Klingon Empire - State of Emergency continued....





  Declassified Documents - Red Alert - Klingons(NPC)  Off the Port Bow


From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 08:22
Reposted from SSCN Historical Channel
Stardate:201001.28 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=

At precisely 08:00 hours, Captain Jenssen awoke in her quarters on the IKT Whirlaway to an urgent beeping on her communications consol. She had overslept and T'Laurn had not come looking for her. The Vulcan had been insisting she get more rest after recent events and finally sleep depravation from the last four days had caught up to her. Jenssen got up stiffly, stretching tired and bruised muscles from the last three days. She quickly glanced at her right side under her shirt. Almost all of her ribcage on that side was covered in the black and blue marks from the Dominion shape shifter hitting her at that station and her sisters challenge at the High Council Meeting with those pain sticks. The markings were just beginning to fade into a greenish yellow modeling around the edges. It had only been three days and even with the miracles Dr Nibbert could do, sometimes it just took time. She walked over to the terminal and snapped on the screen. There sat his answer to her urgent communications last night.

The message video played as follows:
Screen opens showing Tho'Pok looking very interested

Ah, Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=, your various offers have intrigued me, so I have come. So, what were you saying about Jousting, Karst's Science, and...........your Dress?

Screen closes

Her comm signal buzzed shortly after she read the message.

"T'Laurn to Captain Jenssen." If a Vulcans' voice could sound urgent, T'Laurn's did right now. "Captain, 37 Klingons(NPC) war vessels have materialized off our port bow. I do believe your guests have arrived."

"Thanks T'Laurn, you should have woke me up earlier." Jenssen chided her friend a little but realized the Vulcan was doing what she felt was best to look after her Captain at times. "Please tell them I'll be happy to meet them in 30 minutes at the transporter room on Diamond station. I've got to get the agenda set and I'll be beam down myself in 20 minutes. Tell Gorp and Grewell to meet me in the Transporter Room in Diamond station at 09:30 to greet our guests. You have command here until I return."

"Yes Captain, understood." T'Laurn replied with all seriousness. "And I do apologize for not get you up sooner, but Dr Nibbert has been threatening again to use sedatives on you and I quote 'To haul your ass into to sick bay' if you do not contact him later today so he can check your injuries again. I have reported to him that you were sleeping and he has said he would give you a 'pass' for today. I do share your view of certain unnecessary levels of medical administrations."

"Thanks T'Laurn, for running cover for me." Jenssen snapped off the comm link and hurried to get all the balls in motion for this visit. She mumbled to herself as she sent communications off that she had prepared the night before with the timing for this potential visit in hopes it would happen. Now it was a simple matter of executing the plan.

"Damn, I'm thinking a dress probably won't be too flattering showing too much with this." She mumbled, "But then again...."

A Cheshire cat smile crossed her face as she made plans to receive her most honored guest knowing full well he had more then one reputation in this galaxy and likewise she also had her own reputation and Honor to uphold. Some battles were fought on the battlefield with photons and phasers, some were fought in a diplomatic chambers with ink and pen, and some she smiled, were fought over the dinner table with a few choice words and a nice form flattering, dress.

It was exactly 09:25 hours when Captain Burgundy Jenssen entered the transporter room at Diamond Station on Palladio to welcome her visitor. Grewell, Gorp and several of her top Klingon crewmembers from the IKW Kodiak were on hand. She walked into the room wearing a dark burgundy red dress, which was sleeveless showing off the defined edges of the muscles of someone who had maintained herself in a fighting form through weapons training and light martial arts. The dress had a slightly scooped out low cut back and a modest long cut of material that was loose and straight enough to cover the deep scars running from the thigh on her well muscled left leg to just past her knee. The light absorbed and reflected like blood-red sun beams on the rich garnet marquee cut necklace that surrounded her neck like a Cleopatra collar web of silver and almost black-red gemstones. Her golden mane of hair was braided in a reverse French braid, where the ends of each thick braided twist had a tiny tuft sticking out of each tight braid like legs of a centipede sticking out of a thick golden horses tail. The end of the braid sat just mid-back and Gorp and Grewell had to take a double take at their Captain as her burgundy red high heels clicked on the deck plates as she entered the room, making her thick ankle bracelet of sliver and red garnets twist with each step . She did not have on her blooddagger or her ablative body armor.

"Captain, I advise you to at least carry a phaser today." Grewell peered protectively at his Captain. "This is a very formidable Klingons(NPC) Warrior you are meeting with. Do not underestimate him. That attire is not wise."

Jenssen chuckled a little at her tactical officer. "I think you have been hanging around T'Laurn a little too much Grewell. If she were here, I think she would have said something similar."

"This is not safe." Gorp joined in standing a little closer to his Captain.

"Perhaps not, but I did say I would wear a dress and you both know I do not go back on my word. It is the honorable thing to do." She smiled warmly at her two rather alarmed protectors.

"It might be honorable, but it is definitely not safe." Grewell grumbled.

"Tho'Pok states he ready to come down Captain." Marty piped up from behind the transporter controls. "And he states clearly he is bringing five armed guards with him."

"The more the merrier I guess...." Jenssen nodded at Marty and he engaged the transporter beam.

Six huge Klingons materialized on the transport padd, all had weapons drawn and tactically pointed around the room.

"Q'apla batlh je' great and noble Tho'Pok, great Klingons(NPC) Warrior." Jenssen barked in Klingon with a fisted salute, then smiled and effortlessly continued in Standard Federation English. "Welcome to Diamond Station." She stepped forward briskly, without hesitation or fear.

"I could kill you now." Tho'Pok growled from the middle of the six Klingons standing on the pad as he stepped down and glared at her, towering over her smaller human frame.

Grewell and Gorp stiffened their grips on their phasers and disruptors and Jenssen absently waved at them to stay were they were.

"You could, but then you would miss out on a really glorious day visiting my Colonies honorable Tho'Pok." Jenssen continued to smile without a flinch has he grabbed her golden braid of hair and looked at it curiously, letting it fall through his gloved fingers, then cuffed her heartily on the shoulder, rocking her a little on her feet as he laughed.

"I like you Human...I am intrigued by your offers...I will wait to kill you until I have seen what I have come to see." Tho'Pok grunted and his officers took that response as a command to lower their weapons and put them away.

"Then let's not waste any time." Jenssen smiled. "I think a short tour of Diamond Station is in order before we take a short ride on my new ship IKW Kodiak over one asteroid to Ironsides. Our Jousting matches do not begin until Friday officially, but we have arranged a demonstration for you there. While we are there, my staff will see to it that your fleet is refueled here. Well return here with the crew of the Kodiak for a formal dinner. Then we can discuss other matters of importance to the galaxy." She quickly ticked off all her plans to him so he would know what to expect or could object to any plans she had set.

"And we can then discuss this log buoy of Dr Karst's you have, perhaps in private." Tho'Pok grinned.

"Perhaps." She shrugged. "I have to know what you plan to do with this information before I give it to you and it will come with a price. I am, after all, an honorable trader."

"Perhaps that price would be that I spare your life." Tho'Pok growled at her again.

Jenssen laughed. "My life is only of value to myself and my colonists...it is not that valuable in the grand scheme of things in this galaxy, Tho'Pok. We are all only here for a short time compared to the stars in the galaxy. I'd suggest we try to make the most of the time we have. You'll have to do better then that." She shrugged, unruffled at his threats as she led the way out of the transporter room down the corridor towards the main station.

The sight of all the data screens compiling information from all over the various sectors around her colonies filled the senses as they entered the room. Sounds of crewman chatter, languages, codes and images of various ships, goods, colonies plans and research covered every inch of space in the main control center of the base. The mission control center at the Tal Shiar headquarters would have been hard pressed to match this extensive technology. Data streams and intelligence were being decoded, analyzed and sent on to the most appropriate members of her crew trusted to answer and relay the data to the necessary recipients.

"Impressive." Tho'Pok mumbled appreciatively at the control center.

Tho'Pok eyes were hungry for all the data flowing over the screens. Jenssen quickly passed through the main area, retrieving a few data chips from her staff as she went, then the small group once again retired to the transporter room at the station and all beamed up to her newly completed Aither IKW Kodiak to head towards Ironsides and the jousting demonstration. Gorp and Grewell preceded her onto the bridge.

"Captain on the Bridge!" Grewell barked in Klingon.

As the small group entered the bridge, the almost completely Klingon crew and officers staffing her battle bridge all stood quickly and saluted her with "Q'apla Honorable Captain Jenssen!" and many raised eyebrows at her non-typical attire. 

Jenssen saluted them back and barked "Stations!" in perfect Klingon as she stepped smoothly to the Captain's chair and sat down in it without ceremony even in her flowing burgundy red dress. It was apparent to all that she was in total command of the bridge. Her officers scrambled back to their duties without question. She indicated to the first officer's chair for the Great Warrior to take. Tho'Pok's five guards took up positions on the upper deck behind the Captain's Chairs.

"Clear all moorings, set a course to Ironsides, set engines to one quarter impulse speed until we break orbit then proceed at full impulse. Engage engines on my mark." Jenssen commanded with a natural easy that came from years of experience.

"Glad you could join me for her maiden voyage." Jenssen smiled over at her guest.

"Perhaps we can make that more then one maiden voyage today." Tho'Pok grinned a toothy and lustful grin back at her.

"Oh, I do see two voyages in our very near future today...." She grinned back at him leaning back in her Captains chair as she knew full well what he was getting at. "After all, we do need to get you back here to Palladio so you can rejoin your own ship eventually."

"Helmsman, engage!" Jenssen barked, turning back to business. Her crewmen and women jumped into action to send the ship on its first voyage into space, even if it was merely a shakedown jump to the next asteroid over.

Tho'Pok scowled and spit at her coy answer. Grewell snorted from his station at tactical. Grewell knew this was a dangerous game his Captain was playing and saw she knew it also, all too well.

The IKW Kodiak launched itself forward like a bear awakening from its hibernation, hungry and thirsty for action. Its engines thrumming a beat of a war drum under the deck plates and the deflector hummed as it contacted the wrap bubble of subspace around the vessel, protecting its hull from the tiny dust particles between the asteroids in this regain of space. The ship skipped across the span to the next asteroid over in the large belt, in a mere span of fifteen minutes. They quickly slid into a low orbit over Ironsides.

To be continued..





 Declassified Documents - Honoring a Klingon(NPC) Date


From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 08:32

Reposted from SSCN Historical Channel
Stardate:201001.28 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=

It was just after midday when the small group of Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire= , Gorp, Grewell, The Great Klingons (NPC) Warrior, Tho'Pok and his five well armed guards beamed down to Ironsides. They rematerialized in the middle of the large arena used for the Jousting tournaments. The dusty arena was silent now without its crowds filling the stands and the lighting was turned down low to conserve power. The walls still whispered of a time when the arena was full and the noise of the crowd would fill the air with the glory of a test of wills and nerve.

"Kelran are you here?" Jenssen's fluid bard's voice rang out clearly and echoed along dim recesses of the great stadium.

"Yes, Madam Jenssen!" The blue Andorians thick accent came through as he spoke in good Federation English back to her. His tall frame complete with two tall antenna jutting out of his white hair was out lined in a dark green jousting suit. The lights flicked on in the main Arena as the small group started to follow Jenssen to the back of the war beast pens at the end of the arena.

Jenssen had briefed her guests on the important parts of the Joust on their short flight over. The idea was to hit lance to shield to score points, but as everyone knew, actual hits did happen. It was not so easy to hold a 3.5 meter long lance steady while riding a charging war beast and hope to hit only the shield of their opponent. Three hits to the shield or unseating the opponent was the way to win the match. Her Klingon guests had murmured appreciatively at the true warrior spirit of this contest and were all quite eager to see it demonstrated.

As the group approached the war beast pens at the far edge of the stadium, two andorian children ran out to greet Jenssen. The little girl in a flowing pink mother of pearl jumper was all of 4 years old and the strapping young lad in a green tunic and tan trousers was about 8 years old. Jenssen knelt down in the dusty arena in her red dress to hug them both as they ran to her.

"Lady Burgundy!" The little girl beamed as she hugged Jenssen tightly.

"Oh dear, not so tightly...." Jenssen gasped as the little ones arms tightened around her waist, "Shillia, you are looking lovely today....love your braids...." Jenssen smiled at the little sprightly girl's long white braids that framed her brilliant blue, smiling face and little antennae.

"Your dress is so pretty, it makes your hair look like sunshine," The little one countered and smiled tentatively taking hold of Jenssen's own braided golden hair.

"Lady Jenssen." The young lad extended a right hand for a human style handshake to her, with a very serious and adult attitude look on his face.

"Jsoarn, you have grown..." Jenssen smiled back shaking the lad's hand, just as seriously.

Jsoarn eyes grew wide as he saw the black and blue marks on Jenssen's right side, under her arm.

"Madam Burgundy!" Jsoarn exclaimed, then whispered to her thinking better of his outburst, "You are turning dark blue."

"And you are very observant. I am fine Jsoarn, do not concern yourself." Jenssen countered, deflecting the child's concern and questions by tussling his white hair with her right hand while, setting down his sister so she could standing back up greet his father as he approached the small group. "Kelran, your boy here is going to make an excellent doctor or scientist some day." Jenssen smiled as she shook Kelran's hand.

"If he keeps his head to his studies." Kelran looked at his children and shooed them off to the beast's pens. "Go feed Kave his lunch Jsoarn, saddle up Rover and keep an eye on your sister. Don't let her go snuggle up to Moreth again, she's bothered that dragon enough today."

"Yes father!" The boy and his sister ran off to do as they were told.

Jenssen cocked her head as if listening to something only she could hear, "Moreth is amused Kelran. She'll keep an eye on Shillia while we are here and keep her entertained. She enjoys 'talking' with the children." Jenssen smiled then turned to the group she had behind waiting for her.

"Kelran, our honored guest is the great Klingons(NPC) Warrior Tho'Pok. Kelran decided to stay on last New Year's Eve after loosing the finals match with Grewell. As a consolation prize, I made him Govenor of our rock world New Angkor.  The two of them will be giving you the demonstration on the jousting today." Jenssen introduced her guests to her Governor as a courtesy to both of them.

Grewell snorted and followed the young boy to the war beast pens.

"I'll saddle up Buzzsaw so we can get this demonstration over with and get back to real business of the galaxy." Grewell grumbled.

"Yes, I am sure your time is limited Madam Jenssen...we will be ready shortly." Kelran turned to follow Grewell.

Jenssen nodded as they both departed. She knew the two of them do not need her assistance to get ready for the demonstration.

"It will only take a moment for them to be ready. If you will follow me." Jenssen turned and started walking to the officals booth so that the small group would be able to see all of the action.

The great warrior Tho'Pok grabbed Gorp's wrist as the group started to follow her to the stand, pulling the Naussicaan back to wait a moment so he could ask him something privately.

"Does she treat all her subjects this way? She has a reputation in the galaxy for being a strong and formadible foe." Tho'Pok indicated to the children, glaring at Gorp, trying to know what type of person he was really dealing with here. This was not the reputation of Jenssen he had come to hear on subspace channels.

"Actually, yes, she deals with all her subjects as they would like to be treated great warrior. Adapting her ways to fit what they want or need her to be so that she can earn their trust by her service to them. That is what a leader does, not bending them to her will." Gorp growled at him. "Do not think because she shows compassion that she is weak. It is one of her many strengths as a leader."

"And you would follow her to your death because of this?" The great warrior challenged Gorp's loyalty to his Captain again.

"I have pledged my life to her a dozen times over for what she has done for me and my family and yes, I would and I have stood at the brink of death and come back with her and I will gladly do so again." Gorp growled back standing face to face this great warrior, breathing hot breath of a warning tone into his face. Gorp's defiant Naussicaan stance told Tho'Pok that he would not permit his Captains honor to be questioned again without a challenge.

"I should kill you for your tone with me." Tho'Pok growled back then smiled as he appreciated that the Naussicaan was displaying the honor of a Klingon now in defense of his Captain. "Perhaps later...I am interested in this Joust." Tho'Pok dismissed the conversation by turning to follow the group to the officials stand.

Tho'Pok stood puzzled in the booth watching the Jousting demonstration that Grewell and Kelran were performing slowly in the arena, as Jenssen carefully and accurately explained the movements and actions of Kelran and Grewell to the group. Her eyes blazed with the thrill of the challenge and he saw her warrior spirit once again a total contradiction to her earlier tenderness with the Andorian children. His guards were having a grand time as Jsoarn brought a small cooler of Bloodwine to Jenssen for the party to drink as they watched the full speed Jousting runs by Kelran and Grewell. Jenssen was joining in with a raucous amount of merry making herself with them.

The story of what she had done in the Emergency Council at the THE KLINGON EMPIRE chambers had already reached Tho'Pok's ears through his informants. He could not believe this lady, who would waste a moment to play with children, could be the same one that stared down Caesar and could have killed him had she chosen too. He almost could not believe this small and shapely woman was the same one he had heard rumors about. He was even more intrigeudged by her unpredictable actions and the loyalty she seemed to have from all those that choose to be around her.

"If you dare." Grewell stopped in front of the officials booth seated securely on Buzzsaw and indicated to the great warrior with his shield and lance. "Jenssen has successfully scored three hits on Kelran in the past." Grewell taunted the great warrior Tho'Pok.

"I will unseat you in one!" Tho'Pok roared jumped to his feet, accepting the shield and lance and the offered mount of the great orange bear-like animal, Buzzsaw. Grewell took the reins of Rover, the green muskoxen looking Naussicaan runner beast and the lance and shield from Kelran.

"One pass." Grewell grinned a truly Klingon grin at the opportunity to unseat this great warrior.

The two charged the rail on their mounts and Tho'Pok struggled to aim the lance at Grewell's shield, as he had never practiced with this style of weapon before. It was dawning on him now just what kind of skill it took to maneuver the war beast with his legs, hold the shield and lower the lance at the same time. He managed a good solid hit on Grewell's shield for the first pass and the lance splintered into a shower of pieces in the middle of the ring. His guards howled in appreciation of their Captain's prowess with a weapon he had never handled before.

"A fine training tool and a fine warriors test, Jenssen!" Tho'Pok barked at her as he jumped off Buzzsaw and grasped her shoulders and shook her a little. "What Klingon world did you say this challenge comes from again?" He asked, convinced now that this warriors game could only have been invented by a true Klingon, having felt his blood rushing at the thrill of the charge and the face to face combat with his opponent even if that opponent was his Klingon brother Grewell.

"It is actually from my own home world, noble Tho'Pok. It's a Knights test of bravery and nerves, from ancient Earth." Jenssen shrugged and headed to the middle of the arena where they had all beamed in. Grewell motioned to Jsoarn to take Rover back to his pen and the boy ran to do as instructed.

"Kelran, thank you for setting this up but we must return to Palladio now." Jenssen nodded to her Governer. His expression grew serious and his beaming blue smiled faded as he nodded back to her.

"You have graced us again with your presence. May Lady Fortune walk with you my lady Jenssen, for I fear we will all need her presence soon." Kelran bowed to her slightly as she and the small group took up a stance for a transport back to the IKW Kodiak .

"I hope she does Kelran," Jenssen smiled warmly back trying to belay his concern as she tapped the Andorian Ice crystal comm badge on her dress and barked out in Klingon, "Nine to beam up."


The group dematerialized and the great arena was once again quiet as if the enitre world was holding it's breath.


A short time later....


The trip back from Ironsides was quick and uneventful with Tho'Pok standing up at the terminal screens by Grewell, down loading onto memory chips as much information as he could on the ancient Earth sport of Jousting and the King Tournaments. Grewell and he were roaring with laugher over stories of the Joust and other warrior battles and test they had both been participants in over the years. The group returned to the transporter room to beam down to the cargo area on Palladio to look at the buoy Jenssen had recovered from Karst's ship. Tho'Pok stopped her as they were to walk up onto the transport platform, placing a possessive hand in a firm grip on her arm.

"I like your crew and your style Jenssen." Tho'Pok beamed at her. "I can think of other ways to pay you back for your information and your time."

"I'm listening." Jenssen stood frozen and staring at his firm grasp on her arm now, her expression stern and serious, clearing indicating with her steely gaze that she did not like and uninvited grasp like this on her arm.

"You seem to have a little problem lurking around here looking to plunder your resources do you not?" He asked bluntly.

"That remains to be seen, Noble Klingons(NPC) Warrior, but there is a very real risk of that in this area. My defenses are modest at best. I know even now they will fail to raiders that come with overpowering odds. All my resources as well as the information in this buoy we are about to look at will fall into hands that will likely use it to destroy the galaxy."  Jenssen's tone was deadly serious now. All fun and games and time for laughter had been left in the middle of the arena on Ironsides.

Tho'Pok released her arm, with a grin at her distain for his advances. "Perhaps I can look for your problem and take care of it for you."

"Perhaps, it is something I might find of value to negotiate further terms with you." Jenssen replied as she continued up onto the transporter platform. The red dress flowing behind her like an ominous trail of blood that would be seen in the wake of the destruction of her colonies. He followed her up to the platform to beam to the cargo hold on Palladio to look at this buoy from Dr Karst's ships and its information.

The nine member group beamed down to a packed and stacked cargo area on Palladio. Crates and storage containers off all kinds were piled along one side of the huge underground chambers. It was clear this area was a well-protected storage area and it was barely filled with even the most minimal of supplies compared to what it could hold in the future.

A small pens of various animals were held here as well. One group of animal looked like a sandy reddish version of an African Wildebeast with bright white tufts of hair as a mane and beard. The Klingon's eyed the animals as they passed them to follow Jenssen to the log buoy.

"Sarabrande Wilderbeasts, they are quite tasty but also protected by strict control of the herds on our water world. I believe in the proper conservation and propagation of all our natural resources. I do believe we should fully use the natural resources that are provided to us by the grace of the Universe and enjoy all its wild diversity, but to use it wisely." Jenssen replied absently as they passed the pen.

The Buoy was sitting in a lock area surrounded by a force field and two sets of photon charges. Jenssen quickly keyed in the pass codes and waved the group to join her to study the buoy and verify its authenticity. She energized the screen and played back a series of files from its memory core. Tho'Pok's eyes grew wide at the depth of information on the screens and the secret to the weapon he was trying to assemble himself.

"It took my engineers several nights to get this file to run again." Jenssen replied quietly. "I would want to know that this weapon would be used only to rid the galaxy of the most serious threats that we all face. Promise me that on your honor that you will not take advantage of my generosity nor sully my own honor by using this information unjustly, considering the effort it took to get this to you. Give me your word on that and perhaps we can make a good trade. I do expect that you will do what is needed to prevent this information and information about my location from falling into enemy hands while you are here. Give me that assurance as well and we can make a deal."

As Jenssen was setting up terms for her negotiations with her guest, a sudden loud commotion was heard back by the animal pens. The group raised their weapon and retreated out of the secured area the buoy was sitting in. Jenssen quickly keyed in the force field and photon charges again should this disturbance be someone trying to take the information by force. Gorp and Grewell were leading the group as they exited the secure area, disruptors raised. They got to the end of the row of cargo containers to see Jenssen's Klingon Chef gifted to her service by the great Kor was trying to grab one of the Wildebeasts for their dinner. The beast was crashing wilding about the pen trying to escape.

"Vor'Gak what are you doing!" Jenssen yelled in straight Klingon dialect when she saw the scene in the pen. The small and portly Klingon, apparently well fed with ample time to spoil himself with the bounty she provided him for his services, now was fretting in the dust as if he had been caught pulling the family cat's tail.

"Ah, your dinner, for you and your esteemed guests. I need to get that on the flames now if it is to be done by nightfall. You did not give me much warning." Vor'Gak shrugged making the traditional excuses for his laziness. It was early afternoon now and he had little time left to properly prepare a meal. She had given him short but adequate time had he gotten directly to it and they both knew it. Even so he was now rushing to finish and causing the animal to bolt.

"You had adequate notification! Perhaps if you spent more time in the galley and less in the bloodwine cellar you would be more prepared." She barked back at him in perfect Klingon clipped cadence, setting her jaw and advancing on him with eyes blazing. In true Klingon insult style she chided him soundly for his impudence and they both smiled a toothy grin at each other over what they knew was just a ritualistic exchange typical of dealing with Klingons. "You know I don't like the animals chased and teased before they become dinner. Hand me that!"

Jenssen curtly snatched the small sword, which looked a bit like a small samurai sword he was carrying, belting him across the face with the handle, as he had only expected. She grabbed his phaser and tucked both weapons close to her side with her right hand. She popped open the gate to the pen where the wildebeast was now cowering in a corner. Jenssen calmly and steadily walked up to it, no anger left in her posture to hint that she had just unleashed a tie-raid on her Chef. Jenssen was now holding her left hand up to reach for its head and horns, chanting softly in an ancient Cherokee Indian language

"Shhhhh, Ah yea gah lee a doe ee, ay kwa dee gah nay lee..."

Grewell leaned over to the great warrior Tho'Pok to translate for him this dialect that wasnt standard in the universal translator. Grewell murmured in a low voice, "She is saying to it, 'quiet, be still great brother...your fight is over, now come, your spirit will be free to be born again...your sacrifice will be honored.' She is honoring the animal. She has done his before. I have studied these ancient Cherokee's from her planet out of curiosity over her ability to talk with the animals she encounters this way. I do not think the animals understand the words, but they are calmed by her voice somehow. There was a Klingon Warrior's heart in these ancient Cherokee humans from which she takes this language."

Grewell stood transfixed watching his Captain fearlessly approach a truly wild beast that stood a good half-meter taller then she was. It was cornered and could be very dangerous if it bolted at her. Tho'Pok could not take his eyes of her form at this point either. Tho'Pok had seen her warrior bravery in dealing with not only an insolent Klingon in a manner even he approved of but to turn and face a wild animal on her own with no armor was making his blood rush wildly and sing her name.

As Grewell translated, Jenssen had drawn up close to the beast and placed her hand on its head, rubbing the wild beast gently as she talked to it in a calm and quiet voice...her right hand moved slowly and purposefully with the phaser set on stun between her fingers and the blade positioned sharp side up, held firmly in the hollow of her hand. As the beast almost closed is eyes, she fired the trigger on the phaser point blank at its chest and as the creature' legs buckled as it immediately lost consciousness. Jenssen brought the blade of the short sword up, quickly placing her left hand on the blade to help her complete the movement and catching the beast under the throat, nearly taking its head off with the single powerful stroke. The beast was dead before it hit the ground. She side stepped the animal's fall and the splash of its blood hitting the dusted floor of the pen before leaning down to stroke it shoulder and honor its life.

She calmly walked out of the pen and handed the blade and the phaser to her chef.

"Honor it with a fine dish for my table. I expect it ready at 20:00 hours." Jenssen barked sharply in Klingon at her Chef and he bowed his head to her, expecting no more or no less of an answer from her.

"Shall we go then and look at the rest of this log data from the buoy before the meal is served?" Jenssen indicated up the steps to the main area of the station to look over the rest of the data files form the buoy.

Gorp quickly followed her, looking back at Tho'Pok and shaking his head once more at him over actions he had come to expect from his Captain. Tho'Pok's five Klingon guards stared at her in awe, then following her quickly up the steps to the main control room, almost shoving each other down the steps to walk next to her. It was not something they would have expected from a human. Grewell almost chuckled as Tho'Pok mumbled in awe on their way up the stairs..."if she is that talented with a blade, I wonder what talents she might have in the bed chambers."

Grewell roared a guttural Klingon laugh and countered, "I wouldn't know, and I doubt you will ever get the chance to find out.

"We shall see. I do enjoy a challenge." Tho'Pok growled back in a low and muffled response.

To be continued with "Dinner Diplomacy" 







 Declassified Documents - "Dinner Diplomacy

From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 08:42

Reposted from SSCN Historical Channel
Stardate:201001.28 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=


The galley of Palladio was too small to hold a large complement of Klingons(NPC) Warriors from many of Tho'Pok's ships as well as her own growing crew of the IKW Kodiak. A small underground tunnel system was converted to a make shift galley with several rows of tables placed to seat the crewmen from all the various ships coming and going, eating, drinking and making the atmosphere of the underground cavern a rather festive mood considering the potential dire business their leaders were about to conduct regarding the future of the galaxy. A small area had been sectioned off to make a rather private dining quarters behind a thick sheet of transparent aluminum. Jenssen smiled as she realized her staff had made the hastily assembled small area into a satisfactory private dining quarters. A few large wall hangings of ancient traveling vessels and landscapes covered the walls to make them less transparent to the galley outside, while still affording a view of the comings and goings just outside the makeshift walls. An old sextant and a wooden ships compass sat on a small bench that held a computer terminal in the room. Undoubtedly the furnishings were donations from members of her crew and colonists to make the small makeshift area a little more of a diplomatic stature. Her crew and colonists knew how important having the Great Klingons(NPC) Warrior Tho'Pok visit was to their own safety and ultimately to the safety of the whole galaxy. They were doing all they could to make sure their Captain's negotiations with him would be successful. Jenssen hoped she could live up to all their expectations. She noticed a panoramic hologram of the Himalayan Mountain ranges on Earth, and right in the middle was Mt Everest, shining white in a single shafted beam of sunlight, against a turbulent, dark and cloudy background. The holophoto was hung in a choice position above the door.

"T'Laurn's idea." Gorp replied seeing his Captain look up at the hologram. "She said it was so you didn't loose your bearings."

Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire= smiled a little and nodded.  It was a private joke she had shared with T'Laurn a very long time ago when the two of them had taken a leave of absence and ended up in a snow bound cabin in the middle of Aspen Colorado.  Jenssen had compaired herself to that mountain on Earth in a rather serious discussion after events at Helix 46.  Now it seemed almost fitting that T'Laurn would see fit to place it there considering the circumstances. Grewell started down at his Captain, with a look on his face of a warrior ready to throw himself upon his own sword, as she took up a seat at the private table opposite the door to wait on Tho'Pokto join her.

"Captain, I must insist you keep a phaser with you. You know Tho'Pok's reputation. He indicated that he has his eyes set on you tonight, right after you dispatched dinner. Your crew will defend your honor to our last breath, but I cannot do that if I'm not here. I insist a guard be posted if you will not wear your body armor." Grewell growled, his Klingon temper getting the better of him now.

"Concern noted Grewell, but really where would I keep a phaser? Unlike my preferred survival khaki's, this dress doesn't exactly come with pockets. Besides, if I need you, I'm sure you'll know. I've lived among Klingons long enough to know what to expect. Klingon foreplay isn't exactly known to be subtle." She laughed to help settle Grewell's nerves as much as her own. Even over a dinner targeted for business negotiations, being alone with Tho'Pok could be risky. It was a risk she was steeling herself to take, if it would help the galaxy be rid of this weapon and be rid of this evil that lurked, waiting to spring on every successful colony in the galaxy. Jenssen shivered a little as memories of being alone in a Suliban Prison on Helix 46 suddenly came back to her, but this was her world and she had friends in high places still.

"Captain?" Gorp looked down a little questioningly at her and she just squared her shoulders and winked at him. "Out, both of you."

As they exited, Jenssen got up and paced the floor a little bit. She hit her comm badge and whispered to T'Laurn. "T'Laurn, I'm keeping this channel open. Monitor it."

"Captain, I can not beam you out nor can I beam anything into that area where you are underground. I would suggest you take necessary precautions." T'Laurn's tone of concern was even noticeable to Jenssen now.

"I know... just find me an Ace in case I need it." Jenssen smiled knowing T'Laurn was listening and was more then capable of thinking on her feet as well..

"Yes, Captain."

Jenssen flipped over the small silver data chip she had brought along for her end of the bargain. It contained all the information on the weapon Dr Karst had collected. She sat it back down on the table as she heard what was no doubt Tho'Pok and his guards approaching the outside area of the galley. Tellis was escorting them, though his Alpha Centurian frame was almost as tall as Tho'Pok's impressive stature, he was not in the same league as the Klingon warriors in shear size or muscle. He wisely had two of the IKW Kodiak's Klingon Security officers with him when he arrived to the dining area with the guests in tow. Tho'Pok had taken a little time to retire to private quarters to review messages from his own territories, which Jenssen knew were extensive. They had agreed to meet back up at the galley at 20:00 hours. Both leaders had many things within their own empire to catch up on after a rather busy afternoon. Now it was time to get down to the serious matter at hand, negotiating for the information in Dr. Karst's Log Buoy.

"Tho'Pok, please, come join me. We have much to discuss." Jenssen invited him warmly into the dining area as Vor'ak was bringing two large mugs of Bloodwine and a large flask of it for the table. He neatly set down a large bowl of fresh gagh and a pile of crab wontons as an appetizer.

"Ah, you have excellent, well almost excellent, taste in Klingon selections. The wine could be a little older."  Tho'Pok spied the gagh and the Bloodwine and grabbed the mug from Vor'Gak before he could put it down. Tho'Pok took a large gulp of the thick red liquid before taking a huge handful of the gagh to stuff in his mouth before even sitting down.

"Well, they say if you can't stand a fork in the blood wine, it is not ready to drink. I'd say this one looks old enough to me." Jenssen shrugged and smiled back as they both took seats at the small table. "Everything is ok on your Colonies I trust?"

"That is no concern of yours." Tho'Pok eyed her suspiciously, with a warning of danger in his gaze at her for this line of questioning.

"Of course. Forgive me for my human failings honorable warrior, but on my Worlds, it is more of a custom to get to know someone before conducting a little more serious matters of diplomacy." Jenssen inclined her head slightly in an honorable bow of respect for him, never taking her eyes off the warrior now seated across from her.

"You've lived around Klingons long enough to know we get right to the heart of the matter. What have you got?" He indicated, staring at the silver data chip Jenssen had rested her hand over.

"The information you need to assemble your weapon. It's the only other copy of it other then what is in that buoy. I don't trust it in anyones hands but my own. It's yours, as long as you agree to use this weapon only to defend this galaxy from the onslaught of those who wish to undermine everything decent in it. It also comes with the price that as long as I have this information here and that log buoy, I need your protection so that it doesn't fall into evil hands."

"How you going to make sure of that once I leave here with this little data chip?" Tho'Pok laughed and challenged her.

"I'd ask you to swear to me a blood oath on your honor as a Klingon." She smiled back, knowing that was an oath he would not break

"What if I want more then what you have offered so far to promise that?" Tho'Pok grinned at her a toothy grin.

"This is all I'm offering. I've honored my promises to you. A Jousting demonstration, a tour of a few of my colonies, refueling of your ships, a rest bit for your crews, and a dinner with me in a dress. I've selected attire that would allow you to appreciate your time with me as someone would who would gaze upon a piece of artwork in a private gallery. It's not something I would allow many visitors to my worlds such a luxury." Jenssen replied trying to diffuse his clearly apparent interest in her with an air authority as a Colony Leader, the Empire Leader she really was, not just a simple piece of arm candy, showing him a good time.

Tho'Pok laughed, "Yes, you are art for the eyes, but tell me this Jenssen, is all artwork on your home world as deadly as you? I did not think humans relished the art of killing. Yet you did so this afternoon with the skill of a master craftsman. Have you spent enough time among Klingons to hear your blood sing at the height of the hunt, the moment before the kill? Does it make your heart beast faster and your passion flare yet?"

"No, Tho'Pok. I do not relish killing anymore then a lioness enjoys killing her prey to feed her cubs. I do it only for survival, whether it is a plant or an animal merely to quench my hunger or in self defense against a bitter enemy set on the destruction of my worlds." She replied back at him, a warning gaze cast now at him for this line of questioning.

"On my planets, we Klingon's honor in our kills as well Jenssen, but we also take what we want, especially when we hunger for it. We conquer that which is weak, do you see that as evil then? Do you fear that? Do you fear those that stalk this galaxy, raiding and plundering all? Do you fear me?" He growled, leaning across the table ominously.

"I fear you and those who would destroy this galaxy no more then I do a thunderstorms on the great plains of Earth Tho'Pok. I can see it on the horizon. I heed the warning signs it gives off. I know I can not run from it for if I do, I take my eye off the winds and the objects that lay in its path that threaten to become projectiles. So I face it. Not because I wish too, but because I must. If that makes me brave or foolish, that is yet to be seen, but I do know that this is the only way I see it coming with both eyes open. I do not see it as evil just because I cannot stand up to the winds such a storm generates by myself. I know when I am outmatched enough to seek assistance." Jenssen eyed him warily now as she saw his expression change to someone obviously planning something. "But be careful Tho'Pok, for as strong as the winds are and as much as you wish to harness it for your own uses, you can not possess the wind. It will slip through your fingers, no matter how hard you chase it or grab for it. Like a piece of art owned by another, it is best to leave some things as you find them."

Tho'Pok grinned a huge toothy grin, "I see the art of diplomacy is not lost on you Jenssen. You are as skilled with your tongue and your words as a Vulcan. I still think you would have as formidable skills in the bedchambers if what I have seen of your other skills is any indication of that. But, since I can not possess the wind, I'll settle for more tangible pieces of material to hurl at those who try to own all the galaxy..."

With that, he lunged across the table at her, grabbing for the silver data chip. The blood wine and gagh flew from the table. Jenssen grabbed the data chip and tucked it into the only place she could, down the front of her dress to keep it out of his hands and keep her own hands free. She slid off her chair just as he slid across the table and before she could completely duck out of the way, he grabbed her long braid of hair. Jenssen's movements were slower then she wished. The Council Meeting challenge by her Klingon sisters had not helped matters and she yelped a cruse, a little surprised he had actually caught her. Her ribs were still burning from the sudden movement and she couldn't quite slip out of his grasp this time.

"Give me that!" Tho'Pok yelled, holding on to her hair.


Jenssen grabbed his wrists with both her hands and used his own momentum sliding across the table to yank his huge frame down behind her onto the floor. As they both scrambled to find footing, Jenssen looked up to see Gorp, Grewell and Tellis along with at least fifteen of her crewmen in hand to hand combat with Tho'Pok's guards in the galley outside of the small dining area. They all had tried to rush into the small private room after their two leaders. She was glad she had forbid any energy weapons in the underground cavern just about now. Tho'Pok took Jenssen's momentary hesitation to launch himself at her like a nose guard in an old American Football match. He grabbed her around the waist and lift her up like a log, reaching down the front of her dress to retrieve the data chip. He might have been better off grabbing a wildcat then Jenssen, as she was clawing and biting the whole time.


Jenssen yelled at him "Hu'tegh SoH! Tlhap llj QI'yah ghopDu' llthu' jlH!"*

Her yells were followed quickly by a quiet pause as she stopped pounding him in the kidney with her fist and looked up as a blur of motion caught her attention. She quickly blurted out, in a almost laughing tone, "Bears?! Solstice?!"

Tho'Pok looked up quickly, with an expression on his face like a child caught with his hands in the cookie jar. He quickly stopped searching for the data chip down the front of Jenssen's dress. He gruffly deposited Jenssen on her feet at the sight of the four disruptors Bears and Solstice had aimed at him.

"Jenssen?" Rebas Ten Bears MACO and Lt. Dark | Solstice Of The Terran Empire stormed into the private dining area. They had slipping past the brawling Klingons and odd mixture of Jenssen's various other crewmen, officers and colonists in the galley with the only four disruptors in the underground cavern.

"T'Laurn said we would find you here. Are you in need of any assistance, brave and beautiful Warrior Bard?" Bears replied calmly, eyeing the Great Warrior with a little bit of a jealous and possessive stare. Solstices' eyes were as wide as saucers at the whole scene in front of him and his hands were shaking a little bit as he realized he was actually holding two disruptors aimed at the great Klingons(NPC) Warrior, Tho'Pok.

Tho'Pok growled at them both a low and gutteral sound and almost lunged, before Jenssen could put a hand up on his chest to stop him. "A slight misunderstanding, that's all." She dismissed the whole thing, smoothing her dress out with a practiced hand and taking out the rest of her already wrecked braid of hair out with a toss of her head. He golden mane fell about her shoulders and tumbled down her back, once again, a soft and gentle reminder that she was Human like Bears and Solstice, not Klingon.

"Bears, Solstice, this is Tho'Pok, the greatest Klingon(NPC) Warrior alive today. Tho'Pok, my dear friends from the Terran Empire and Terran Empire Macos, Ten Bears the Wise and Dark Solstice the Clever." She nodded as quick introductions were finished. 

Jenssen knew Klingons and their customs well enough to turn this to her advantage. This was, if anything a complement, if she so chose to accept it as such. The whole incident, she realized, had to be quickly defused before anything tragic could happen. "Just a moment please Bears, Solstice."

Jenssen nodded at them both, before turning back and barking at Tho'Pok in defiance. "Tho'Pok, I just got this asteroid constructed...I don't want your men and mine to disassemble it over your feeble attempts to seduce me...so get your sorry ass out there with me and let's get them to all cease and desist before I have the whole lot of them tossed in a locked cargo container and have it jettisoned into space!"

With that she stormed to the door, put two fingers to her lips and then she whistled, an ear shattering whistle. Everyone in the main galley stopped where they were to look up, arms midway through blows.

"Attention!" She yelled, her bards voice carrying easily over the uneasy momentary silence in the galley. "Grewell, Gorp, Trellis...get everyone from our crew back in their seats and make sure they finish up their meals quickly and head back to the Kodiak. I want all crews on long range sensor scans, looking for even a piece of space dust to be out of place or acting like they are damn busy in 30 minutes or I'll have them scrubbing plasma manifolds with an ancient Earth tooth brush.  And see to that nose Tellis, it looks broken." She commanded without hesitation while grabbing Tellis's chin and tilting it to look at his nose.


"Yes Ma'am!" The three of them snapped to it.

"Ka'Bret, P'Ndar, Tor'Rhol see to it our men are on their ships running a full sensor sweep. We leave shortly. Be ready or be dead." Tho'Pok commanded his Officers who all curtly saluted him, then headed briskly off to restore order and bash in a few heads for good measure.

Tho'Pok grunted a half laugh at the almost unflappable nature of this impish human in front of him as Jenssen marched back into the dining room and yelled for Vor'Gak.

"Vor'ak another table, two more settings, and where the hell is that roasted Beast. You over cook it and Ill see to it you get nothing but cold dead gagh and water for a week."  Jenssen roared at the chef, before turning back to wink at Bears and Solstice, instantly lightening her voice to a more civil human tone.


 "Pease join us you two, I insist, really." Jenssen gestured to table and chairs Vor'ak had quickly hauled out and placed along side the first table where bloodwine, gagh and crab wonton filling dripped off the side of the table.

"What was all that about exactly?" Ten Bears almost whispered to her as they took a seat. Solstice was still staring wide eyed at her attire and well muscled form as well as the large black and blue bruise very apparent on her right side in the area revealed by the scooped back dress.  Jenssen leaned heavily on the table gasping a bit as she answered.

"Lets just say he was playing me a Klingon complement, as well as trying to take what he hasn't yet earned." With that Jenssen held up the data chip that Tho'Pok had been digging for, her hand shaking just a little bit more obvious then she liked and Bears noticed it, cupping her hand in his.

"He wouldn't have found it anyways...it wasn't where he thought it was." Jenssen smiled a Cheshire cat grin and acted as if she were chewing old earth tobacco, pointing to her cheek where the chip had actually been hidden. "I'll fill you in later, but right now I have to negotiate a few more items of business with him. Drake is too close for comfort and likely to spring a raid at any time. This data is too dangerous to let fall into the wrong hands." She tightened her grip around the data chip, squared her shoulders and turned back quickly to glared at Tho'Pok.

Ten Bears looked her over gravely, gently grabbing her wrist to stop her from going back to the verbal battle with Tho'Pok for a moment and whispered, "Are you sure you are alright?"

"I will be." Jenssen winked back, "You know me...Lady Fortune is my twin sister. Enjoy the meal."

She marched back up to Tho'Pok as he seethed in anger at Bear's and Solstice's unwelcomed appearance. Jenssen set her jaw and glaring right back up at him, looking a little like a mouse challenging a lion and this time it was the lion that blinked. "Tho'Pok, I believe we were just about to finalize that deal. It's simple really, you want this data chip, you make sure my colonies will be protected this week, attempt to catch this raider who is hell bent on galactic destruction and dont use this information on any innocent world. Agree to those terms and swear this to me on your honor and in the morning this data chip is yours. "

Tho'Pok couldn't help but laugh at her as he growled, "At least have some of that roasted beast beamed to my ship. I'll since my other appetites will not be filled tonight, I shall have the honor of at least eating a decent meal."

"Of course." Jenssen remarked, "Then it's a deal? On your honor?"

"Meh. I swear, on my honor, to do what I can." Tho'Pok waved an irritated wave of acceptance and stormed out of the dining area heading back to his ship. His guards followed right on his heels, staring back again at Jenssen, like they had never seen anything quite as defiant as this little mouse before.

Jenssen let out sigh of relief and leaned back against the wall a little. "Sorry, I can't stay Bears, Solstice, thank you again for the timely interruption, but I'm not exactly feeling up to entertaining tonight." She held her right side again, in obvious pain now.  Bears attempted to stand to help her and she quickly waved him back to his seat.


"If you would excuse me please, I have a small matter to attend too...stay as long as you like and if Vor'Gak doesn't attend to your every wish, let me know. He's really quite the chef." Jenssen winked at Vor'Gak who just grinned back at her.

"Of course." Bears and Solstice chimed in together.

"Good night, Madam Jenssen." Solstice beamed eagerly sampling all of various exotic dishes Vor'Gak had brought out for them to try.

The two Terran nodded at her, understandingly, as she exited the dining area heading down the corridor towards the turbo lift out of the tunnel system and the up to the main transporter area on Diamond Station.

Then Jenssen leaned against the turbo lift's cool wall, the adrenaline rush from defending herself wearing off and causing her to shake even more now. She tapped the comm badge Andorian Ice Crystal on her chest again, to signal T'Laurn.

"Yes Captain?"  The Vulcan's voice drifted over the comm line.

"T'Laurn, you heard it all?" Jenssen panted a little bit.

"Yes, Captain, I heard."  The Vulcan's calm voice held a hint of concern.

"I'm shaking like a damn leaf here and I'm not liking it. To many old memories of Helix 46 coming back right now."  Jenssen's voice wavered.

"Understood. I do believe that a notable quote from your planet is that 'courage comes not from the absence of fear, but the mastery of it'." T'Laurn understood. The two of them had both spent time as prisoners on the Suliban Helix 46 to not understand each other very well.

"Well, I'm not feeling too courageous either right at this moment. Send Dr Nibbert to my quarters...I think I cracked ribs this time." Jenssen winced as she tried to hold the already damaged areas of her ribs, which had just been squeezed again in a Klingon bear hug she really didnt need this week.

"Given the circumstances, I would have to agree with Grewell that you seem to have a most fortunate streak of luck. The Maco Commander Bears and Solstice had just arrived and signaled he wanted to meet with you when you contacted me. Bears said you had seemed upset at a bar in Terran Space on your way back home from salvaging Dr Karst's buoy and wanted to speak with you. I directed him your position and given the path that Tho'Pok's conversation had taken at the time, I indicated to him that disruptors might be a required for you to achieve additional levels of successful diplomacy."

"I think you were right T'Laurn...thank you again my friend for finding me an Ace." Jenssen replied as she continued towards the main corridoor.

"I do not believe Tho'Pok will stay in orbit long given the circumstances." T'Laurn's critical analysis of the exchange confirmed what Jenssen already thought.

"I don't think so either. But at least we can hope he might have his blood rage up high enough to take a pot shot at anything and anyone snooping around out here out he comes across just out of his thirst for any kind of action, since I didn't give him what he really wanted tonight." Jenssen grinned a little knowing Tho'Pok, like most Klingons, would take just about any excuse to pick a fight with a worthy opponent when his blood was raging.  She manually punched the locking sequence to her quarters.

"Hope is not logical, but it does seem the only option left. T'Laurn out."

Jenssen quickly retired to her quarters on Diamond Station. They were a nicely decorated but small quarters, nothing more then what any of her crew had here on the newly built station. Upgrades would come later, but for now, small and quiet was a welcoming sight. She pulled out her own Vulcan meditation lamp she kept by the computer terminal and lit a small candle on it. She tried to sit and focus on the flame but her mind only raced in circles.  Her side ached and throbbed, making her breathing  come in short gasps now. Now she knew just how that mouse in the old Aesop's fables tale of 'The Mouse and the Lion' felt.  Tho'Pok let her go this time and laughed about it. She was sure she would repay Tho'Pok for what ever assistance he could give her with what ever she could short of betraying her own personal honor. This was a game of cat and mouse she hoped to not repeat again real soon. Yet she knew that there were a lot of big cats out there and she was still but a little mouse in the big scope of things in the Galaxy....

* PG-13 rated Translation of what Jenssen yelled at Tho'Pok, "Damn You! Get your {untranslatable} hands off me!"




  Declassified Documents - Resolutions...


From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 09:03

Reposted from SSCN Historical Channel
Stardate: 201001.28 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=

Nearly 15 minutes later, Jenssen was sitting quietly in her quarters deep within Diamond Station on the Storage world of Palladio, almost achieving some form concentration or from slight oxygen depletion from shallow breathing, when the door chimed. She hadn't taken any time to change out of her dress as it was too painful to move now. It was getting late into the night and she needed to decide to beam to the Whirlaway and get some rest or beam-up to the IKW Kodiak and start planning for their colonies defense.

"Come in." Jenssen'ech House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire= called out, still sitting on the low bench at the foot of the bed in the small quarters. The lights were dim so she could just stare into the lamp's meditation flame. She glanced up to see Dr Mark Nibbert and smiled weakly at him.

"Resting T'Laurn says...doesn't look like resting at all to me. Looks like someone is plotting and scheming and needs to find some concentration she no longer has because she's tired, injured, and trying to keep up with the Klingons again."

"Mark, don't patronize. Really, I'm not in the mood for it. I've been the target of people's jabs all week, both figeratively and quite literally." Jenssen replied a little curtly holding her side, yet understanding he was just looking out for her.

"Got his hands on you did he and without your body armor too? T'Laurn told me. Nice dress.  I could see why he wanted too." Dr Nibbert was fishing for a medical tricorder in the medkit he had brought along.

"I thought you were supposed to be a doctor, you know, not interested in the physiques of your patients." Jenssen's tone grew serious again with him.

"Right, I'm a doctor, but I'm not blind." He quipped back at her, passing the tricorder over the right side of her ribs again.


Dr Nibbert looked at her with a scowl, completely professional again. "Two broken, hairline spiral stress fractures all the way along the back of 5th and 6th ribs, slight sublexation of the 5th rib at the sternum.  Having trouble breathing yet?"


Jenssen nodded.


"Burgundy, you have to protect yourself better, stop taking these risks. What would your colonies do if you got seriously injured or captured or worse, killed? What would your Governors do? We all look up to you and the cohesiveness you bring to our worlds here. Without you, I do not think these colonies would survive." He pulled out an osteo regenerator and passed it quickly over her ribs until the indicator signaled a complete closing of the fractures. He then touched her side lightly to look under the edge of her dress just to see how far the black and blue bruising from the last two traumas had spread. Jenssen instantly jumped to her feet and backed up a step out his reach in one fluid motion.

"Sorry, still painful? I have something for that." Dr Nibbert quickly apologized.

"No." She dismissed his apology quickly. "No, it's nothing, just jumpy, reflexes."

Jenssen dismissed it and started to pace the floor.

"Then what?" He stared at her and she stared right back. It was apparent she was not going to answer.

"Hey, if you won't talk to me about it at least promise me you'll talk to T'Laurn." He put back the osteo regenerator into the case and buttoned up his medkit. He walked to the doorway and paused, "Doesn't have to do with Helix 46 does it? T'Laurn told me that too. Burgundy, you and T'Laurn and a lot of other people were tortured there by a bunch of Suliban mercs trying to get information out of you that none of you had. I wouldn't fault anyone for having the scars you all do after that. Those I can't treat with a dermal regenerator." Dr Nibbert shrugged, trying to find a solution she might actually listen to him about.

Jenssen glared at him now. "Reading up on your patients I see."

"Hey, I read the old Starfleet reports on that incident in Med School. I didn't know you were one of the people held there until much later. I wouldn't be much of a Doctor if I didn't know some of my patients' histories now would I?" He quickly shot back at her.

Before she could answer a comm signal beeped on her computer screen and she quickly mumbled to herself, "A message from Tho'Pok...already?"


It had only been a half of an hour after their abrupt ending of negotiations.  Jenssen snapped open the channel.

Screen opens showing Tho'Pok, Patriarch of the House T'citsuj:

"Ah, It's been a pleasure visiting with you, and the....information....you have given me may prove quite useful. I must say, though, that while you look quite beautiful in that body armor....What did you call it?....A dress?...I don't see how it would provide much protection! With body armor that small you must be a great Warrior!

I must return home now. My son Maal has reported several incursions into our territory, and while I trust his prowess in battle, I don't want to miss any action!"

"Tho'Pok, wait. Meet me in the transporter room of Diamond Station. I want to personally hand you that data chip. I think I owe you that at the very least." She quickly countered.

Tho'Pok nodded on the screen.

"Give me ten minutes and I'll meet you there, Jenssen out."

She clipped the screen closed and looked up at Dr Mark Nibbert again. "I've got to get his data to him and see Bears and Solstice off Palladio for their own safety. I owe them that."

Dr. Nibbert raised his hands in surrender. "Ok, ok, I was going to say, I want to see you get at least 7 hours sleep and I would suggest you come to see me for a chiropractic adjustment..."


Jenssen glared at him with a very obvious distaste to having anyone's hands on her at the moment...


"But I can see that's not going to happen," He continued not missing a beat, "Then, I'll recommend light stretching for the next two days, no martial arts. Always thinking of others first aren't you. At least get 4 hours rest tonight and get something to eat. Call me if you break anything else between now and your birthday."

She snorted. "Yeah, alright, what ever you say Doc...that is if we all make it to my birthday." 

Jenssen dismissed his badgering, walking out of her quarters and down the corridor with him toward the transporter room again. She knew he would head back to the Whirlaway for the evening to catch a ride back to Alpha Tau.

"Hey, Mark, wait up for me for dinner on the Whirlaway. Have Vor'Gak beam up some of that roasted Sarabrande Wildebeast. I didn't get much of a chance to eat down there in the galley. Maybe I can find a way to tell you a little about Helix 46, in the mess hall there. Have T'Laurn meet us there so we can update you on the latest intelligence. You might have to return to Alpha Tau and set up an emergency plan with Lieutenant Governor Zeta'Lyn Takow in my absence. It shouldn't take but a moment to hand this data chip off to Tho'Pok and see Bears and Solstice off. I'd rather sleep in my quarters on the Whirlaway anyways." She quickly informed him as they entered the transporter room together and he stepped up on the platform to beam up.

"Finally listening to me?" Dr Nibbert smiled at her.

"Naw, just following Doctors' orders...but really, I do appreciate what you are trying to do, as a friend." Jenssen smirked back at him.

Dr Nibbert nodded as he was transported up to the Whirlaway. Jenssen quickly flicked open the comm channel.

"Jenssen to Grewell, meet me in the Transporter Room. I think I could use a little security down here for this last meeting with Tho'Pok before he departs." She was seriously taking both Nibbert's and Grewell's recommendations now.

"Yes Captain!" Grewell barked back apparently in the middle of 'instructing' yet another young ensign on the proper cleaning of plasma manifolds using an ancient Earth tooth brush.

Jenssen was just handling the data ship of Dr Karsts' log buoy to Tho'Pok when Marty, Jenssen's Communications Officer on Palladio, came running up out of breath to the two brave warriors who are chatting about various subjects on battle tactics, waving a digital pad high in the air. Grewell growled at his sudden approach around Tho'Pok which might be mistaken as an attack on the Great Warrior.

"Captain Jenssen! Urgent News from Alpha Tau! Drake is here and he must have a cloaked ship because he came in right under our noses and destroyed that Probe Faron left you just hours ago. Here's the data on it." The Comm Officer was sweating from the news and the foreboding signs of what lay ahead.

"What!" Jenssen grabbed the padd and scanned the data and groaned. "Drake destroyed Faron's Probe at 18:58.12 on 26-1-10 in high orbit of Alpha Tau, our Minshara Class world where all our industrial centers are located. Ship signature captured by probe was Sovereign NCC 110142 under the flag of Outlaws. Faron's Probe XXXXX Destroyed! I can't believe it, we were sitting right here and none of our ships detected him. NONE!"

Jenssen turned to the mighty Klingons(NPC) Warrior Tho'Pok and had to look up to him from her five and a half foot height to stared him straight in the eye and said point blank, "And to think I even wore a damn dress for you! I hope you can build that weapon. Who knows maybe you'll succeed in blowing up the galaxy and spare us all from being picked apart piece by piece!"

Jenssen stormed off barking orders in Klingon to anyone and everyone in her path, causing every one of her officers and crewmen to scatter for cover and look busy even if they didn't have a station to get back to scanning the skis for danger. She continued around the corridor out of sight towards the control center, echoes of her yells would be heard has she hurled several colorful metaphors for good measure about certain Klingon Warriors who can't keep their eyes off ample bosoms and on the battlefield when it really mattered.

Grewell eyed Tho'Pok and growled, "and I even let you ride Buzzsaw! For your information, she is a far braver warrior then any of us are to wear that dress in your presence and not her body armor. She risked herself for the third time in a week in your presence. Now you run like a Ferengi dog because there is no battle to be had here, at least not yet....but mark my word it is coming. I only hope I die beside her so I do not have to bury her. Get rid of him, beam him up!" Grewell yelled at Marty as he stalked off after his Captain.

Klingons(NPC) Warrior Tho'Pok stared at them all in surprise at being dismissed as he was dissolving in the transporter beam, still holding the data chip in his hand, and wondering just what he gotten himself into.

Grewell followed his Captain down the corridor towards the control room, when Marty trotted after Grewell again with a very grave look on his face and handed Grewell another data pad. Grewell read the pad and clasped Marty on the shoulder with a sad grim face.

"Marty, I have never been one to think Humans are all that brave, but our Captain and her glorious crews and all the different species she has brought together to this colony have changed my mind. We all server with honor here and together perhaps tomorrow we will all die together. Die well Brother. Q'apla!" Grewell saluted the tall, lanky human.

"Tomorrow is a good day to die! Q'apla!" Marty returned the salute with a grim and determined face.

Grewell's footsteps pounded down the corridor after Jenssen to meet up with her in the control room where he knew she was waiting on him. He could tell she was in a really foul mood when he stepped up on the command center with her and handed her the second data pad.

"Great, just great." She replied sarcastically, as she scanned the padd, then barked out, "Commander Stelvok, send a copy of all this data to the House of G'uy, the House of Tr'Jen, The House of Yin'Epu and the House of Caesar. Our nearest brothers and sisters need to know what happened here."

"Yes Captain." The tall male Vulcan with a deep and melodic voice replied, analyzing the rest of the data  as he quickly complied with her commands. "Information sent. I can also report that T'Laurn has relayed, Tho'Pok's ships have all broken orbit and are departing at warp speed."

Jenssen nodded to him in acknowledgement.

"Grewell, let's get to the Whirlaway. We have a lot to do and little time to do it now." Jenssen marched back to the Transporter room shouting at Marty who quickly followed them into the transporter room.


"Beam us to the Whirlaway!" Jenssen barked out and stepped up hastily on the transporter platform.

As they rematerialized on the transporter pad on the Whirlaway, she turned to Grewell and started listing off all the duties that need done before dawn.

"I'll be in my quarters for a little bit to change out of this ridiculously, non-functional dress and I've got to get in contact with Bears and Solstice. They need to know they are in danger here." She grumbled.

"They will be done, on my honor Captain. Q'apla!" Grewell saluted her and headed to the bridge to begin preparations.

Jenssen quickly stopped by her quarters and changed into her ablative body armor and full Klingon uniform. She was going to need all the protection she could get now if she actually did come face to face with the firepower lurking out there. She sat down at her computer console and start to type up a final message to the great warrior Tho'Pok. She was still angry he left on the eve of battle.

The message read as follows:
Klingons(NPC) Warrior Tho'Pok:

Hope you had a good time tonight on Palladio. We should have taken Holophotos because by this time tomorrow, it is likely to all be gone. I just received word from our intelligence officers of the following logs taken by a spy on the front lines. Drake's destruction of Faron's probe over Alpha Tau was not an accident, it was a warning. He has bribed the Temak'Clan to refuel and restock his fleet or risk raids by his minions. Out of fear from retaliation Temak, did as he requested. He is fully armed and ready to lay waste to my worlds. He has spies in so many places there is no time to organize and no time to even the playing field here in this galaxy before he stomps out any hope of ever being able to stand up to him, let alone challenge him to a fair fight. One of our spies was kind enough to pass on the following log of sensor data to me. This is the copy:

Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) Date XX:XX:XX
U.S.S. Agamemnon (NCC 110142, Sovereign) von Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164)

has entered sector XXX|XXX
ReD Faithless (NCC 104440, D'Kora) von Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164)

 has entered sector XXX|XXX

As you will recall, Palladio is at XXX/XXX. He could be here within days and without a doubt to lay waste to all I have with two ships. That is all it will take to destroy all that I have.

He will undoubtedly take Karst's research with him if I do not destroy it along with us. If you should return after the battle is over, please bring a shovel. That is all that will be required to clean up the mess.

Jenssen coded the message and angrily stabbed the send button.

All that she had done and all she had accomplish would be wiped out in a day before she ever had time to amass a fleet that would even stand up to 1/50th of the power that was heading her way. Still she was resolute that she would die on her feet taking all her goods, all her colonies, and at least one the head of the hydra with her if she had too.

Then she quickly opened a comm channel to Vor'Gak, "Vok'Gak, is Ten Bears MACOs and Lt. Dark | Solstice Of The Terran Empire still there?"

"Yes Madam Jenssen, they had hoped you might join them for a drink yet tonight.  We have grand stroies to tell yet!" Vor'Gak was obviously having a grand time joining in the feast with Bears and Solstice as he held up a mug of Bloodwine to the screen inviting her back down. Solstice was still laughing about something Vor'Gak had said apparently.

"I'm glad to see you three are living life to it's fullest. Let me talk to Bears." She smiled back at her fine Chef and his love of fine drink,

"I hear you Warrior Bard." Bears piped up from behind Vor'Gak massive frame in the desk monitor.

"Bears, I sincerely regret I have no time right now to join you. I must inform you that the two of you are in grave danger here on Palladio. Drake just destroyed a Probe over our Minshara class Colony Head Quarters. Please take all precautions and take your ships to my desert colony Solfeggietto for your safety. Governor Renquest will see to it that your ships are fueled and you are fulled stocked should you wish to head for safer areas. Perhaps, I can meet up with you after all this is finished for a nice drink, a dance and a few stories, if we all survive the next few days.  Jenssen out."  Jenssen's voice betrayed that she really did wish to join them.

Bears nodded in understanding as she stood staring, longing to join her friends in a careless moment of fun, yet feeling the weight of responsibility for their safety the safety of her colonies pulling her away from their company. She snapped the comm link closed with a sigh.



As she left her quarters on the Whirlaway to head to the mess hall her gaze fell over the few belongings and came to rest on a holophoto of Dr Karst and herself standing on a green grass filled plains on her beautiful water planet of Sarabrande. At least she hoped Sto-vo-kor had green fields like that because she was pretty sure she'd get to see Karst again soon. She resolutely headed to the mess hall on her favorite ship to meet up with Dr Nibbert and T'Laurn for a quick bite to eat then maybe four hours of sleep before heading over to the Kodiak to finish shoring up the defenses.

As she walked down the corridor from her quarters towards the mess hall to meet up with Dr Nibbert and T'Laurn for a quick bite to eat, she thought to herself, 'Well my birthday is this Friday, so if I don't really want to grow any older, I guess tomorrow is as good of a day to die as any. Perhaps I can find a new plane of existence to tell my Warrior Bard tales to the future.'

Captain's Log 201001.28:

It is almost 24:00 hours and I am making a final inspection tour of the IKW Kodiak before heading out deep space patrols with her for the first time. It may be our first and last time, but I will not let the crew know of my suspicions. This is a fine young crew and they deserve to be allowed to hold their heads high with pride in our accomplishments so far, no matter how small those might be in the grand scheme of the Galaxy. I just hope we don't have to face this evil alone should we find it.

Her crew assembled along the edges of the corridors of the IKW Kodiak as she entered the engine room. "Qapla, batlh' je! Die well!" She shouted as she passed through the room on her way to the Armory. The deafening response from her crew returning the salute roared in her ears as she exited the room.

The staccato sound of her heels echoed along the quiet, eerily still, corridors as she took a first and final tour of her what was likely to be her only battleship. She was giving her barely staffed vessels crew a view of their captain on the eve of battle. She made sure to salute personally each and every one of them. It was not her honor that she was boasting or bragging about, paying homage too, it was their sense of loyalty and service to her, a mere human among warriors, she was most humbled by.

Captain's Log 201001.29 - 19:00 Hours:

It has been a little over 18 hours since we started our patrols. We have covered a lot of territory and have found nothing of note. I am both relieved and a little puzzled by the results of our patrols when it seemed an attack was so imminent. Commander Vel'Tera, Grewell's niece, and a fine Commander on my staff has received a field commission of Captain of the Kodiak for her attention to details and commanding performance this week. I have found my new Captain to lead this fine new ship and the mood of the crew is festive over her appointment, considering the troubling information we have received this week. Captain Vel'Tera is now heading to Alpha Tau pick up some additional supplies and crews. Grewell and I are meeting up with T'Laurn and the Whirlaway prior to Vel'Tera rendezvous with our trading fleet, so I can head back to our colonies for a little rest. It is, after all, my birthday.

Jenssen wore her more causal black sleeveless, climbing shirt, green survival khaki's, complete with her dark green Vulcan cloak. Her ablative body armor was just perceptible under her more causal trader's attire as she stepped up on the transporter pad with Grewell to beam over to the Whirlaway. Jenssen's ceremonial blood dagger was once again strapped to her shin and it caught the light as they turned and saluted Vel'Tera. Jenssen much preferred the roll of Trader and Warrior Bard to that of a Commandant of the Alpha Tau Military Defense Forces, but when needed, she was fully capable of doing both. It just felt good to get back into more causal attire.

"Q'apla batlh je' Captain Vel'Tera! You bring glory to my colonies and to your family with your skills. Captain this ship well!" Jenssen saluted the Klingon woman, speaking in fluent Klingon.

"Q'apla to you as well madam Jenssen, honorable leader of the Alpha Tau Colonies, and behalf of the crew of the Kodiak have a Happy Birthday." Vel'Tera replied with a slight bow in Federation Standard English.

"I intend too. Energize." Jenssen nodded as the transporter operator sent them over to the Whirlaway for the short journey home.




To conclude this story line back, please see the RP at the Targ's Head on the Surprise Birthday Party for Jenssen....Jenssen's further adventures in other matters of the Galaxy will continue after she has had time to rest her typing fingers and fully recover from her injuries sustained during the events of this adventure...


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