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 Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 12.04.2010 - 07:32

Approximate Stardate: 200910.20

The A.T.C. Victoria, eased into orbit around the pristine "Minshara" class world at the coordinates which were exactly as promised by Robic Fleet Labs . The uncolonized world was untouched by any sentient race. Surrounding it were several systems that had extensive planetary resources as well as several nebulas with useful forms of energy well within range of the quiet little world. Jenssen smiled, thinking about her own pioneering ancestors who had come to America in the early 1900's. They had build a home on the vast farmlands of the Old Earth State of Indiana. She couldn't help but think that pioneering spirit had followed her here as her efficient crew started surveying the planet for an appropriate location for a headquarters.

"Status Commander T'Laurn." Jenssen fell back into her old Starfleet habits quickly on the bridge and cursed herself the moment she said it in a formal command tone, "Sorry, T'Laurn old habits die hard."

"No apology necessary 'Captain Jenssen'.  It is only logical for you to utilize the most efficient and effective means of command at your disposal, as you are the leader of this new Colony. You should take advantage of all your previous training to benefit this new world and all its future inhabitants." T'Laurn replied quickly with a raised eyebrow that tucked itself up under her long bangs. T'Laurn's almost unreadable expression betrayed a brief touch of humor at the situation as she continued, "Scans show a vast ecosystem of a typical Minshara class world. There is adequate water, land, mountain, desert and polar caps. I have located a suitable set of coordinates on the equatorial area for a Headquarters building."

"You are probably right as usual T'Laurn." Jenssen replied to her tall and thin Vulcan friend. T'Laurn was a mid-aged Vulcan of nearly 115 years old.  She was dressed smartly in a light tan desert soft suit that offset her hazel-green eyes. She too had been a member of Starfleet, but now her hair was much longer then regulation. Both T'Laurn and Jenssen had left Starfleet at the same time. It had almost been 12 years now since the two of them had been on a bridge of a starship, any ship, together. T'Laurn's long hair fell around her shoulders in a wavy black cascade, like a silent waterfall over volcanic rock. The Vulcan’s sharply angled features made her quite attractive. Her pointed ears, almost give her a soft, elf-like quality, but her eyes were wise and sharp, hinting at the intelligence and fierce strength she really possessed. As a Vulcan, she was generally peaceful by nature, but both T'Laurn and Jenssen had a very dangerous quality about them which all the new colonists not only respected but were counting on to help them conquer the challenges ahead and pioneer this new world.

"Ok, let's see those coordinates. Jrell, bring us about into a geosynchronous orbit over the coordinates." Jenssen commanded her blue Bolian helmsman.

"Yes Ma'am!" Jrell hummed. He was quite a jovial fellow, almost boyish looking even with his completely bald head. Jenssen smiled, as she knew he had a fondness for any kind of music and the louder the better. Jrell had been their entertainment director for the colony ship on the long journey to the Delta Quadrant. Jenssen was sure he would figure prominently in any recreational event that might come up at the colony in the years ahead.

The colony ship eased into orbit and suddenly a small scout ship appeared in the view screen.

"What in the heck!" Jenssen yelled, "Hail that ship! These coordinates are supposed to be classified!"

"He's hailing us Captain." Commander Tellis, a tall, strong but strappingly young male Alpha Centurian quickly replied.

"On screen!" Jenssen snapped, as she whirled around on the bridge of the Victoria to see the face of a very young looking lad dressed in jeans and a t-shirt addressing her.

"Aha, Lady Jenssen...I'm here to help you set up your colony." He smiled.

"Excuse me? You are here to do what?" Jenssen almost laughed at the sight of the young lad.

"Yeah, well I'm here to be your First Step Manager. I'll be needing a list of all your resources, your colony plans, the coordinates of your principle worlds, that sort of thing. " His finger flew over the controls of the scout ship as it executed a delicate arc over the bow of the A.T.C.Victoria to come along side.

"Ah, just how did you find out about us coming here to settle this world and sorry, I didn't catch your name." Jenssen squinted at the viewscreen trying to figure out how in the galaxy this young lad had known about her arrival here at this new world.

"Robic Fleet Labs  told me. I'm Jarm’en, Jarm'en Kell Fleet Labsand I'm here to help you." The young lad grinned ear to ear.

"The information you’re requesting is rather sensitive Mr. Kell. How do I know you are not going to sell my coordinates or set me up for some rather unpleasant visitors in the future? I'm not so sure I want to share that information with you." Jenssen countered.

"That's not what a FSM does Ma'am, but all you have to go on is my word, so well, ok I understand if you don't trust me. You just met me...I'm just offering my services, well not that kind of services Ma'am, but you know, I'm considered a bit of a wiz in the building of huge economies and quick access to research. I have access to databases around the quadrant, but it's your choice. Really can't stress enough how important a First Step Manager is." The young lad looked a little rejected as he poised his fingers above the controls of his scout ship to warp off into the distance just in case Jenssen insisted he leave.

Jenssen laughed, "Oh what the hell, you only live once...Ok Jarm'en Kell Fleet Labs, come on over to the Victoriaand we can review my colony plans. Let’s see about transforming this world properly. Are you sure you are not related to any used shuttle salesmen?"

"Not that I know of Madam Jenssen. I'll bring a data pad of all the Fleet Lab links to building plans and mining operations with me and a few nice colony research complex plans to review. Then we'll have a go at it aye'? Kell out." He quickly closed the link.

"Well I guess that is as close as we get to 'welcome to the neighborhood'." Jenssen smiled looking around the bridge. "I'll be down in the transporter room to welcome our guest. Tellis, can you set up a conference room and some mint tea. I'm sure it's going to be a long night reviewing these colony plans."

"Yes Captain." Tellis quickly replied.

"Are you all sure you want to keep calling me 'Captain'?" Jenssen looked around, questioning the bridge crew.

"Yes, Captain!" The entire bridge crew immediately responded.

Jenssen smiled, humbled by the loyalty of her colonists and crew. This adventure was looking like it was started off on the right foot, with friends in this Fleet Labs Alliance eager to help her. Jenssen left the bridge to go make long term plans with this Jarm'en Kell Fleet Labs.


A spring in her step betrayed her excitement as she was eager to see what the future would hold.


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