are shouting in the Council Chambers about the dishonor of the Empire under Caesar's rule and the fact that a well known Klingon Warrior has returned from the Alpha quadrant and there is talk of him taking over the Empire in your and Caesar's absence tonight. Takila Boog, P'Nut and Faron are all worried as they have not been able to contact you while the Engineering Conference was happening here. Yin'Epu has gone AWOL and his house is crumbling. Trav'ler has left the protection of the Empire and cast out upon his own to build a strong alliance in his quadrant. I must logically conclude that the THE KLINGON EMPIRE is in a state of chaos."

"Damn it, this alliance has more drama then a Denoblian Soap opera sometimes. We have three houses so strong in the Empire and yet all of them have lone wolves with happy trigger fingers itching for action without having a plan. I have this theory that the phrase, 'Fools rush in where angels fear to tread' was specifically written with Klingons in mind sometimes." Jenssen hurriedly walked to the bridge as they left the transporter room of the Whirlaway.

"Let's get to the High Council and see if we can calm down G'uy's House and plan out what to do next." Jenssen sighed and started trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces in the aftermath if this latest attack on members of the Empire.

"Captain, another message is coming in from Caesar this time. It's just a short pre-recorded message. He has ordered his fleet to go after Drake's ships on their own now." Tellis reported as Jenssen sat down in her captains chair.

"Oh great. I guess he's never heard the term 'a little too little, a little too late'. This is a mess and I am staring to think there is only going to be one good solution to it. Jrell get us to the council chambers warp 9." Jenssen commanded, angerly now that no one in the Empire was thinking about how their own actions were going to have a rippling affect on all members of the Empire.

"Damn lone wolves have forgotten that being an alliance is all about team work, discipline, leadership, not this tigger-happy, go-out-and-blast-something, for the hell of it crap." She muttered under her breath.

"Captain a private message is coming in on a special encryption channel with a very old signature of the Klingon High Council." T'Laurn looked up from her console, "It's hidden in a radion burst and it is a highly sophisticated code. Marked for your eyes only."

"Pipe it to my quarters T'Laurn, I'll finish the decoding there. Damn it that is all I need is something else to go wrong this week." Jenssen growled as she headed to her quarters. "I'll be back shortly."




Two hours later Jenssen returned to the bridge dressed in a black tight fitting outfit and a black cloak. Her change in appearance and ram rod ridged stance on the bridge caused T'Laurn to raise an eyebrow at this sudden change in appearance.

"Tellis, contact Grewell and Gorp and have them meet me with the security teams from Pallaido, the IKW Kodiak, and Ironsides at the gates to the High Council. Tell them to all dress in black and bring appropriate assult side arms. T'Laurn I need you to find me some research on the destruction of Pompeii and the fall of Rome please. Jrell, I need you to do a little research for me on a song. I need the research materials in one hour and tell Dorran to order some paint for the ship hulls. I have a feeling after what I must do tonight, we will not be welcome in Klingon space for long." Jenssen commanded her crew who unquestioningly jumped to complete her commands.

Four hours later, an assault force lead by a black cloaked Captain Jenssen waited outside the High Council for Caesar's House to leave the Council Chambers and retire for the evening. They waited in silence, their breath baited. They had their orders to kill no one. Jenssen wanted this to be a bloodless coup and while she was willing to take the fall for the treason she was about to commit, she would not have Caesar's blood on her hands. She wanted only to assure the survival of the THE KLINGON EMPIRE and to give the civilians and the older members so loyal to the Empire a chance to grow without the overshadowing threat of Drake retaliating for the destruction Caesar's fleet would inflict or the damage that Shinzon and Dredusce had undoubtedly done to his fleets. Jenssen knew that Drake would retaliate on all members of the Empire to restock his resources if they all remained in the Alliance. Her Sisters Ka'Ra and Na'NeRaand noble Tor'Cha would not understand her reasons for this, she was sure. Her action she was about to undertake would allow THE KLINGON EMPIRE to start again. The Empire could then rebuild from the ground up on a stronger foundation without the threat of retaliation for the sins of the past on the new warriors who would enter the Academy.

Jenssen had pleaded with her house to stay intact, but it was crumbling as well. Her most trusted member Takila Boog, had sent her a note of his intentions to leave the Empire. P’Nut had become silent with concern. Her gallant Warriors, Faron included, were all dissatisfied with the lack of action from the mightiest of fleets, the fleet of Caesar, which sat idle in space dock when his alliance members were attacked. She understood that Caesar had many other responsibilities, but still a leader of an alliance could not be an absent leader and lead effectively. She had sent word to him that she wished to meet with him to get the codes to the Empire so she could by proxy help him rule the Empire, but his action as too late. The entire House of G'uyhad left the Empire by the time she has arrived at Council. She could not blame his house for their actions. They had left fearing an outsider would be handed the reins of the Empire over their own glorious house and she had to smirk a little. That would not have happened, had they not left the Empire, but now their actions had become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The House of Yin'Epu crumbled from lack of attention, and Jenssen's own house, outraged and angered by the events had left her questioning again her leadership abilities. Jenssen was tired....the week's events were taking their toll and this was the only logical solution left that she could see now.

A figure passed through the gates, followed by an entourage of drunken warriors celebrating the launching of Caesar’s fleets. Jenssen nodded to Gorp and the 20 armed warriors she had brought with her quickly surrounded the members of the House of Caesar. The struggle was brief as her warriors were not slowed by drink and a belly full of food.

Grewell and Gorp had grabbed Caesar and now were holding him carefully, but firmly on his knees in front of her. Caesar bellowed in indignation at the situation, "You traitorous harlet! You PetaQ'! You flat headed piece of targ dung! I should have known...."

Gorp and Grewell quickly bound his mouth so he would have to listen to Jenssen as they began searching through his robes for the data disk with the passcodes to the Empire.

"Fine take the codes, lead the High Council, but leave me the title of Emporer! That I demand!" Caesar barked through the gags.

"As I see it, the Emperor has no clothes dear Caesar." Jenssen hissed in his ear, "And I am brave enough to say it to your face as did my house member Takila Boog. I will not say things I think behind your back in Council and then leave before the security of the Empire is placed into good hand as some in this Empire have already done. I will not dishonor myself further to leave the Empire before the necessary actions are completed to ensure it's survival. Perhaps I am a traitorous wretch, but I would happily take that title above the ones spoken of your name in Council Chambers lately." Her anger was tangable in the dark stillness of the night.

"Caesar you have allowed the Empire to crumble around us as you failed to come to Council Meetings. You have been slow in your response to your alliance members who plead with you for your support and guidance. You have stood holding the title of Emperor like a child holding a blanket over his head as the skies of Pompeii rain down fallout from Mt Vesuvius around him, thinking calling the blanket a shield will save him from the onslaught from above. Caesar, Rome is burning and like so many Emperors you do not see it from your vantage point if you are not in the trenches with your generals. I have done all I can to keep the THE KLINGON EMPIRE strong and honorable, but I am a merely a human and many in the Empire still do not believe in me or trust me, especially those in your house Caesar. Their loyalty to you is admirable, but it divides the Alliance and a House divided cannot stand. So Caesar, I am doing the only thing that I can think of that will save the Empire. I am handing it to someone who will become a strong and involved leader. He is an old Warrior of the Empire who will rebuild this glorious alliance from the ground up. "

With that Jenssen turned and a dark figure emerged from the shadows. The great Kaziarl 'jenQang -House of Kaz =Klingon Empire= had returned to the Delta Quadrant. She approached him with the data chips to the Empire and got down on one knee to hand him the data pads, bowing her head to this great Klingon Warrior. Honorable Kaziarl 'jenQang -House of Kaz=Klingon Empire=, I will serve you for the good of the Empire though I know this means I am a traitor my oath to Caesar and my life should be forfeit. I offer no defense for my actions. I plead leniency for my service and intentions to protect the innocent of THE KLINGON EMPIRE and allow the civilians to live in what peace can be found in the Delta Quadrant under the threat of constant raids. Should my death bring you honor, I await it.

Grewell and Gorp, almost let go of Caesar to rush to her aide as Kazrial placed a firm hand on her shoulder. "I release you from your oath to Caesar, noble Jenssen. I will need your skills to take my place in council chambers and complete the transfer of command, but you shall be free to leave the Empire. No harm shall come to you or your colonies crews by the hands of those loyal to the Empire, this I command. You have sacrificed your own honor for the good of the Empire and that is the most noble act a warrior can make in my eyes. I will deal with Caesar and those in THE KLINGON EMPIRE who need reminded of what it means to be Klingon."

"Yes, Chancelor Kaziarl. I will serve you honorably for the good of the Empire until you bid me to leave Klingon Space." She whispered as she stood and approached Caesar again to collect her assult team to quickly leave.

As Grewell and Grop released the angry and rejected Caesar she handed him a data disk. "Perhaps I can offer you only this Caesar. It should remind you that to be a leader takes being involved."

Her assult team quickly followed her as she turned to leave the small clearing in front of the High Council Chambers...her bard voice filled the air with the sounds of a song on her lips,

"....I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can't explain...
Once you go there was never
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world.

It was the wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in
Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People couldn't believe what I'd become

Revolutionaries wait
For my head on a silver plate
Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?"

Song Lyrics from Viva La Vida -




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