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From: Captain Burgundy Jenssen Warrior Bard (13700) Time: 11.04.2010 - 07:25

Approximate Stardate: 200910.15

Burgundy Jenssen stormed into the office of Starfleet Admiral Thaddius Bonsworth, obviously angry and short tempered by endless weeks of waiting. She was carrying three data pads with her and stood poised as someone who was a member of Starfleet would, stiff backed and formal. Yet, she's dressed in civilian clothes; green khaki cargo pants with multiple zippers and pockets in them, a tight fitting black sleeveless climbing shirt with her long blonde hair cascading down her back. A Romulan Blooddagger is strapped to her shin and its bright emerald hilt glints in the light with every step she takes. Her black ankle boots click on the decking as she walks into the office, almost oblivious to the two gentlemen who are also standing in the office discussing something with the Admiral.

"Admiral Bonsworth, I demand to speak with you! My request for a colony site and coordinates has been put off for weeks. I’ve tried to get an appointment with you for 3 months Ted, three months! My ship and crew are ready to head out. I've filled out all these forms in triplicate. What else does a Colonist have to do around here to get some information? For pete's sake Ted, I'm a former member of Starfleet. I know how long the red tape is, but eleven months for a colony request to be approved? This is beyond insane!" Jenssen snapped.

Admiral Bonsworth smiled at her warmly, defusing her anger quickly with good news, "Burgundy, I want to introduce you to these two fine gentlemen of Fleet Labs Research & Heavy Industries. Charles Pendragon Fleet Labs and Robic Fleet LabsThey are members of an Economic and Engineering Division of Starfleet and are opening up a new colonization site in the Delta Quadrant. Sorry it has taken so long to get back with you, but we were just making sure the documentation was in place to offer you a colony in this newly opened area."

Admiral Thaddius Bonsworth gestured at the two well dressed gentlemen in his office. 

Jenssen turned smartly to acknowledge them and shake hands. The first gentleman, Charles PendragonFleet Labs, was a handsome human in his mid 30's and Jenssen smiled as he extended a hand to her to shake.

"Ms. Burgundy Jenssen, I presume? I have heard quite a bit about you from the Admiral here. I'd hope you would consider joining up with Fleet Labs Research & Heavy Industries when your Colony ship comes out to the Delta Quadrant." Mr. Pendragon shook her hand warmly.

"Oh have you now?" Jenssen smiled with a mischievous grin at Pendragon. "Don't believe half of it."

"And this is Robic Fleet Labs, one of our top advisers. He's located you a nice "M" class in the newly opened colony area." Mr. Pendragon smile and indicated his robotic friend. Robic was obviously a sentient android and he quickly stood to shake her hand.

"Robic Fleet Labs, nice to meet you." Jenssen offered a hand to him and felt his cool metallic skin grab her hand carefully, as to not harm her with his mechanical strength.

"Nice to meet you as well." Robic Fleet Labs  calmly replied.


"Here is the information you need for the coordinates to your new colony." Admiral Bonsworth quickly replied all business as he handed her a data pad.

"Wonderful!" Jenssen smiled. "My Colony ship and a full crew are more than ready to head out. We all have a lot of things here in the Alpha Quadrant we are all ready to leave behind us. Is there anything or anyone I need to contact to join up with Fleet Labs? That sounds like an ideal solution for me really. Between my Starfleet service and my Engineering background, I suspect I could contribute as well as benefit from joining this sort of Alliance. Who do I contact to join up?" She asked all three of them obviously ready to put a long list of plans into action.

"Ralph Seyl Fleet Labs  and Viktor Sinclair Fleet Labs, are our Founders. One of them might be in contact with you soon but otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, you’re signed-up now." Charles Pendragon Fleet Labs smiled at her.

Jenssen smiled ear to ear at the great news. "Sorry I stormed in here Ted. Thanks so much for humoring me and thank you gentlemen!"

Admiral Bonsworth back smiled at her. "Sure I can’t get you to change your mind about leaving Starfleet? I think I can get you a command of Starbase 30 in about nine months."

"Ted, you and I both know I’m not cut out for a desk job. Starfleet seems to think I need time to get my head back in the game still. Playing ‘tinker toys’ with a bunch of ship builders out on Naranda Shipyards was fun for a little while, but after 11 years of it, it’s the same thing, different class of ship every day." Jenssen replied with a distant look in her eyes.

Admiral Bonsworth nodded at her, "Well Starfleet brass just wanted to make sure your thinking was clear after that last mission. Can’t blame them for that now can you?"

"No, not really, but I can tell you I’m thinking as clear as I ever have. This is just the best thing for me and many others who have joined up with me right now." Jenssen smiled back at Admiral Bonsworth. He’d always been a close personal friend to both her and the last Captain of the ship she had served on, Captain Byron Lance of the U.S.S. Taylorsville. It was suddenly a hard reality that she would not be seeing much of Ted in the future. It was for the best because he always reminded her of Byron.

"I hope you find what you are looking for in the Delta Quadrant Ms. Jenssen. Remember if you ever change your mind, I think Starfleet would also benefit from your rejoining our ranks. Good luck and Godspeed Burgundy." The Admiral shook her hand and nodded in understanding.

Jenssen smiled as she made her way towards the office door, "Thanks Ted, Mr. Pendragon, Mr. Robic Fleet Labs, see you in the Delta Quadrant."

Jenssen departed the room and rushed toward her apartment complex to complete all the last minute details for the colony ship to launch in the morning. She knew her crew was all on stand-by and ready to depart at a moment's notice and she was going to be giving that notice shortly. She just had to stop by and chat with a few friends, T'Laurn, Stelvok, Gorp and Tellis before they headed off towards a new life, a new set of planets and new challenges to overcome in a section of the Delta Quadrant that no one had ever settled before.....


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