Klingon Empire - State of Emergency


Historical Document Released -

Emergency Council meeting on the stepping down of Chancellor Kor



From: Jenssen 'sa' - House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire= (13700) Time: 31.01.2010 - 17:41

Stardate 201001.23

Captain Jenssen is seen sitting at the tactical terminal typing out a message to the Head of her House the honorable Mathias 'Sa - House of Mathias=Klingon Empire=. Almost 18 months ago, when she was invited to the Klingon Empire, she pledged her alliance to him. He was one of the few Humans among the Klingons to hold a House of his own. Having earned his own reputation for Bravery and Honor, the Klingons considered Mathias their Brother and as such he had earned the right and honor to hold a house of his own. He was a tall, dark haired, strong Human, towering close to most Klingon heights at nearly 6 and a half feet tall. His broad, well-muscled form fit the uniform of the Empire well. A worthy scar ran along his left eye and cheek reminding all of his bravery in battle. He was the one it made the obvious sense to have entertain the notion of allowing a modest, fair skinned, female Human to join his House, even though she was well known in the Empire for her trading and negotiation skills. There always lay the question of her honor and the doubt that she would prove brave enough to qualify as a Klingon Warrior. Mathias took a risk and it had rewarded him handsomely. Jenssen did what she could to relay important information to him first, as was required by Klingon Honor codes so that he might have the glory of telling the information in the Chambers of the High Council. She composed a note of all the things that had happened when she went to look for their dear Brother Dr. Karst. She encoded it to Mathias House codes and sent it. Then scanned over the other messages waiting for her. One caught her eye.

"Hmm that's interesting." Jenssen mumbled as she opened the video comm message simply coded 'Your Pledge of Allegiance to the Great Caesar 'Emperor - House of Caesar=Klingon Empire= is required.' G'uy 'ech - House of G'uy =Klingon Empire=

She opened the video and saw the look of a large, well-seasoned warrior of the Klingon Empire sternly facing her. She recognized her brother G'uy immediately. The message was short and quick.

"J'Ssen, you are required to appear before the Emergency High Council to pledge your allegiance to the New Emperor tomorrow afternoon. The Honorable Caesar has requested you come in person to accept a House of your own and perhaps a position on the Council, should you have the true Klingon Honor and Bravey to claim it. If you refuse, we know where you stand on the new order and you will leave Klingon Space immediately. I must know your answer immediately. Caesar has requested it of me!" His stern face charged the screen to get her to flinch. "Out!" The message screen faded to black.

She quickly engaged the Comm and signaled for G'uy 'ech - House of G'uy =Klingon Empire= to give a response. A House of her own? It was something she never even considered a possibility being a meer Human among such Warriors.

G'uy 'ech - House of G'uy =Klingon Empire='s stern face appeared on the screen, "Jah". He replied in sour Klingon scowl and a rather disinterested, "Qapla J'Ssen."

"Q'apla Brother G'uy. I received your message. I will be in council chambers tomorrow afternoon at the appointed time, but as for the offer to head my own House, I must speak with Mathias first. It would dishonor him for me to accept an offer by the Council for my own House if he does not release me from my oath of service to him. I will not betray his trust in me." Jenssen sternly stared at the screen, unwavering from her answer.

The big Klingon in the view screen stared back her, "I must know your answer NOW, so I may inform Caesar and prepare for your arrival." He scowled at her, a fierce and toothy sneer, leaning into the monitor for emphasis.

"I will accept ONLY if  Mathias releases me from my oath." She replied unblinking and unwavering again at her answer, glaring back at him.

Then he laughed a hearty, guttural Klingon laugh, "Well done. We will see then even if you do accept, if you have the strength and bravery to hold this House. Caesar also states you are to be giving the position of Communications Director and Trade Negotiator for the Empire, again if you can stand worthy of it in Council. You intrigue me Human." He snapped off the comm channel without any other unnecessary words.

She had a feeling that the new order was going to be changing things in the Empire.

Jenssen hurriedly close up the communications screens and headed to the Transporter room to meet up with Grewell and Nibbert. It was time to beam over to the Whirlaway and head towards the High Council Chamber on Kronos. She was sure they would be intrigued as much as she was in this change of events. Her visit to Palladio and message to the great Warrior would have to wait a day.

A few hours later on board the Whirlaway, Jenssen is sitting on the Bridge in the captains Chair in full Klingon Ceremonial dress. She sits composing yet another message to Mathias on a digital pad. She wonders if he will be at the High Council Meeting as well. The message reads:

Most Honorable Mathias 'Sa -House of Mathias =Klingon Empire=:

I am writing to report to you that the High Council has asked that I establish my own House so that I may begin to train others under my shield. They have asked this of me in your absence and before I will respond, I would beg your release from my oath of service to your house.

It is also said I am to take a position to aid in the communications of the Empire. I have provided what supplies I can to you in your time of need. I have served your house with honor, bringing pride to your house. I ask little in return but a release from my oath to serve your House and my freedom to continue to build my position within the Empire and to help to train others in glorious service. I will always be there to support your House, should battle come to our fair shores.

I trust you will continue to train and rely on Carpenter 'Sogh House of Mathias=Klingon Academy= to serve your house well in my absence and perhaps, if it is not too bold of me, I suggest you seek to add another young pledge to your house from the =Klingon Academy= to groom in your image.

Please let me know your decision soon, so that if you lease me from my oath, I may change my colors and inform the High Council in short order that their offer has been accepted.

Humbly yours;
Burgundy Jenssen

"Captain, we are receiving a message from Tor'Cha ajla - House of Tor -=Klingon Empire=. He wants you to meet him outside the Targs Head." T'Laurn calmly relayed the message from the Science Station. "He says that he has something important to tell you before you get to Kronos."

"Ok, Jrell, change course to swing by the Targ's Head on our way." Jenssen thoughtfully ordered her helmsman. "And tell Tor'Cha well be there shortly T'Laurn."

"Yes, Captain. Message sent." The Vulcan quickly replied.

"Good. I've got to go send this to Mathias before we arrive as well. T'Laurn, I'll meet you in the transporter room when we reach orbit of Lt.Commander JJ Version 7.1 -F.C.R- 's bar, until then you have the bridge." Jenssen stood up and causally walked off the bridge to her quarters. In her quaters, she sat down at her consol and transferred the message she had been composing to Mathias into the comm channel and sent it. It was turning out to be a very interesting day.

To be continued...

 Declassified Documents: A Warning and a Map of a Treasure

 (Aislin's Story Link)




From: Jenssen 'sa' - House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=(13700) Time: 31.01.2010 - 17:59

Stardate 201001.23

Captain Jenssen and her First Officer T'Laurn beamed down to the Station where the Targ's Head is neatly tucked away into the back corner of the Promenade. T'Laurn was wearing a dark green Vulcan robe identical to the one her Captain typically wore. If it had not been for her height, several centimeters taller then her Captain, she would have made a good body double. Jenssen was dressed in her full Klingon ceremonial attire, complete with targ fang boots. Her blonde hair was frizzled out in a typical state of Klingon disarray to help disguise her as a real Klingon. Besides the lack of cranial ridges and pointed teeth, she made a rather convincing image.

"You'd think Klingons would learn to use dress that would draw less attention to themselves." Jenssen mumbles as T'Laurn and her start walking along the corridor to The Targ's Head. T'Laurn just raises an eyebrow at her Captain's one-off comment.

As they approach the bar, an elderly what looks like a Alpha Centurian gentleman is sitting on a bench half doubled over, looking as if he may be in need of medical attention. Jenssen hesitates for a moment then walks over to check on him.

"Sir...." Jenssen approached cautiously looking at the gentleman, searching visually for any sign of weapon. T'Laurn quickly runs a tricorder scan of the fellow to get his vitals. He looks up with what looks like relief on his face to see her, even if she's dressed in Klingon Uniform.

"Aaahhhh....come to help on old man out have you?" He weakly replies and smiles.

Jenssen is suspicious as she eyes him, "What kind of assistance do you require?" She asks still not quiet willing to get that close to him just yet.

"He has no weapons I can detect and no substances on him that appear dangerous Captain." T'Laurn reports the rapid results of her scan, also eyeing the gentleman with a stern gaze.

"Captain is it?" He questions, then laughs, "I'm not looking for a fight. I'm too old and too beat up for such things and here I have two lovely young ladies in front of me, why would I want to harm you? No, I want to find someone who can help me. Help me find this, or buy this infernal thing off me so it won't trouble me any longer." With that he pulls out a small length of paper and unrolls it displaying and ancient scroll of sorts.

He holds it out so that Jenssen can see it and she tentatively takes the paper and gazes at it. The first line on the upper right hand side of the paper reads:

'Come look through the eye and you will spy,
The sun of an ancient world, left to die.'

Jenssen scans over the paper and sees it is divided into three sections. The riddle is at the top with a set of coordinates. The middle has an arrow pointing to a location left of it, but there is no image its pointing too. The last piece of information looks as if it is the location of an item or treasure.

Jenssen chuckles as T'Laurn looks over her shoulder at the paper. "Sir, this is a map. Half of a map, to be precise.....what would I want with half a Map?"

He sighs, "Yes, it's half a map. Half a map to find the Chalice of Healing from ancient race of beings called, Tolnedran. Have you heard of them? My brother has the other half and we have not spoken in over 30 years because of it. I want to be rid of this infernal thing, so maybe I can speak again with my brother before we both grow old and die."

"Hmmm. Interesting. I like a good puzzle and collecting rare items, but this race of ancients, I've not heard of them." Jenssen stares at him, about to dismiss the idea of buying the map from this obviously good con-artist.

"Captain, if I may. He's quite correct that there was once an ancient race called the Tolnedrans . The whereabouts of their world has been a mystery for over a thousand years. Their race is said to have developed great sources of healing and power sources and the chalice he speaks of is akin to Earth's 'Holy Grail'. It's an item of great historical value. This map appears to be authentic by the results of my readings." T'Laurn informs her Captain and Jenssen looks at the map piece with a renewed interest.

"Ok, how much do you want for the map?" Jenssen asks the old man.

"Oh, enough for a few drinks and a good meal over at the Targ's Head and safe passage home on a shuttle." He eagerly states.

Jenssen hands him a credit chip for a substantial amount over what he requested and his eyes widen at an amount four times the price of what he has asked.

"Bless you ma'am." He grins, "And may you be so fortunate as to find favor such as you a have shown me this day. What is your name by the way so I might tell my brother that I have sold the map, so we can renew our relationship and start over fresh without this mess between us?"

Jenssen shrugs. The old man seems truthful and honest enough, "Captain Jenssen of the Alpha Tau Colonies."

"Bless you my lady and I am Adrtock, of Alpha Centuri, so if you are in the area of Alpha Centuri, please do not hesitate to look me up." He chimes in happily, then gets up to hobbles towards the Targ's Head for his drinks and meal.

T'Laurn raises an eyebrow as he leaves. "Do you think it was wise to tell him your name?"

"Probably not." Jenssen replies with a shrug, "But after this week's events, what's a little more risk? We have a saying on Earth, 'No pain, no gain.'. I suspect if we can find this item, perhaps its value will be worth the pain it causes me to find it."

"You also have another saying on Earth if I am correct." T'Laurn counters her Captain. "I believe it is, 'Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.'" T'Laurn raises an eyebrow as she studies the Map piece Jenssen has handed her.

Jenssen laughs, "True, but I have no intention of rushing into finding this item without 'looking before I leap'. When we get back to the ship, find all the information you can on this item and this ancient race of beings and let's plan to start looking for it after all this High Council business is over with."

"Yes Captain...intriguing." T'Laurns fascination with the map is obvious. Jenssen knows her first officer is just as eager to find this relic as she is, but being Vulcan, "intriguing" is about as excited of a reply as Jenssen's going to get.

The two continue down the back of the Promenade looking for Tor'Cha ajla - House of Tor- =Klingon Empire=. They come upon a dark figure clad in black and Jenssen recognizes the stance of the noble Klingon under the dark robe. It is Tor'Cha, hidden in plain view by his carefully chosen position and stance. Hes spots her out of the corner of his eye as he retreats into a back utility room running along the front access area of the corridor. Jenssen and T'Laurn follow a few moments later, so as not to draw suspicion about their motives.

As Jenssen and T'Laurn round the corner to the back utility access way, Tor'Cha lowers his hood and turns to Jenssen. Jenssen is surprised to see Ka'Ra 'lagh -  House of Tor- =Klingon Empire= and Na'NeRa'mangHom - House of Tor- =Klingon Empire=, with him.

"Q'apla, Tor'Cha, Q'apla my Sisters." Jenssen salutes the three with a traditional Klingon a salute, which they all quickly return to her.

Tor'Cha impressive frame is flanked by the equally tall and lovely Klingon women. All of them tower over Jenssens shorter human stature. Tor'Cha's handsome angular face is unreadable, a characteristic unique to Tor'Cha among Klingons, since Jenssen knows he is half Vulcan.

"Live Long and Prosper Tor'Cha." T'Laurn acknowledges and greets her half relative with a slight head bow to his reputation, which not only is revered among Klingons, but known through out the Galaxy. He has earned the distinction of an accomplished diplomat and warrior through his own making.

"Peace and long life, T'Laurn" Tor'Cha replies before turning to Jenssen. "J'Ssen, you must be careful going to the Emergency High Council Meeting. Word of the offer for you to have your own House has gotten to me through my informants."

Jenssen glances at the two tall and voluptuous Klingon sisters standing behind Tor'Cha and Ka'Ra winks at her. It is immediately obvious to who has informed Tor'Cha of the High Councils requests. Na'NeRa smiles a sincere and cunning toothy Klingon grin at her sister. The three women share a common bond of sisterhood. No words are needed for Jenssen to clearly understand their motives in getting Tor'Cha to inform her of the Traditional Klingon ceremonial requirements for her to obtain her own House and position on the Council. She inclines he head slightly in a nod, back appreciatively at her two sisters for their assistance.

"I fear you do not understand the Klingon way and what will be required of you to obtain this position, or the risk you take in doing so." Tor'Cha continues with his wise council to her. "You will be challenged in Council. A challenge Caesar will set to see if you are worthy of the honor bestowed upon you. You cannot fail. If you do, you will be banished from the Klingon Empire and we would not be able to come to your assistance in any way. It is more honorable to die trying to complete this challenge then to walk away from it. However, also by accepting this, you are risking everything if you fail and everything if you do succeed. Succeed and you will be targeted by our enemies because of your position on the Council. Spies and enemies of the Empire will think you have information and power they can use, whether you have it or not. Do you understand me J'Ssen?"

Jenssen smiled warmly at her wise Klingon friend, "Tor'Cha, I have always valued your Council. Your words are wise and well reasoned, as always. I appreciate the forewarning of what to expect in Council. I know you are looking out for my best interest and I am honored to call you friend. I hear your wise words and I will keep them in mind as I approach the Council this afternoon. I know I risk all in doing this, but life is risk dear Tor'Cha. Without challenges, without hardship, without something to enrich the mind and the body, the soul dies a slow and lingering death. Perhaps the Klingon War Cry of 'It is a good day to die', is a very good way to look at life. It is a reaffirmation of the fact that life is worth living at full speed, getting yourself into each and every hidden recess of the Universe, taking risks, making friends, even sometimes risking to do so with your most bitter enemies. To do less is a waste of precious time and your precious life. We must go forth and live life to its fullest, mitigating risks where we can, logically thinking through the consequences of our actions to make it as safe as possible to venture out your front door. But you must also enjoy every moment of it and let Lady Fortune weave together the strands of time from those around us so that we might enjoy, for a moment, the intersection points between each of our lives. For once time is gone, it can never be run again. Waste not one moment on regrets. That is what this challenge, this life, is about Tor'Cha and I intend to follow through with it."

Tor'Cha nodded at her, approving of her words, but perhaps not of her decision.

"Qapla brave sister!" Na'NeRa saluted her again, a wise and cunning grin on her face.

"We shall see you at Council then." Ka'Ra smiled a toothy grin at her as well and Jenssen could see by the fire in their eyes, the two of them were up to something already.

"Farewell, Jenssen. We shall see you then in Council dear friend."Tor'Cha turned to leave her, flanked by his two beautiful, intelligent, and deadly escorts to make the rest of their journey to Kronos.

Jenssen couldn't help but smile and consider herself fortunate to be called 'Sister' by all of them.

T'Laurn had been listening with almost an appreciative awe at the depth of logic her Human Captain could present when tasked for such a response. "A most logical and appropriate response to the noble Tor'Cha Captain. I am sure his Vulcan side appreciates such a well-reasoned approach to life. I see our meditation sessions have helped you consider all possibilities concerning your future decisions. I hope this is a sign that you have put away some of your more human tendencies towards shall we say 'spur of the moment' decisions."

Jenssen turned to T'Laurn with a mischievous smirk and said quickly, "One last thing while we are here. I need to say 'Hi' to Lt.Commander JJ Version 7.1 -F.C.R- . He would not forgive me if I didn't stop in for just a moment as we pass through this sector. Then we have to leave for Kronos."

Jenssen could see the almost imperceptible look of distain on T'Laurn's face at the failure to be able to predict her captains next move yet again and equally unfavorable prospect of going into a bar. The last time the two of them stopped by a bar at Vegaria Three, several very drunk Orions and a Telerite had taken a fancy to T'Laurn and the propositions she received that night had been less flattering. "Oh come on T'Laurn, the Targ's Head doesn't contain such galactic rabble, just a lot of unique....ah ....personalities."


 It wasn't exactly a lie.

T'Laurn's eyebrow took on a suspicious altitude close to her long bangs again and Jenssen gave up trying to convince her First Officer to step into the bar for a moment.


"All right, stay here then, but when I come through those doors have us both beamed up immediately, then set a course for Kronos, top speed." Jenssen's mischievous grin told T'Laurn her Captain was undoubtedly up to something yet again and T'Laurn knew to be prepared for anything coming through the door to the Bar on their way out.

"Acknowledged." TLaurn replied with almost in imperceptible sigh at the all too unpredictable Human qualities of her Captain at times.

....for the happenings in JJ's bar, read the Targ Head, on the post titled, 'Now you see her, Now you don't ....to be continued.



 Now you see her now you don't.....

From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 07:37
Reposted from JJ's Targ's Head Channel
Stardate:201001.23 - Captain's Log's of J'Ssen''la - House of Mathias =Klingon Empire=

Approximate Time: 13:00 hours

J'Ssen''la - House of Mathias =Klingon Empire= had entered the bar rather unnoticed during one of Mudd's karekoke songs. As she was not dressed in her normal Vulcan Cloak, but instead her full Klingon dress unifrom with her flowing blonde hair crimped up well into a typical Klingon state of frizzy disarray, she was quickly dismissed by the busy bar as just another Klingon warrior. She had taken a seat at the back edge of the bar and ordered a Bloodwine in a barking Klingon dialect with a perfect accent to the Robot on duty who quickly filled her request.

Finally between Pak'Nubian'sJingle and Admiral Mudd's tribble songs she could no longer contain her laughter and that gave her presence away.

"AAHHHHHAAH! Pak and Mudd you two are just too much. No wonder I have to keep coming back here. I miss that wicked human sense of humor I find so refreshing here. Thanks for the laughs boys!" Jenssen roars as she realizes she must depart to attend the Klingon High Council Meeting.

With a rush, she gathers up a burst of speed and sliding on the soles of her targ fanged war boots, like skating across an ice rink, she skids though the door of the bar until she's just beyond the door where the whine of a transporter is heard beaming her up to her ship. Her mischevious, hearty laugher echos down the hall of the station like the remains of the smile from the Cheshire Cat, as it is the only thing not captured in the transporter beam.


 Declassified Documents

Emergence Council Meeting of the Klingon Empire


From: Jenssen 'sa' - House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire= (13700) Time:

31.01.2010 - 18:27

Stardate 201001.24

Jenssen and T'Laurn return to the Whirlaway from their visit to the Targ's Head. T'Laurn signals to the bridge to Jrell, Jenssen's Bolian Helmsman, to plot a course toward Kronos as the two head down the corridor to the turbo lift. Jenssen is nursing her bruised ribs again from the slide out of the bar as she and T'Larun head back towards the Bridge.

"Damn, I should not have done that running slide out of the bar. My ribs are killing me again. That Dominion shifter really left a mark." Jenssen mumbles as she enters the turbo lift.

"And you were saying something about mitigating the risks and logically thinking through the consequences of your actions, just moments before...." T'Laurn jabbed back at her Captain. Had she been human she would have rolled her eyes at the situation.

"Yah, yah, don't remind me ok..." Jenssen looks at the ceiling in the turbo lift considering just how long T'Laurn's memory was, Jenssen knew she wasn't going to easily live this one down.

As they entered the bridge, Tellis, Jenssen's Alpha Centurian Security Officer debriefs them both on several messages from the Klingon Empire and from the Alpha Tau Colonies. There is a return message from Mathias 'Sa - House of Mathias=Klingon Empire= waiting for Jenssen on the screen at her Captain's Chair. She quickly reads it.

Greetings Jenssen

I am loathe to let you go, but I cannot deny you this great honor bestowed to you by the honorable Council.
Friendship between our houses can be assured and where possible, any support requested will be met.

Q'apla! friend!
Mathias 'Sa - House of Mathias=Klingon Empire=


Jenssen smiles a little sadly at Mathias's reply. While indeed it is a great honor, a large weight has been tossed upon her shoulders with this decision. Life in the Delta Quadrant is about to get really interesting or really difficult. Which one that will be, Jenssen realizes, is controlled only by the whims of Lady Fortune.

Upon arrival at Kronos, Jenssen, Grewell and T'Laurn beam down, right outside the Council Chamber's high vaulted gates. The stone is old and worn with foot traffic. The dimly lit overhangs foretell of a place of battle. A fortress ages old, which has seen battle both with swords and pens. Jenssen walks confidently to the gates and pushes them open. She enters a small courtyard leading to council chambers that resembles an ancient cathedral with high vaulted ceilings and rows of old carved strong wooden benches and tables. There is a dais at the front of the chambers and on it sits a huge Klingon Warrior adorned in armor and robes of the Empire. At his side stand is most trustworthy Warriors armed to the teeth in every manner of weapon. They are the only ones in Chambers with them. Rows of Warriors, Heads of Houses, Generals and Captains line the Chambers and the voices are sounding on covering every manor of Pledges to the New Emperor. They all pause to see who has entered. Jenssen strides forward purposefully, her full five and a half-foot tall, slender but muscled frame dwarfed by all those around her. As she gets three steps into the chambers, two Klingon guards halt her and Grewell with bat'leth's, and stare scowling at T'Laurn. It is very apparent that the Vulcan is not welcome in Klingon matters. The guards begin to search Jenssen and Grewell and remove all their weapons. They reach for Jenssen's blood dagger, but Jenssen grabs it first, causing one guard to press the bat'leth against her throat, as she causally hands it back to T'Laurn.

"T'Laurn wait outside, and hold this for me." Jenssen calmly commands her first officer.

Satisfied, the Guard allows Grewell and Jenssen to advance in Chambers

The Council was just drawing into session and it is apparent that Caesar had indeed gained the loyalty and support of the majority of the Warriors in the Empire again. The matter of who shall fill the positions on his High Council are discussed and not so quickly settled. G'uy 'ech - House of G'uy=Klingon Empire=Guy is chosen as Vice Chancellor, a position he had apparently been forewarned about when he contacted Jenssen for her pledge of allegiance to the Empire. Next to be called in front of Caesar 'Emperor - House of Caesar=Klingon Empire= is the Honorable Kreel 'totlh - House of Kreel =Klingon Empire=.


Jenssen looked up to see who  Kreel  was, having never met him in person, only talked with him over subspace. The Antigan stood up, his tall humanoid figure with its black exoskeleton reflecting the light in the Chambers off the sharp ridges along his body to the joints. He strode purposefully forward to meet Caesar  face to face. Jenssen studied him closely. He looked like a cross between a medusa and a black desert scorpion with his head covered in a mess of sharp edged protrusions that fell somewhere in-between the description of spikes and tentacles.

"You have submitted your name for Economic Advisor to the Empire, Kreel 'totlh - House of Kreel =Klingon Empire=. We have been reviewing our reports of your Colonys output and supplies you have sent to the Empire. It seems indeed you do have a talent for this type of Position. So Kreel, Head of the House of Kreel, you have pledged your loyalty to the Empire and your House is secure. You only need to prove yourself worthy of this position on the Council. It is simple matter really." Caesar's toothy grin at the Antigan warned of the challenge that lay ahead for him. "Merely fetch me that goblet of bloodwine from the table there on that side of the room." Caesar indicated a goblet filled to the brim with bloodwine sitting only three meters from his seat on the Dias.

"And Kreel, do not spill a drop. It is very old vintage, its valuable. I expect an Economic Adviser to appreciate that. Get it to me successfully and you can have that position on my Council." Caesar commented.

Caesar's gruff and disinterested delivery of the matter may have lulled a less experienced warrior into thinking fetching the goblet was a mere matter of walking over and picking it up. By  Kreel's stance Jenssen could tell, this was one warrior that thought out his moves before he acted.

Kreel charged the table before the Klingon warriors who's duty it was to stop him could almost react. He jumped in one leaping step up, onto the table and slid across its highly polished surface. His sharp claws on his feet dug into ancient wood to stop himself at the far edge. During his slide he had easily scooped up the goblet of wine and clamped his clawed and webbed hand over the top, containing every drop of the precious liquid inside it. Twelve Klingon warriors had grabbed his feet and legs and were attempting to pull him off the table. He kicked out savagely, knocking four to the ground immediately. He crouched and charged the end of the table nearest Caesar. Once again he displayed a speed and agility that was perhaps underestimated by the Klingons tasked to stop him. He leapt from the table carrying the gobbet back to Caesar. Six Klingon warriors were hanging off his back, shoulders and legs as he walked each step towards Caesar like a man struggling against the incoming tide. Two more Klingon warrior were trying to take the goblet from him hands or force him to spill it.  Kreel clamped his clawed hands down tight on the goblet in an embrace few species would ever be able to wrestle free of him and made his way right up the two steps of the dais to face Caesar directly.

As he made it to the top step, the Klingon Warriors trying to stop him fell back. They had done everything they, short of drawing weapons against an unarmed man, to physically stop this Antigan from achieving his goal.

"Your drink sir."  Kreel's monotone and deep voice booming in the chamber as he easily presented the goblet to Caesar, wiping his clawed hand the rim to make sure every drop of the bloodwine was back into the goblet. "I suggest next time, you come up with a more formidable challenge."

Caesar took the goblet and dumped the bloodwine on the floor with a scowl. Then Caesar laughed a hearty, guttural laugh, which Kreel joined in with after a momentary pause. The two warriors were old friends and it was apparent that Kreel had as much fun running this challenge as Caesar had had coming up with it.

The Council Chambers roared in appreciation of a successful challenge to this position.

The Council business continued on, with discussions and opinions hurled from wall to wall in raised voices. Matters of Military Commanders and other positions were left open to those to volunteers, but all in all, matters were already well underway to maintain the cohesion of the Empire.

"Now on to the matter of our House structures.Many have proposed that the New House of J'Ssen be brought forth. J'Ssen 'la of the House of Mathias, approach and stand before Council so that we can see who this mighty House will be named after." Caesar's voice boomed throughout the Council chambers and Jenssen quickly stood, jaw set in solid defiance of any naysayer who would say she was not fit to lead a House of her own.





As the mere Human strode purposefully forward to meet the challenge Caesar had called her out on...a hush fell over the Council Chambers. Those who knew her best noted the staccato sound of her boot heels striking the floor in steady cadence, a sign of the unwavering decision she has already made. Ka'Ra 'lagh -House of Tor=Klingon Empire= and Na'NeRa'mangHom - House of Tor - =Klingon Empire= fell into step along with their sister as they approached the dias. Caesar was sitting nonchalantly and showing no favor what so ever for this mere Human in front of him.

"Do you claim the right to Head your own House." He challenged her.

"I do noble Caesar." Jenssen's bard's voice filling the Chambers easily with fluid tone.

"And do you think you can be the voice of the Klingon Empire, maintain our internal Communications and Negotiate with our friends and foes over treaties and disputes, yet keep the secrets of the Empire safe from those who would torture you to get information out of you?" Caesar challenged her again leaning forward to stare at this formidable lady in front of him.

"I do noble Caesar." She stared right back at him, green eyes boring into his, her jaw clenched in solid defiance of any challenge he might have for her.

Caesar 'Emperor -House of Caesar=Klingon Empire= chuckled a dangerous laugh of a man who knew he held her life in his hands at this very moment . "We shall see then if you are worthy to stand the challenge of Head of your own House, J'Ssen. We will see if you have the honor to be the voice of the Klingon Empire and not cry out the secrets of the Empire. Come, take this dagger from my hand and swear your allegiance to me and to the Klingon Empire and you will have both positions. Fail and you must leave the Empire... one way or another." Caesar sat smugly on the High Council chair just a few steps up on the raised dais. He held causally in his hand the dagger, within easy grasp if she could take just two steps forward to reach for it.

Jenssen 'sa' - House of Mathias=Klingon Empire= knew that those two steps would not go unchallenged. She knew instantly that Ka'Ra 'lagh -House of Tor=Klingon Empire= and Na'NeRa'mangHom - House of Tor - =Klingon Empire=standing beside her was not to her benefit.  Had it been any other time, would have been as a show of support for their sister. Not this time. This was her challenge then. Jenssen knew that her sisters had their sworn allegiance to the Empire and it was their ritual duty to perform to stop her. She held no animosity to toward what she knew both of them would do and do honorably. She knew that this battle of wills lay only between her and Caesar. Only Caesar and she, herself, controlled her destiny in this Empire at this moment.

"Failure, most honorable Caesar, is not an option." Jenssen calmly replied staring defiantly at Caesar

Jenssen's gaze never wavered from Caesar's face as she took a bold and steady step forward, up onto the first step of the dais. Ka'Ra and Na'NeRa were quick as serpents. Jenssen almost smirked as the pain sticks tucked under their robes hit her from both sides, striking her already bruised ribs. The energy of the sticks was deflected largely by her body armor, but the physical hit of the sticks were not. Jenssen coiled over, refusing to utter even a gasp, as she fought to remain on her feet and take a second step up the dais.

Her green eyes never broke their steely glare on Caesar's as she gritted her teeth and reached out to grab the dragger. Her second step fell and again Ka'Ra and Na'NeRa performed their duty with honor, catching her again in the ribs with the pain sticks. Jenssen gritted her teeth and tasted blood as she bit her cheek. 

Jenssen reached out to grab hold of the dragger and lifted it calmly and purposefully from Caesar's hand. Her small, strong hand covered the blade of the dagger. Her thumb automatically rested upon the blade's centerline. It was the practiced grip of an expert. Caesar stared back and suddenly his eyes widened a tiny bit as he realized this woman could at this very moment, flick that dagger between his eyes and into his skull with a flip of her wrist. Caesar realized just for a moment, how vulnerable he was to her if she so chose to act. In this instance, she had taken advantage of his tiny, overconfident error and as she was so fond of saying 'A wise man learns from others mistakes, a cunning man learns to use every mistake to his advantage.'

The words ran through both of their minds at the same time. In this tiny moment in time, they both realized she could easily turn the tide. She had his life in her hands. Jenssen did not miss the sudden change of expression in Caesar's eyes as he realized how big of a mistake this could have been.

She steadily and purposefully tucked the dagger into her belt. Her eyes never wavered from Caesar's face as she knelt down on one knee on the steps, grabbed his hand in hers and with a mischievous, yet deadly serious grin on her face and kissed the back of it.

"I swear my allegiance to the Klingon Empire and to you Emperor Caesar , for as long as the Empire requires my service. Release me from my oath, is all I ask, when I can no longer be of service." She saw in his eyes that he now knew he owed her a small debt, one she had just put in a request for. Should she require it, he may at one point, have to repay her by releasing her from her service to the Empire.

Caesar, sat there, menacing, staring at this human female and gnashing his teeth that had she not only succeeded in grabbing that simple dagger, but had succeeded in putting him in her debt at the same time. Her glared her two Klingon sisters standing at the base of the dais. Then he broke a slight smile at the edge of his weather worn, strong and fierce face as the cunning abilities this Warrior Bard and her two Klingon sisters, became clear to him. She would be very valuable indeed in her service to the Empire. "Well done, Warrior Bard." He growled.

Ka'Ra 'lagh -House of Tor=Klingon Empire= and Na'NeRa'mangHom - House of Tor - =Klingon Empire= were the first to roar in approval at their sisters courage. The rest of the stunned Warriors in the Council Chambers were for a moment standing in almost disbelieve that a mere puny mouse of a Human Female would be able to so admirably and honorable grab that dagger even if the challenge she faced was minimal compared to what a true Klingon would had to overcome to take that dagger. It was very clear that she had made a few side bets null and void with her actions. Nearly all had expected her to fail.

Tor'Cha ajla - House of Tor - =Klingon Empire=, Kreel 'totlh - House of Kreel =Klingon Empire=, Yin'epu =Klingon Empire=House of Yin'Epu,Tr'jen 'ech - House of G'uy=Klingon Empire=, and Mathias 'Sa - House of Mathias=Klingon Empire= all roared in approval and the rest of the Council Chamber followed suit as Jenssen stood without any further emphasis needed, turned and walked causally down the steps back to her bench in the council chambers. As she reached her bench, her knees buckled and she barely caught the edge of the table and slid into her seat. Ka'Ra and Na'NeRa grabbed her arms and steady her sliding her into the bench and sitting closely on either side to keep her upright throughout the rest of the Council Meeting. 

Jenssen sat breathing steadily and shallow to prevent moving the re-injured muscles any more then absolutely needed to draw in a breath, ribs aching all over again from their more then adequate challenge to her honor.

"Thank you sisters." Jenssen whispered just so that only her sisters could hear, knowing that indeed this challenge could have been a lot worse.  The Council Members and Heads of each House continued to voice concerns and opinions on the restructuring of the Empire.

"Thank us for nothing," Ka'Ra 'lagh -House of Tor=Klingon Empire= stated with a hint of mischievous laughter in her voice. "We hit you as hard as we could. The dagger was Na'NeRa's idea. Interesting to hold the life of an Emperor in your hand isn't it?"

"Anything else would have been dishonorable." Na'NeRa'mangHom - House of Tor - =Klingon Empire= chimed in, both of them grinning a vixen's grin.

The two Klingon warrior women knew their human sister would take every advantage of the task they had proposed to Ceasar to use as her challenge.

"Yes, it would have been." Jenssen agreed. Jenssen had no doubt she was going to be in need of Dr Nibbert's administrations again after the council session had ended. Her Klingon sisters had indeed challenged her bravery and honor as required and this was also their way of evening up the odds and showing their cunning to the New Emperor in their own way by proposing such a task to him knowing he might underestimate this human merely because of what she was.

By the end of the night, the major High Council positions were filled. The House Leaders were reaffirmed and those most loyal to the Empire had re-pledged their lives and their fleets to protect the Empire from all that would seek to destroy it.

As the council was about to break for the evening, Caesar 'Emperor - House of Caesar=Klingon Empire= called out, "And who will join the House of J'Ssen to give this House a second in line."

"I will!" A strong and strapping young Warrior, Tel'Peh ''ech - House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=, came forward his eyes twinkling at the lovely Na'NeRa seated beside Jenssen.

Jenssen smiled up weakly at him, "Noble Warrior, the Honor is mine."

The council chambers quickly emptied. All were eager to return to their fleets and their Colonies. KaRa and NaNeRa bid their sister farewell and Jenssen remained seated in her bench, scribing down the last of the Council minutes to report to Caesar as he had had to leave before the end of the Council meeting. It was her first official duty as Communication Officer for the Empire. G'uy 'ech - House of G'uy =Klingon Empire=who was assigned Vice-Chancellor of the Empire, had conducted the rest of the meeting. The Heads of Houses were confirmed to be: Caesar 'Emperor - House of Caesar=Klingon Empire=, Tor'Chaajla - House of Tor - =Klingon Empire=, Kreel 'totlh - House of Kreel =Klingon Empire=, Yin'epu=Klingon Empire=House of Yin'Epu,Tr'jen 'ech - House of G'uy=Klingon Empire=Mathias 'Sa - House of Mathias=Klingon Empire=, and Jenssen 'sa' -House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire= and once again the business of the Empire was to be conducted as usual. Burgundy Jenssen was happy she was able to claim her own name, Jenssen, back instead of the Klingon version of it. The crisis of Kor leaving had been averted for now and the Klingon Empire appeared to be off to a good start again. Still there was much to organize and Jenssen knew undoubtedly there would be serious challenges in the near future, as friend and foe tested the waters to see just how calm they really were. As she finished her notes, Grewell approached her, with T'Laurn following a discrete distance behind.

"Captain, we must leave. There is urgent word from Palladio that your presence is needed." Grewell looked agitated.

Jenssen looked up quickly and slid stiffly out of the bench to stand. Her ribs and back sore and complaining with every move, "Trouble?" She asked and saw T'Laurn's stern and solemn look. "Let's go then."


Jenssen quickly signals her ship just outside the Council Chambers, "Jenssen, to Dr Nibbert .  Meet us in the Transporter room, I need some pain killers to keep me on my feet."

The all three exited the Council gates and returned to the Whirlaway to race back to Palladio. Jenssen knew that life under the flag of the Klingon Empire could, at times, be a little bit like a wild roller coaster from Hell, and this ride was just pulling out of the station.

... to be continued...



 Declassified Document - A Danger Lurks


From: Jenssen 'ech -House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=(13700) Time: 06.02.2010 - 23:51

Stardate 201001.24

After the High Council Meeting, Captain Jenssen and the crew of the Whirlaway raced home to Palladio. Reports fly in of hostile action in the area and a lurking evil that threatens all civilizations.

Captain Jenssen is out of breath and seen scrambling about the intelligence centers on Palladio. The new Asteroid has just come on-line and is minimally staffed. Jenssen is barking our order after order in rapid fire to a staff of about 18 crewmen that make up the crew on the new station. Her orders are followed to the letter by her excellent staff. Data flows rapidly over the screens and she instantly reads and organizes it all.

A flashing intelligence message comes in from Tr'jen 'ech -House of G'uy=Klingon Empire=

    Most honorable Jenssen 'ech - House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=,

              I have detected a protion of Drake's fleet!

               He is heading north. His last coordinates were recorded in a sensor buoy.

               He has other ships but they have stayed out of sensor range.

                IKT Klag(SRT) spotted the following at XXX|XXX.

ReD Thermopyl (NCC 42140, Nova) von Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) undocks from SUP - XXX
ReD Thermopyl (NCC 42140, Nova) von Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) docks to SUP - XXX
ReD Thermopyl (NCC 42140, Nova) von Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) activates the deflector

                Qapla'! Sister do what you can with this intelligence! We fear that

                 Trave'ler 'Sogh- House of Yin'epu=Klingon Empire=is currently under attack and

                 Tel'Peh -- Omega INC.--,G'uy 'ech - House of G'uy =Klingon Empire= and you are next

                  in the line of his ships.

Tr'jen 'ech -House of G'uy=Klingon Empire=

Jenssen yells to her comms officer on Diamond Station:

"Marty! Send a subspace message to Klingon's (NPC) Warrior Tho'Pok and invite him to come spend the week with us on Ironsides to watch our next jousting tournament." She smiles mischievously and wickedly, "And tell him I'll refuel his ships. I might even spend a glorious evening with him over dinner if he will come to our colonies. I could even be convinced to put on a dress if he agrees to show up."

"Yes ma'am!" the tall officer replies with the same wicked smile. "Message sent."

Captain Jenssen finishes making defense plans on her refueling station Palladio and hits her Andorian Ice Crystal badge on her chest and activates her comm to the Whirlaway.

"Captain Jenssen to T'Laurn. Transport me up and directly to my quarters T'Laurn and then engage the engines and lay in a course to the IKW Kodiak...we have to get her ready." Jenssen sighs. The new Aither class ship just left dry dock and had not even had a shake down.

Jenssen rematerialize in her quarters on the Whirlaway carrying a data chip full of information. She snaps open her Vulcan encryption console and starts to compose an encoded message to the Great Warrior, Tho'Pok. She had meant to do this earlier but time has not been on her side this week. The time and effort required to keep one step ahead of the dangers surrounding the challenge in the Emergency High Council and Karst's disappearing was wearing on her. She had not gotten to this yet. Now it was time to warn the great Klingons(NPC) Warrior that the items he was so intent on collecting could be the undoing of the galaxy.

The Message Reads as follows:

Most Noble Brave Klingons (NPC) Warrior Tho'Pok:

My earlier message to you was an excuse sent out on subspace for any who would seek to intercept it. This will allow you to come to Palladio to refuel as an open invitation on open channels. I fear I have much more dire reasons for asking you to come. I have retrieved the log Buoy from Dr Karst's ship which was destroyed just days ago outside of Rhulaner space. Dr Karst is gone. We can only assume he and his ship were pulled into the void created when he successfully tested his experimental weapon. The Dominion or what we believe was the Dominion working for someone else, intercepted him just after he had opened a portal. An eyewitness survived just long enough to tell me he had seen Karst destroy the weapon before the Dominion shape shifters could get their hands on it. I reviewed the log buoy we recovered and it confirms that Karst was successful. The data he recorded shows how to assemble the items you have been collecting to build another weapon. I fear if this information falls into the wrong hands the entire galaxy will be at risk.

I know you have been successfully collecting many of the items Dr Karst had been using and have not had success in assembling it. I would offer you this information so you might see just how devastating this weapon is and perhaps you will be convinced to destroy it before it destroys all of us.

But another problem lurks on our horizon. An evil force is laying waste the galaxy around me. My defenses are modest, but no match for his fleets and the resources he plunders for all those he destroys in his wake. The Klingon Empire is in his sights and he is laying waste to my brothers and sisters to the south. I have received logs from our brother Trave'ler 'Sogh- House of Yin'epu =Klingon Empire= which I will attach to the bottom of this message.

I fear if my Colonies fall, this log buoy and all of its information will fall into his hands and with it he will turn it against all the Known Alliances (NPC) and all the galactic alliances and lay waste to this entire galaxy. He is a mad man, so intent on destruction of everything to stroke his own ego; he may indeed get what he wishes. All that will be left are ignorant colonists that have no idea how meaningless their time here will be unless he is stopped.

I have tired to give you a reason to come to visit my system, but I fear one or two ships coming to watch a Jousting Match will not be enough to stop this fleet should it appear here. I also fear for my brothers and sisters who stand between me and the most recent area of destruction by his fleet. I do not want to seem I am asking this for myself only for I would rather die then receive special protection. I will take this log buoy with me if that happens into the black abyss of death, and I shall laugh all the way to my grave so that no one may have this information if it is not placed into proper hands where a greater good for the galaxy can be achieved should it be used.

Qapla Batlh' je Great warrior.

Jenssen 'ech - House of J'Ssen=Klingon Empire=

An all too human Burgundy Jenssen sits back in her chair and encrypts the message. The weight of the last few days catches up to her as she sits alone in the silence of her quarts. Her ever present music is now silent, as she has not had the presence of mind to turn it on. She stares blindly at the computer screen and punches the send button. Then she turns to stare out into space through the view port overlooking the stars that lazily sweep by and beings to weep...not for herself, but for Dr Karst and for those Brother and Sisters in the Klingon Empire who have already fallen and left the galaxy. She weeps for the rest of the innocent civilians in the galaxy that continue to fall to the onslaught of this madman and his fleet, not knowing how futile and meaning less spending their time, credits and energy here to build and settle this quadrant will continue to be. It is a rare, low moment when she knows that day may come all too soon that many more will leave this galaxy one way or another. She is sad for those that will be left behind.

"One pathetic Klingon I'm turning out to be," She mumbles to herself wiping the tears away. "And to think, Friday is my birthday."

Attached file of ship destruction logs from our brother Trave'ler 'Sogh- House of Yin'epu =Klingon Empire=

Trigger Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) Date 24.01.2010 01:13:21
HMS Vulcan (NCC 127952, Venture) von Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) has entered sector XXX/XXX
U.S.S. Thomas Paine raises its shields
Trigger Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) Date 23.01.2010 23:19:26
HMS Vulcan disengages the tractor beam on Traveler Exploration Ship in Sector (XXX).
Trigger Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) Date 23.01.2010 23:19:26
HMS Vulcan (NCC 127952, Venture) von Thomas*Drake -#- CR£ (16164) attacks Traveler Exploration Ship (116526) with Phaser
Traveler Exploration Ship (116526) takes 2(+3) damage, hull integrity is reduced to 0
Traveler Exploration Ship (116526) was destroyed at XXX/XXX




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