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Main Computer Core Failure at Alpha Tau Colonies



From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700)         Time: 17.04.2010 - 09:25

Reposted from SSCN Historical Channel
Stardate:201002.20 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen 'ech House of J'Ssen =Klingon Empire=

The first light of the morning sun streamed into the room, casting a gentle and warm glow across her face. Jenssen woke up and quickly remembered he was still there. She smiled a little sleepily and eased over in the large and plush bed. She was at her modest rural estate on Alpha Tau. She snuggled against his bare back, gently resting her chin on his shoulder so she could run her fingers gently through his auburn brown hair. He sighed, contentedly and snuggled back against her. She traced his jaw and his collarbone out with the back of her fingers very carefully, slowly, so as to not wake him up just yet. She ran her hand down his chest and over his abdominal muscles, breathing in deeply, drinking in the sweet and strong scent, the essence of a true man that she found as intoxicating as good cologne. He stirred, almost awake and turned to face her. She brushed back his bangs and was about to ask him something, when a strange sound erupted outside the room.

It sounded like a strange bird at first but, no, that wasn't it. It was more like an alarm of some kind and she couldn't place it. It was Saturday.  She didn't need to get to the government offices that early today. She wished could just stay here, where it was warm and comforting. She held her breath trying to locate the source of the sound, trying not to alarm him just yet. Jenssen closed her eyes and turned her head and tried to focus on the sound. The world shifted and she felt disoriented as if the room had shifted suddenly. All of the sudden blackness rushed towards her.

Jenssen sat up quickly, alarmed in the blackness, banging her head in the dark....


"Ow! Damn it"... She looked around and realized she was in her quarters on the ITK Whirlaway and was clutching the pillow up to her chest. The dream was fleeing away from her now...what had it been about? It was something warm and gentle and ....


Then Jenssen saw the beams of light cast about in the room and squinted, trying to make out the shape. She sobered quickly, completely awake and then realized her body armor wasn't on. She scrambled to reach for the shelf above her head to locate her disruptor, yelling "Computer Lights!"


That's when she then heard the voice she instantly recognized in the dark, "Captain? Sorry to alarm you. You didn't answer the door chime."

"Damn it, T'Laurn! I was in a sleep of the dead and it was a good dream for once." Jenssen stopped reaching for the disruptor and instead launched the pillow at the tall Vulcan, who just causally caught it and placed it back on the foot of the bed rather unconcerned.


Jenssen quickly scrambled out of her bed and started rummaging about for something more appropriate to wear on the bridge then her nightshirt, which consisted of an ancient sports jersey and baggy gray sweat pants. Jenssen suddenly realized that Whirlaway's engine was powered down. The constant thrum of the ships heart beat couldn't be felt through the soles of her bare feet on the deck. She suddenly realized the emergency lighting was on in the corridor casing a dull gray light outside the open door into the corridor. T'Laurn had apparently opened the door to her quarters manually as it hadn't closed behind her. It quickly dawned on Jenssen that the lights in her room had not snapped on at her command either.

"What's going on? Why are the engines powered down? Where are the lights?" Jenssen asked alarmed.

"We are running on emergency power, in gray mode Captain." T'Laurn handed Jenssen a wrist beacon and Jenssen strapped it to her wrist, quickly moving to the small bathroom alcove in her quarters to change into her Khakis', a black undershirt and maroon savanah shirt. She quickly ran a brush through her long blonde hair and tied it in a loose ponytail at the base of her neck.

T'Laurn continued, "Commander Dorran is working on restoring power. We were hit by a class 7 ion storm at 03:22 hours last night. I placed the Whirlaway in the most protected orbital position in the magnetic field on the lea side of Alpha Tau to avoid most of the damage to the ship and the shields. Captain Montrose on the Secretariat and Captain Rhoades on the Sunday Silence also followed suit and are now making minor repairs as well. There were no injuries to report on any of the ships. The ion storm is continuing towards Angkor and the Asteroid colonies and should pass them within the hour. It has diminished in strength to a class 5 storm, but will undoubtedly impact their communications systems. The main Computer Core on Alpha Tau was seriously damaged. Lt Govenor Zeta'Lyn requests at least four qualified Engineers to help restore all essential Colony Communications on the old core until such time as the main core can be replaced."

"Wow, I can't believe I slept through that. What time is it?" Jenssen pondered as she reached for her black ankle boots and slipped them on over her sliver and garnet ankle bracelet.

"It is now precisely 04:52 hours." T'Laurn replied, her internal chronometer as precise as the main ships computer core.

"Your husband, Commander Stelvok, he would be the best one to handle that old core repair work. He and his team should be done with the information an encryption systems on Palladio by now. Chief Engineer Dorran can probably give him a need hand as old as the main Computer Core is, Stelvok's team will probably need some extra hands. I am hoping we can replace that core very soon. I have an order in with the Dell Confederacy. They are scheduled to deliver that new core soon. Set a course to Palladio as soon as our repairs are finished."

"Yes, Captain. It will be most agreeable to spend some time with Stelvok." T'Laurn quickly added and Jenssen eyed her, knowing T'Laurn, like all Vulcan's, was a touch telepath. Though not in contact with her directly, T'Laurn could still sense some things even at a distance. Jenssen started to wonder just how much of that left over dream fog T'Laurn was picking up from her now.

"I noticed you were not sleeping in your body armor." T'Larun causally remarked and then asked, "What does 'Payton' mean?" As they both headed down the dimly lit cooridor towards Engineering to see how Dorran was coming with the Engines and Emergency Power systems.

"Yeah, well, my ribs were just not healing up fast enough to wear it to bed and it is not really that comfortable to tell you the truth." Jenssen shrugged, "Besides, I just sort of don't feel the need it to wear it on this ship for some reason right now. Maybe its because I know you are on the bridge my friend. Payton? Oh, you mean on that ancient sports jersey? Thats the name of an old Earth sports player on a North American football team called the Chicago Bears. He was one of my father's favorite players, when he used to watch old holoprograms of the games from the 1980's. He was known to be a true warrior on the field, but off the field he was a supporter of many charities.  His nick name was actually 'Sweetness'. It's just a nice tribute to an honorable warrior on the field of the game and a true gentleman off the field....and I happen to like that old jersey."

"Nothing else?" T'Laurn raised an eyebrow at her as they continued down the corridor.

"Nothing else. Drop it T'Laurn." Jenssen dismissed her inquiries with a steely stare as they entered the Engineering bay.

"Yes Burgundy, as you wish." T'Laurn's eyebrow had already reached the edge of her long bangs.  Jenssen knew that she had probably figured out who or what the subject of the dream was now. The two were far too close of friends and both had seen each other through some very troubling times to leave any real doubts. T'Laurn manually pulled open the doors to Engineering with her Vulcan strength and the two cast their wrist beacons around the Engineering deck, tracing the beams along the catwalks.

"Dorran? You doing ok?" Jenssen called up to him as she saw the wrist beacon lights heard a hum of a spanner on a main power junction. Jenssen could just make out his cowboy boots and old blue jeans sticking out of a panel.

"Captain Jenssen! Yeah, we are a busy as the beer tent at a Texas chili competition and about to rake in the profits, just a moment...." Dorran's thick southern Texas drawl echoed with a metallic, almost tin sounding, note through the eerily still Engineering section, "Amelia, try it now gal, flip all those relays..."

"Yes sir, engaging power start up sequence." Amelia's Bostonian accent echoed back against the duranium hull of the ship and a slight whine of plasma ran through the overhead ducting. Dorran scrambled to pull his upper torso out of the power junction and slammed down the cover and quickly counted down "..3..2..1, and the Lord said, let there be LIGHT!"

The floor and ceiling lighting jumped to life, racing down the corridor to chase away the darkness in a well-timed response, to his queue. The main engines roared back the life and the thrum of the warp drive pulsed throughout the decks again. Once again the life beat of the valiant ship was restored to its proper order. Chief Engineer Dorran slid down one of the pylons in the Engineering bay like a fireman on a pole and came to stand in front of T'Laurn with both hands in the air like he had just got done hog-tying a calf at a rodeo.

"1 Hour, 43 minutes 56 seconds." T'Laurn replied to him in response to an apparent bet Dorran had made with her when the storm had damaged the ship in the early hours of the morning.

"What a whole minute and 4 seconds to spare?" Dorran grinned back at her, " up, T'Laurn, the recipe for Vulcan's closet thing to southern grits! Sorry Captain," He quickly nodded to Jenssen, "It's a matter of professional pride here."

Jenssen just laughed at her two officers' banter.

"Very well. I'll send it to your private logs." T'Laurn replied stoically.

"Repairs are complete on Whirlaway Captain," Chief Engineer Larry Dorran responded quickly without having to be asked. The tall Texan knew his Captain would want an update immediately.

"Good, we're going to Palladio to pick up Commander Stelvok and his Engineering team to bring back to Alpha Tau. The old main computer core needs a little TLC until the new core arrives from the Dell Confederacy. I want you to join them to restore colony communications."

"No problem, I'm yer' man." Dorran quickly replied, "We'll crawl all over that old core like a mess of baby 'possums. It'll  be up and running for the woodshed in no time." He drawled.

"Good, we leave as soon as I make it to the bridge." Jenssen smiled and nodded to him, "Good morning, Ms. Noble, good work as usual you two. Where is Crewman B'Rell Brams?"

"Aye Captain, it was nothing. B'Rell's already in the mess hall...He thought he'd get breakfast going for us since we knew we had this done about 15 minutes ago." Amelia Noble called down, smiling as she leaned over the catwalk to acknowledge her Captain, all the while casually flipping a hyperwrech end to end in her hand with the skill of an expert juggler. If she had been an old-fashioned car mechanic instead of a Wrap Specialist, Jenssen could see her in a pair of bib overalls with a red bandana sticking out of the side pocket, blowing huge bubbles with pink bubble gum while grinning ear to ear with a grease smear across her forehead. Her short red-blonde hair was flying wildly after spending the past hour and nearly 45 minutes rushing around helping Dorran win his bet, "You better share that recipe with me Larry Dorran!" Amelia shouted at him, pointing the hyperwrench at him.

"Well tell B'Rell Brams and Ensign Adams fine work for me too." Jenssen called back knowing that as a Trill B'Rell and Brams was two individuals in one body and together they were the best Power Distribution Expert she could find for her ship. Ensign E'mund Adams, her Bajorian Engineering Technician and back up Helms' man was also probably already done with his part in Engineering and likely to be in the mess hall as well.

"Will do, by the way, Ensign E'mund Adams said he would check in with Crewman Karmen Baxter in the armory on his way to find some coffee, to making sure the rest of the targeting sensor relays were juiced up." Amelia smiled back.

Jenssen nodded, Crewman Baxter was the ship's Weapons Support Specialist Reporting in to her Security Chief Tellis.

"Lt. Commander Yar'Kal also reports that Navigation and Stellar Cartography are unaffected Captain." T'Laurn reported in for the Romulan officer who reported to her. He was the ship's other Science Specialist for the night shift. "Tellis and Jrell are on the bridge running final diagnostics on all systems. We should be ready to be underway to Palladio in less then 10 minutes."

"Super. Sounds like everyone has things well in hand and my place is back on the bridge, sitting in the command chair, sipping a steaming mug of mint tea, checking in with the other fleet Captain's to see how the rest of the colonies are doing after the storm and in general, staying out of everyone's way. Excellent work everyone." Jenssen smiled at her top-notch crew. She couldn't ask for a finer bunch on her ship.

Jenssen and T'Laurn snapped off their wrist beacons and headed to the bridge to determine the extent of damage to the entire Colony infrastructure and factory production, check in with all Jenssen's Ship Captains as well as get in contact with Governor Kelran at New Angkor to see how the unique Rock world and surrounding Asteroid colonies faired from their brush with the Ion Storm.

to be continued....
(more to come as I introduce my crew of the Whirlaway and cover my computer failure a week ago well as set up for a RP with FED NPC.


 Declassifed Documents 

 New Computer Core on Alpha Tau - up and running


From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700)         Time: 17.04.2010 - 09:35

Reposted from SSCN Historical Channel
Stardate: 201002.20 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen 'ech House of J'Ssen =Klingon Empire=

Stardate: 201002.20 -- 03:15 hours AM - Location Government Complex on New Angkor Colonies

Governor Kelran, a tall blue Andorian is sitting in his governmental offices in the early hours of the morning. His aide manning the nightly comm stations had sent him an urgent alert to his home and then started the process of contacting the staff. It is still very dark. The moonless night could be seen out the window of this unique ancient rock world, but all was quiet here outside and the sky was clear. The stars shown like jewels in all their glory but did not foretell of the impending source of danger heading towards his location. An urgent message was blinking on his console.

Kelran punched open the audio file, decrypted the message and allowed it to play quietly in the dark and still offices. His staff was due to arrive at any moment after the alert this morning.

"Governor Kelran, this is Commander T'Laurn of the IKT Whirlaway. We have a class 7 ion storm approaching the Alpha Tau Colonies. On its current vector, it will continue through the sectors surrounding Palladio, New Angkor, and the asteroid colonies. This is a dangerous storm and it is knocking out communications and defense systems along its path. Inform your colonies to set all defenses on Red Alert since once the storm passes our defenses will be unable to detect any ships or pirates that might take advantage of this phenomenon. We calculate that by the time it arrives at your sector it will still be a class 5 storm. Take precautions to protect all electronic data and secure your secondary communications channels. We will be back in contact with you after the storm has passed. I will be alerting Captain Jenssen as soon as she is awake. T'Laurn Out. "

Kelran sat back in his chair with a sigh, knowing there would be little rest for him this weekend. He set about the required business to alert the Asteroid Colonies to follow suit. He sent a short note to Commander Martin "Marty" Stiles at Palladio to confirm they had also received a message and then left the offices to see to setting up New Angkor's communications systems for the onslaught of the ion storm. Kelran realized was going to be a very business morning in a few hours.

Three hours later in the offices of New Angkor, Kelran was in the middle of a noisy meeting with several computer and communications specialists and the regions Defense Ministers assessing the damage to the communications systems, when a aide rushed in with a hand held back up communications node with what was an obviously a message from a very irate ship captain recorded on the playback.

"Governor Kelran, an urgent message from a Federation Ship in high orbit above New Angkor sir...The defense grid shows the ship is still in the region, but not directly above the planet anymore. I don't think she's very happy." The aide handed him the communications pad and a hand held back up transmitter to contact the ship and ducked back out of the room on other urgent business.

Kelran hit the replay button the message and a garbled screen showed bits and pieces of an internal video sensor of a ship on Red Alert. The message played as follows:

The USS Endeavor have send New Angkor in Sector xxx/xxx a message:
...incoming transmission...
...source: USS Endeavor...

A human female stands on the bridge of a Galaxy Class vessel. The bridge crew are tensely working at their stations as red lighting fills the room, flashing.

"This is Captain Solyoneva of the USS Endeavor. We were hit by an EMP surge, upon investigation we found one of your EMP mines to be the source. It was "dismantled" to prevent further damage to other vessels passing this area.

We will not pursue this matter but I hope for your sake there will be no further hostilities upon this vessel. I will consider this particular incident an accident.

That is all. Solyoneva out."

The screen cuts to the United Federation of Planets emblem.
...end of transmission...



Kelran sighed. This was exactly what he had hoped wouldn't happen.
Kelran triggered the back up transmitter and began talking to the monitor in a serious and professional tone:

A Message from the Angkor Colonies is seen flashing on the comm screen of the USS Endeavor. A tall and distinguished Andorian male is dressed in the robes of a Govenor of New Angkor. He is standing in a very ornately decorated rock structure looking like ancient ruins in the Old Earth Country of Cambodia. There are massive old roots of trees seen in the carved rock walls. Some of the roots are petrified but others look very much alive. The office is obviously one of an important Government official. He turns with his blue face and stark white hair towards the viewscreen and his antennae wave in irritation at the news of the destruction of his colony defenses. He speaks with a strong Andorian accent but using Federation Standard English to honor the Captain of the Federation Vessel.

"Captain Solyoneva of the Federation Ship Endeavor, I am Governor Kelran of the Alpha Tau Colony world New Ankgor.  It is unfortunate you have run into one of our many colony defenses. We have been watching for raiders in this area and our Colony defenses are on high alert. We have also been experiencing many computer difficulties due to a large class 5-ion storm that has swept through our colonies. Our main control and warning system has been out for the better part of the morning and our colonies are seriously low on supplies and energy. We have not been able to properly reset our defenses to yellow alert which is why you probably encountered one of our defensive mines active. We ask that you do not enter the high orbits or areas surrounding our planets or asteroids without prior notification or without proposing a NAP with us. We all like to live in peace here, but unfortunately the threat of raids makes that rather difficult."

"The destruction of our defenses was not necessary. We have been and always will be a generous colony. We have in the past offered to repair or help those who might stumble innocently across our EMP defenses. That is why we use these EMP mines instead of weapons of mass destruction. These mines do not permanently damage a ship nor do they cause serious casualties to the crews, but they do allow us to see who is lingering around our planets so that more drastic measures can be taken if our Colony Leader, Captain Burgundy Jenssen, so commands it."

"I would ask that you please compensate us for the destruction of our defenses so that we might rebuild it and continue to offer a safe harbor for those in the area who do seek to engage in honorable trade with our Colonies. We would be happy to do the same for your ship that lost power or offer repairs should that be required."

"If you would like to visit our worlds, take time to join us for a jousting contest on Ironsides, or discuss matters of the galaxy further with Madam Jenssen, I am sure that can be arranged. I am also quite confident she would welcome you to our Colonies since she was a former member of Star Fleet herself many years ago. I only ask that if you do decide to visit us, you send a message first so that we can make sure to stand down our defenses before your arrival."

"Good day and godspeed honorable Federation Captain Solyoneva. Govenor Kelran out."

The message fades to black as the Andorian sit back down a his computer terminal to send a message to Captain Burgundy Jenssen that she will need to replace the EMP defenses around Angkor when she has the opportunity to do so.

Kelran is just finishing up his message to Captain Jenssen when the back up transmitter begins to signal an incoming message. He puts his audio message on hold to see if this is from the Captain of the Federation NPC ship. He sees indeed it is and quickly hopes the matter is resolved so he can conclude his report to Jenssen with positive news.

...incoming transmission...
...source: USS Endeavor...

Captain Solyoneva stands before the screen again. The bridge crew are less tentative now and the red lighting has changed to the customary lighting on the bridge.

"Captain Solyoneva speaking again. I apologize for our actions, however I implore you to understand that we were unaware this was your territory and therefore unaware there were defensive facilities in place. In future, please forewarn vessels of your territory boundries, we cannot take responsibility for setting off your mines without being warned of their presence."

"No compensation to your colony or my vessel will be given. The matter in my eyes is closed. This vessel will avoid all ship signatures and colonies within an 8 sector radius of New Angkor and be on its way."

"Good day to you, Govenor Kelran. Solyoneva out."

The screen cuts to the United Federation of Planets emblem.

...end of transmission...

Kelran smiles and finishes his message to Captain Jenssen, then encrypts it and hits the send command. He and his aide head off to breakfast and to the rest of the days busy schedule to bring the Colony's communications systems on line.








Meanwhile in another area of the Alpha Tau Colonies.

Commander T'Laurn and Captain Jenssen enter the bridge of the Whirlaway. T'Laurn takes her position at the Science Station and Jenssen moves towards the command center, holding a steaming mug of mint tea in her hand.

"Morning Captain Jenssen." Commander Tellis, Jenssen's Security Officer, nods at her as she enters the bridge.

"Morning Tellis, anything to report?" She smiles at him as she takes a seat in the Captains chair.

"No, ma'am, so far other then several random eletronics failures, system wide communications damage and the interruption in plasma flow to the engines here, there was little damage across all the colonies. It was after all and ion storm. Those only really affect electronic equipment, not planet surfaces." Tellis happily reports.

Jenssen nods, satisfied the worst of the problems are over.

"Morning Captain." Jrell, the blue Bolian Helmsman turns to smile at her with his shiny blue-white teeth in his boyishly round, bald, head. "Today we will be cursing at a comfortable speed of Warp 6 to Palladio. The space ahead looks little bumpy, with remnants of Ion turbulence. Your pilot is recommending you keep your inertial dampener on until the pilot turns off the warning light. Remember this is a non-smoking flight. The emergency escape pods are located both to the rear and aft of the ship. Today's entertainment will be audio selections from audio disk 32, including the Best of Queen, Lady Gaga, and selection from the Bolain Opera 'Bluration'. The weather on Palladio today is a balmy...."

"All right smart-ass, just take us out of orbit....." Jenssen smiles back with a mischievous grin over the top of her mug of tea, waving a dismissing hand at Jrell. Jrell turns with a stifled laugh and punches the ship out of orbit of Alpha Tau. Within 20 minutes they are pulling into orbit above Palladio.

"We have entered orbit of Palladio Captain." Jrell reports in a merry voice, singing along with the Bolian Opera.

"T'Laurn, will you see to Stelvok's team?" Jenssen turns towards T'Laurn, knowing that the Vulcan not only welcomed the chance to see her husband again, but would be relieved to leave the bridge while Jrell is singing Bolian Opera.

"Immediately Captain." T'Laurn replies almost too quickly for an unemotional Vulcan, as she glares at the back of Jrells bald blue head. "I may have to seek the medical attention of Dr Nibbert for acute tinnitus if I remain much longer."

T'Laurn exits the bridge just as an urgent communications comes in over subspace.

Tellis quickly informs Jenssen, "Captain, there is an urgent message from Governor only." Jenssen turns and wave at him to play it before he can complete his sentence. They both know that the ion storm has caused communications problems all over the Colonies. "Playing it now." Tellis finishes.

The message audio plays as follows:

"Captain Jenssen: Hopefully this message finds you in good order after the ion storm. I need to inform you that the Federation NPC Ship USS Endeavor struck one of our EMP mines around New Angkor before we could warn it out of our orbital space. We could not stand down the mine from Red Alert status without our defense systems after the storm. The [palyer:4] ship destroyed the mine not knowing of our colonies location, or the intent of our fleet. I have informed the Federation Captain of our communications and defense problems after the ion storm and apologized for the damage to her ship. I have also offered repairs and requested compensation for the destruction of the mine. She has refused both, but has informed her superiors of our colony location. I have stressed with her that she and any other Federation vessel need to notify us before entering our sector. I believe this should prevent any accidental reoccurrence of such incidents. I have wished the Federation Captain good journeys, but you will need to send the appropriate supplies to replace the defense grid. I have sent transcripts of our discussions to your personal logs for your review. I hope that will give you the necessary details of the situation should further negotiations need to be established with the Federation. Regards, Governor Kelran."

Jenssen nodded to Tellis while, listening to the message end, "Send Kelran my thanks for his diplomatic answer and let him know I will send supplies to rebuild the defenses shortly."

"Yes Captain." Tellis quickly replied. "Also Captain, T'Laurn reports from the transporter room that Stelvok and his team are ready to depart and that the Dell Confederacy had been trying to deliver our new Computer Core to Alpha Tau just this morning but had to divert to Palladio due to the ion storm. Commander Stelvok has the new Computer Core and we are ready to go back to Alpha Tau to install it. We should be up and running with the new core within a week." Tellis beamed happily.

"Well, I guess there really is such a thing as a silver lining to every ion storm." Jenssen returned the merry atmosphere on the bridge with a Cheshire Cat smile again, looking at her efficient crew and colonists as well as feeling the pride in the professional response to the Federation from her trusted Governor.

"Jrell, take us back to Aplha Tau....lets get this new core up and running ASAP."

"Yes ma'am!" Jrell answered, punching controls to take them back to the Colony Headquaters then jogged the audio recording to the 'Best of Queen'. Strains of the song 'I want it all, and I want it now...' filled the bridge as Burgundy Jenssen took a seat at the command chair to finish her mint tea.


The End -- stay tuned for another adventure of Captain Jenssen and the crew of the Whirlaway in the upcoming weeks



 Tribute to Skyraider- Player 26115




From:  Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 17.04.2010 - 19:16

Reposted from SSCN Historical Channel
Stardate:201003.02 - Captain's Log's of Jenssen 'ech House of J'Ssen =Klingon Empire=

Captain Burgundy Jenssen 'ech - House of J'Ssen =Klingon Empire= is sitting on the bridge of the IKT Whirlaway typing away furiously on her data pad. It is obvious she is working on something of rather high importance as she sits in her traditional black sleeveless shirt and khaki cargo pants. The Whirlaway is cruising though Alpha Tau space carrying out typical goods movements and other mundane colony tasks.

"This darn presentation to the Federations Economics and Resource Mobilization council this week is really a tough one." Jenssen mutters to herself, "There is just so much that needs done to make this new system safe for their government and for the people working in the plant and they just do not have the resources on Qallaptta to do it in time. How's this sound T'Laurn? ...Given the large energy and capital cost of upgrading the replication systems and modifying the system to accommodate both the safety factors as well as the material costs, it's a far better option to outsource the materials from the Nevndai for a set contract of 3 years while the Qallaptta can develop their own technology. The Nevndai already possess the technological upgrades, though it would be necessary to test the system for the quality specifications that the Qallaptta have and verify the output can match the desired.... Jenssen looks up as an urgent signal starts to sound on Tellis's Comm Pannel.

"Captain, your conclusions given my limited knowledge of the situation sounds logical, but I would have to know more of the details to confirm your assessment..." T'Laurn quickly replies in agreement with Jenssen's presentation materials.

"Good, I was starting to wonder if I'd ever get this presentation done in time for this week's Federation Conference." Jenssen sets down her data pad as Tellis nods at her.

"Captain, it's a com signal from our neighbor SkyRaider - 26115. He urgently wants to speak with you with a minimum of others hearing him." Tellis continues.

"Hmmm ask him if my current four bridge staff, myself, you, T'Laurn and Jrell here is ok...think the four of us can keep what ever he has to relay quiet." Jenssen smiles knowing her most trusted staff would keep anything they hear confidential under her orders.

"He agrees, transferring the communications to the main screen." Tellis responds and the main view screen transfers over to a scene of a tall furry coated humanoid that looks a little like a flying squirrel. He has a small foxy nose and little pointed ears as well as a membrane of fine skin running the length of his body between his elbows and knees. His species apparently had the ability to fly at one point, but Jenssen suspected that ability had been lost a long time ago. His name Skyraider was the closest translation the universal translator could come up with the first time they talked and he found it humorous enough to keep it. But today, as the view screen switched to his image, it was a frightening sight. He had part of his head and one ear bandaged and there were parts of his skin sloughing off his head and face. His flyers membrane looked pale and drained and he was very thin looking. Jenssen quickly stood and faced the view screen in alarm.

"Skyraider, are you ok my friend?" Jenssen asked quickly assessing his condition. "I know that my friends in the Terran Empire MACOs raided you a few weeks ago. I've replaced those goods but it looks like you have been attacked again. Is there anything we can do to assist you?"

"No, Captain Jenssen, thank you for your concern. We were not attacked. I and my colonists thank you for your kindness and replacing our lost goods from last week as well. We had need of them and they have helped us in this troubling time. Unfortunately, we started the colonization of a new Moderate World earlier this month and came across a very troubling problem. A virus of sorts infected our colony. The closest thing we can find to it is the Human Ebola Virus. It's killing us Madam Jenssen and we are now helpless to stop it."

"SkyRaider - 26115, I will send my best scientist and physicians to help you. You do know that even on Earth we never found a cure for the Ebola virus in humans. We only eliminated it by finding a cure and vaccination for it in the year 2279 in the host animals. Have you found the source of the virus?"

Skyraider shook his head. "Captain Jenssen, we have tired to find the host, but it is too late. We do not have time now to find a cure. We are a small colony, only a 580 of my species resides here in the Delta Quadrant and we are all infected. It has even spread to the colony in our large asteroid belt. The progression of the disease is rapid once symptoms start to show up. It has taken three weeks for the first symptoms to appear, but after that, stage two and three of the disease are typically quick.  Within two more weeks, most of my colonists will enter stage three which is very painful and terminal. I don't think this virus can spread to other species, at least it doesn't appear to affect Human cells or Klingon cells as we started there looking for an antibody for this virus. Still you should make sure to run a transporter check and decontamination cycle on any goods you take from our planets. I would also think you should burn the colony to the ground if you find a species that wants to colonize these planets after we are gone. I didn't want to ask this of you, but we have little time now and I know you have lived with Klingons long enough I think you will grant this for me."

Jenssen clenched her jaw. She didn't like the sound of this now and she had a bit of a pit in her stomach about what she was afraid his request was going to be, but she couldn't help but ask softly. "What are you asking of me Skyraider?"

"Captain Jenssen, Burgundy, my ship captains and some of their crew do not want to die a lingering death. They have come here seeking adventure and fortune and they wish to die in battle like the glorious Klingons do. They have heard your stories of the Great THE KLINGON EMPIRE and they know their time is short. They want to be remembered as warriors and go out in glory. Will you grant this?"

Jenssen slowly backed up to her Captain's chair and sat down, quietly with her hands in her lap, contemplating what he was asking of her before she looked up at his again, "Skyraider, you are asking me to commit genocide; to kill off an entire race. If I destroy your deuterium tankers, ore collectors, your colony transports, you will not be able to get the resources your colony needs. You are asking me to kill an entire population in your colony settlement. I'm not a murderer Skyraider."

"Yes, we know, Captain Jenssen. You have been so kind to us here on our new worlds, one of the few in this quadrant to try to give us assistance when we needed it. We understand that you are still human and do not see this as an act of kindness for us as we do, but you are not killing us as we see it. We are already dead. This disease will kill us all eventually. You are sparing us a death far worse by doing this. I am only asking you spare us the agony of this disease. I, myself, am almost in stage three of the disease and I can tell you, standing here today is getting very difficult. I and my colonists are willing to give you all the supplies from our factories and our planets until the production stops in exchange for your help now. Once production stops you will know all the rest of our population has died and you should clear the colonies of this disease. Our colonist on the surface have decided to stay at their jobs and with their families until the time comes for them. Our ship captains and crews wish to die at their posts. Would you please grant this for them?" Skyraider was begging her now, his body shivering with the effort to stand and face her and colony leader to colony leader. Jenssen could see he had spent many sleepless nights to come to this decision and the progress of the disease and the responsibility for his settlers was taking its toll. The bandage around his ear was seeping and orangish blood, soaking through the bandage even as he tried to stop it. It was very clear he did not have much time left.

"Captain?" T’Laurn started, "If might suggest, his request is logical...."

Jenssen's steely glance at her Vulcan friend was enough to quiet her. "Yes, I know T'Laurn. I am very familiar with the differences in cultural aspects of death from many different species. I know Vulcan's are not opposed to suicide when there is no hope for a cure to a disease or in the instance that the body is aged and in pain so much that death is a release. I know Klingons wish to die in a glorious battle. It just is not what I believe. As a human every moment of life is a precious gift, something to fight for every breath and live to the fullest every moment. To see the golden sunrise of a new day over the cliffs of Sarabrande one more listen to a favorite piece of music upon the last breath...that is what being human is about. To fight for every day you are graced with, to live every moment high on life, and make memories that no matter how fleeting, are part of you always. When faced with troubling times, you continue fighting on because it is the right thing to do. That thought saved me in some of my darkest times as you know T'Laurn."

T'Laurn nodded. She knew all too well Jenssen was referring to their time in Helix 46 as Jenssen continued, "But I know that this is not the way with all races and I have not come out here into space to impose my will on others, but to honor our differences."

Jenssen sat quietly for a moment in thought. "Ok SkyRaider, I will do as you ask." She responded quietly.

"Thank you Captain, on behalf of my colony, I know this is not easy for you. If you will, could you bring a large fleet so that my Captain Squaelk of the ore transport can have a glorious battle with your valiant crew. He so wanted to have a chance of a true fight here in space and he has not had that opportunity."

"Ok, Skyraider, I will have Captain Vel'Tera of the IKW Kodiak engage him and Captain Hazelton of the WASP Grodt fleet engage your other ships. I will order my ships to keep their shields down since your ships are no match for them. This way any hit your Captains might get on our ships will leave a lasting scratch on our hulls to remember you by. I hope this will be a sufficient way to honor their bravery." Jenssen smiled weakly at him, knowing it was little comfort to he crew that they would be killing ships that had no way to defend themselves against this type of fleet.

"Oh yes, that would be most agreeable Captain." Skyraider almost seemed happy by the offer she had presented him. "And if I might also request....can you take my Colony ship last? I will be here on the bridge when she is destroyed and perhaps I will have the glory of commanding your fleet for this final blow then?"

Jenssen swallowed hard. "Yes can be arranged. When do you wish us to start?"

"Oh, within the hour would be most agreeable. I will inform my ship captains and follow you to send them all off to clouded treeskys Treakaka!" Skyraider seemed almost relieved that this would be over soon. "I will contact you when we are all set. Skyraider out."

The screen faded to black and was replaced by the star field.

"Jrell, bring us about and put us on a course for SkyRaider’s Colony." Jenssen spoke softly to him, hardly believing she was giving the commands. "Tellis, contact Captain Hazelton and Captain Vel'Tera, tell them what is going on and have them meet us at Skyraider's colonies. Until then I will be in my quarters." Jenssen silently stood and left the bridge. She quietly walked to her quarters wondering if she had made the right decision. She never wanted to be a cold-blooded killer and definitely not someone in command of the destruction of a whole colony. Yet who was she to judge the traditions of other races? The Klingons would find Skyraider's request honorable. Vulcans would also understand his logic, but humans and the Admirals she had once reported too in Starfleet would again tell her she had no business being in command with decisions like this.

Engineering, calculating numbers and angles, moments and vectors was so much easier then leading or commanding a colony. Engineering solutions had right and wrong answers. Either what you put together worked or it didn't, but command, command was all these shades of gray and there sometimes was no "right" answer. Perhaps those old Fleet Admirals were right...she wasn't cut out for command.

Three hours later Jenssen is back on the bridge of the Whirlaway. All of Skyraider's ships except his Colony ship, had been destroyed in a short and decidedly one-sided battle. The brave captain of his Ore transport actually scored a hit on the hull of the IKW Kodiak and Vel'Tera howled in a Klingon operatic fashion making a show of her indignation at his insolence to give him the satisfaction of knowing his bravery would be honored by the Klingons on the Kodiak as they sent is tiny ship into oblivion. All that was left now was the Colony ship and all weapons were trained on it waiting for the final words between Skyraider and Captain Jenssen.

Jenssen sat quietly at her Captain's chair on the Whirlaway. All ship comms were linked so that all veiwscreen of her Grodt and Aither fleet could see and hear Skyraider’s final words to her. Jrell had softly piped in Beethoven’s Symphony #6 in "F" Ops 68 "Pastoral" V. Allegretto as a tribute to Skyraider.

"Captain Jenssen," Skyraider started, "I thank you for your understanding and personally bid you the very best fortune in this quadrant. Your valiant crews have honored us with their professionalism and now it is time to end this. Again, we cannot thank you for your continued kindness. Q'apla!" Skyraider saluted her with a practiced Klingon salute that looked so foreign to his race that Jenssen couldn't help but smile a little bit at his bravery and audacity in the face of death.

"When you are ready then Skyraider, my crews await your command." Jenssen nodded as she replied, looking Skyraider squarely in the eye with a silent salute to his bravery.

"To all ships of the glorious Alpha Tau Fleets, this is Commandant Skyraider of the Colony ship Tribute, Fire at will!" He solidly commanded and his bridge staff stood quickly at attention at their posts behind him, all of them showing various states of the disease killing them.

The ships of Alpha Tau Fleets opened fire upon his command and the main view screens showed the bridge of the Tribute erupt in multiple explosions. Shrapnel scattered in so many directions at once it blurred the view of Skyraider and his crew that undoubtedly perished quickly in as the vacuum of space filled the destroyed bridge. The viewscreen quickly went dark with the secondary explosion from the ship’s engines. There were no cries in the dark this time to haunt her dreams, as there was no oxygen left in Skyraider's ships to draw breath.

Jenssen was starting at her boots on the bridge as she softly commanded, "Tellis, order the fleet to stand down and resume their previous duties. Jrell set a course to that Federation Conference I have to attend. I'll be in my quarters finishing this Engineering Presentation."

Jenssen quietly and solemnly stood and exited the bridge, heading to her quarters. There was no sense of satisfaction for this empty victory today. It was a mercy killing, nothing more. Jenssen's heart ached for the loss of such a brave soul in the galaxy even though she didn’t know him all that well. Skyraider had earned her respect in the few moment it took for him to order his own death at the hands of her capable fleet. Jenssen entered her dark quarters and sat down at the computer terminal at the desk that had a view of the stars outside the small viewport in her quarters.

"Godspeed, noble SkyRaider - 26115." She whispered to the stars out the viewport of her quarters as she turned back to work on her presentation. Even after the successful installation of her new main computer core in the main core complex at the Alpha Tau Colonies this weekend, this was already shaping up to be a very bad week ....

to be continued....

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