Red Alert??!! -- Oh for Pete's my Birthday! 


From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 09:11

Reposted from JJ's Targ's Head Channel - 401
Stardate:201001.29 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen'ech Hose of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=

Approximate Time: 19:00 Hours

Captain Jenssen and the crew of the IKT Whirlaway are headed home from a very busy week. Her own House in Council, concerns with Drake in the area sniffing around, running a ship race, and now it was her birthday. She was just wanting to get home and chill out and listen to her new musical database and watch a new Holo-novel. She knew the first Jousting match of the new year started tonight, but she was not going to be able to attend. Things had just been too busy this week and she was sure Govenor Renquest could manage the kick off Ceremonies. She was sitting in the captain's chair on the bridge in her khakis and black sleeveless top with her leg over on arm and leaning catti-whamps to the other arm reading some information on a digital pad when T'Larun broke her concerntration.

"Captain, we are getting a distress signal from the Targ's Head. It apprears there is a disturbance of some kind and they are asking for our assistance immediately." T'Laurn's eyebrow threatened to creep up into her long bangs over the signal. "Yet, even on long range sensors, I can not detect anything unsusal in the area."

Jenssen growned, "Awwwwh come on, not another thing to do this week. It's my I have to go rescue someone on my birthday? Well it is JJ and we did miss him on the way out to the High Council meeting....I'd like to see him before we get back. Ok, divert course let's go see what's wrong."

"Yes Captain, ETA is 15 minutes." T'Laurn reported flatly.

Jenssen punches open the comm to her regular traveling companions to the Targ's head, "Gorp, Grewell, suit up boys, we are heading to the Targ's Head to answer a distress call. Who knows what JJ has burning in the bar. I'll meet you in the transporter room in 15 minutes."

"Yes Captain!" They respond in unison.

Fifteen minutes later, Gorp armed with every mannor of particle weapon and Grewell with a phaser rifle are waiting in the Transporter room. Jenssen has retrieved her Green Vulcan cloak from her quarters and her favorite plasma rifle. She's moving quite stiffly after this week's events and steps up heavily onto the transporter pad without some of her typical light-footed grace, turns and waves the rifle non-chalantly as Tellis takes up his position at the Transporter Console...."Ok beam us down."

The trasporter deposits the three just outside the doors to the bar. It's quiet in the alley and the lights are dim and blinking red. There is no noise in all the bar at all. Grewell, Gorp and Jenssen instantly take up a tactical stance and stalk towards the door to the bar. Grewell tries to peak into the windows to see what is going on. It's completely dark. Jenssen indicates for them to turn on their wrist beacons. They snap on the lights, pointing them downward to cover the light beams cast off my the beacons and Jenssen starts a silent count of --- 1 --- 2 ---3 !

Gorp and Grewell kick open the bar doors, and scramble in...Jenssen is a litle slower then normal but she too, slides into the bar, cloak flowing, wrist beacons searching for targets, phasers and plasma rifles at the ready and suddenly they hear.....








Thanks JJ...and Everyone in STNE


From: Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 09:16
Reposted from JJ's Targ's Head Channel 401
Stardate:201001.29 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen'ech Hose of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=

See JJ's post on the Surprise Birthday party for more details on the event.

Jenssen, Gorp and Grewell pull up their Phasers and switch off their wrist beacons. Jenssen sighs and tossle's JJ's hair in a kind, almost motherly way.

"Gezzz JJ, We could have shot someone here...but I do appreciate the thought...Thanks'." Jenssen listens to JJ's little offer to Grewell and Gorp who just chuckle off the offer to take shots at Mudd's "Cloned Android" Wife, Stella...They decline even if they are clones and androids.

Jenssen's crewmen do not partake in the shooting of live or simulated prey except for traning exercises and real hunting. Gorp and Grewell clap JJ on the back for his offer and then head to the bar to have Floyd draw up some drinks for them all.
Jenssen takes a seat, moving a little more stiffly tonight then normal., at the table for a moment with JJ, Mudd, Oblivion, Boog, Roark, Temak'Clan, and the rest of the regular gang that hang out at the Targ's Head to pass out pieces of cake to everyone...Luckily, JJ thought to make several huge sheet cakes of it for all the patrons he invited.

Jenssen snaps her fingers at the band, "Maestro, if I might have my request...." She starts in, "JJ was actually pretty close on his guess, but my theme song for this evening really is Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life'. If you could play that, it would be most appreciated."

The Maestro nods and the band starts in the strains of "It's my life and it's now or never....I ain't gonna live for ever....I just want to live my life alive....

"Sorry, folks but madam Jenssen will not be dancing tonight...her ribs are too black and blue after this week's events." Jenssen sighs...obviously sore and needing to get some rest.

Jenssen takes a bite of the cake and smiles at JJ,"It's really good JJ...Homemade recipe you said right." She winks at him.

As JJ bids farewell for the evening to retire to bed, Jenssen stands up and politely excuses her self and her crew as well, "It's been great everyone...thanks for the Birthday wishes. I really do appreicate the kind words tonight, but I must be going. The Galaxy is a big place and the Warrior Bard has many duties and requests to complete before the weekend is out. Be safe everyone and a good night."

With a very appreciative grin, Jenssen, Gorp and Grewell finish up their drinks, sling their phaser and plasma rifled up and head towards the door.... Jenssen turns back, smiles and waves a hearty good night to the Galaxy's finest. A transporter beam is heard wisking them away to their next adventure....


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