Enter the Warrior Bard - Character Bio 






  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 03.04.2010 - 02:47

Stardate: 200909.22


Burgundy Jenssen

Burgundy Jenssen was born amid the farm lands of Indiana in the United States of America on old Earth. Her family hails from old pioneer roots and she is reputed to be a distant cousin of the famed Captain Janeway.

Jenssen spent her younger years immersed in nature and the study of sciences in the natural world. She decided to pursue a career in engineering, after being found disassembling the family's replicater at only 5 years old to discover where the chocolate was stored in it, much to her father's chagrin over her curiosity.

Jenssen is a Starfleet Academy Graduate with Honors in Engineering, Warp Mechanics, and Xenobiology....

Jenssen left Starfleet after being told her approach at Captaincy was too 'unpredictable' after an incident with the Suliban in a little reported battle near the end of the Dominion War. That fatal battle happened when she was a Commander and First Officer of the U.S.S. Taylorsville. It brought her together with her closest friends, Gorp and T'Laurn. She has traveled the galaxy ever since, as an independant merchant, trader, diplomat and occasional Warrior Bard.

Jenssen has conducted successful negotations with several Planetary Governments through out the known galaxy. She has earned a reputation for always conducting her negotiations under the most honorable of trade agreements. Her reputation has led her to deal directly with high officals such as the Romulan Procounsel (where she received her Blooddagger), the Andorian Imperial Guard (where she recieved a jeweled Andorian Ice Crystal communicantion pin), the Nausicaan Empire (impressing several officers to join her crew), the Denobulan Senate (receiving some of the finest medical research and Veterinary advise for her collection of unusual animals), and the Vulcan High Command (which has traded many undisclosable objects with her).

She has been hosted by the Klingon Empire, pledging until the House of Mathias, after word of her honorable and warrior heart spread to them after the fall of the once great Fleet Labs Alliance which she was a budding new recruit for just weeks prior to the galatic great battle that disolved it. For the past 5 years she has devoted herself to the study of combat tactics and hand to hand fighting, as well as the Klingon Culture.

She prefers to be called "Captain Jenssen" though she is the Founder and Fleet Admiral for the Alpha Tau Colonies.  Jenssen has assigned various leaders as Magistrates to handle the workings of each of the worlds that make up the Alpha Tau Colonies.   Jenssen has dutifully applied herself to the development of the Alpha Tau settlement in the Delta Qadrant. Her worlds specialize in terraforming marginal planets into productive centers of commerce.

The Alpha Tau Colonies are known for their unique music and entertainment activities, which often have a Klingon flare to them.

Captain Jenssen is a quick study, an animal lover, an accomplished bard. She is generally know to her crew and colonists as a commanding professional as well as a true lady. She has genuinely earned the reputation as a "Jack-of-all-trades" and one hell of a dead shot with a Phaser Rifle or the setting of a dagger.





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