Humbly Before the House of Mathias




 Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700)

Time: 13.04.2010 - 05:09

Approximate Stardate: 200911.24:

It was a cold and blustery day on the bear rock world as Jenssen and Grewell made their way up to the tritanium door at the House of Mathias compound. Jenssen was dressed in a newly crafted Klingon armored uniform of the THE KLINGON EMPIRE. Grewell had spoken of her honor and her industrial skills in High Council enough that Kor - Chancellor of the Empire had seen it fit to grant her protection of the mighty THE KLINGON EMPIRE, if she could secure a position in the House of Mathias. Grewell had set up the arrangement for her to meet Mathias and had coached her on the traditional petition to join his house well. Jenssen had practiced diligently, not knowing what to expect.

Grewell pounded on the large door to the complex and a large Klingon Warrior, equal to Grewell in stand and build opened and gate and grunted at them to enter. He was aware they were coming and undoubtedly the surveillance sensors had already alerted Mathias to their presence.

They entered the chambers and found Mathias standing behind a large rock desk. He was a tall, well-muscled, human with tussled brown hair and a scar running off the corner of his left eye. He was reputed to be a hardened human who had lived many years with the Klingons in this secluded sector in space. Mathias smiled at Jenssen as she entered the chambers ahead of Grewell. Jenssen squared her shoulders and resolutely walked across the short space between the door and the desk Mathias was standing at, coming to a poised halt before him.

Jenssen stared at this human before her, trying to gauge his response to her standing here, in front of him. Both of them far from their own home world of old Earth. Jenssen resolutely got down on one knee before him and began her petition to join his House as expected by Klingon Traditions.

"Most honorable Mathias’ sa House of Mathias =Klingon Empire=, I, Burgundy Jenssen, known now in the Klingon Empire as J’Ssen, petition to join your house. I pledge my alliance and services to the noble House of Mathias. I humbly seek the wisdom and guidance of those within your house to better my fleets and my economies. I pledge my resources and ships to help defend the Empire from all threats. May my death or the death of my crews and the use of my resources bring honor to your House. I only ask that you release me from my oath when it is clear my services are no longer required or should my services be required in other parts of the Empire."

Mathias smiled even wider at her seriousness. He slowly came around the desk to sit on the edge of and peer down at her. He was making a point of letting her squirm a little under his sharp eyes before he spoke. He gazed up and down at Grewell as well as the unmoving J’Ssen on her knee before him. Jenssen looked up, waiting to know if she had done or said something wrong. Mathias then laughed, a completely human sound of total amusement.

"Of course you are welcome to join my House, J’Ssen’sogh House of Mathais =Klingon Empire= . Your reputation and your honor precede you. Come, let’s have a drink and discuss your place in the order of my house. I hear you have some fine communications skills that might be useful to keep me informed of happenings in the Empire. Grewell, please join us."

Mathias waved his hand towards a seating area. It already had been set with three tall mugs of Bloodwine and a small selection of Klingon delicacies set out to greet them in a Human tradition then a Klingon one. Jenssen quickly understood that Mathias had already made up his mind to accept her into his house well before she had started with her pledge. Still Jenssen felt obligated to uphold Klingon traditions and the honor of her oath. Jenssen gracefully stood and followed Mathias to the small alcove overlooking the windswept canyons of the rock world. Today was indeed a good day to talk about the future....



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